What better place for love than on a valentines cruise???

This Xtasy Tale was started by Juicy Kitty

As Gabby boards the "Wild One" that febuary day in California, she knows she is in for a fabulous experience, and something speacial. What, she does not know.

On deck that night, she sees a hot woman in the pool. Mabye I should go get my suit, she thought. So, Gabby runs back to her State Room and grabs her skimpy bikini.

There is no one on the diving board, so Gabby climbs up. She spies the woman. Man, those must be 45 dd's!!!! Gabby feels something in her she hasn't felt in a while. She runs down the board and dives in very elegantly. Putting her plan in action, she bumps into the woman while surfacing. "Oh! Excuse me! I am so-....." while apologizing,the woman gazes into Gabby's eyes, and Gabby sees them flicker." .....I am Raquel." Gabby hears her rich voice, and hears the need in it, too.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. How, rude of me, my name is Gabby," as I extended my hand to hers an d she reached back, I felt a small tingle run up my back. "It's nice to meet you, Gabby. Don't worry about it, I was probably daydreaming and wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Well, I am about to get out, maybe I'll see you around." "Oh, yeah, that would be nice." I couldn't just let her get away without saying some more witty. So as she swam to the edge of the pool and began to climb out, I felt very privledged at being able to admire her statuesque physique drip drying. I ahd to say something or this whole time being on this cruise would be miserable. "Excuse me, Raquel, ..um, I was wondering if you would like to meet later at the bar. I, mean to talk. I don't know anyone here, and you seem like you could hold a very good conversation." She looked back at me and smiled this cute, sinister smile. "That would be nice. What time would you like to meet?" "Is ten o'clock good for you?" "Yes." And with that simple answer she grabbed her towel and walked away. What the hell was I thinking? I didn't know her from a can of paint, and here I was flirting with her like some high school teenager. But something about her peaked my curiosity to learn as much as I could about her.

ok, I thought to my self, it is already 7p.m. I have just enough time to get a message. I called to see it the massuse could fit me in and she had a cancelation at 7:15. As O approached the room I could hear faint voices. i knocked but no one answered. As i pushed the door open slightly I could see that the 7:15 appointment did show up. And show up she did. They were both naked and on top of one another in a 69 position. now i am faced with a problem, join or not join??

I decided to join. As i slipped in the doorway, I slipped out of my dress. Already getting moist, excited, and thirsty for what I was seeing my breath becam short. I put one hand between my legs and started to toch myself. My other hand began to bub the neck and shoulders of the girl on top. What a beautiful picture they were. The Girl who ran the shop could not be more then twenty years old, she was tall, thin, well proportiioned, and extremely beautiful Her hot skin was driving me crazy. A real bundle of sweetness I couldn't wait to taste her. The partner was a delicious light skinned beauty from Jamaica. She was exquisite with a body that wouldn't quit When they both realised I was there, positions changed quickly. Yvonne the ship's Employee dove between my legs so quickly my pussy was delighted to be filled with her tongue. Barbara the other passenger rubbed my tits, kissed me on the mouth and beed me to suck her pussy. What a time we had. Frollicking about the cabin.

We all came together again and again. I then left the room and decided to go freshen up and wait for Gabby that hot chocolate skin of a woman I cannot wait to taste her, just thinking about her makes my pussy wet. Anyway I have myself a hot bath and during my bath I started to rub my clit it felt so good I just kept on cumming and cumming I almost drift off in my passion when the phone rings.

I really didnt pay much attention to the phone, since I didnt know a soul on the ship. I did continue to tuch myself dreaming about how great my massage turned out. I was getting so hot and turned on again, and I really couldnt believe it. The water was starting to get cold but I was getting hotter and hotter. I got out of the tub and dried off , never missing an opportunity to keep myself close to another orgasm. I was so wet and knew I was still going to see that beauty from the pool. I laid on the bed as I gazed out the window, one hand stroking mt clit up and down and the other sliding from asshole to my soaking wet pussy. I rolled myself up onto my knees and rocked a fingure into each hole while my left hand worked furiously on my aching clit. BAMM BAMM BAMM, I kicked and bucked fucking both holes with my fingures and rubbing myself till I screamed into another explosive orgasm.

I showered off, dressed and went to the bar. Raquel was already there sitting at a tabl for two, waiting on me. She looed devine in a white evening gown that showed off all her exqusite curves and body shape. I could hardly control myself. Managing to say "good evening", I took my seat opposite her. She smiled and said she was glad I hadn't forgotten . How could I tell her there was no way I was going to pass her up. Iquickly suggested she fininsh hr drink and show mw her cabin. Her beautiful eyes met mine an when she licked her li[s ever so lightly I almost came in my panties. We walked slowly along the deck in the moonlight. I could feel her body brush against mine as we swayed with the distant sound of the band and walked to her cabin. Once inside the door she shoved me against the wall, kissed me hard on the lips and stuck her juicy hot tongue in my mouth. Our tongues played whileour hands explored one anothers bodies, and removed our clothing. I couldn"t wait to taste her hot pussy, and feel her tonue in mine. We dashed to the bed and all either of us could do was to surrender to the other. I told her, "me first". I went down on her like a crasy, hungry animal.

Her body surrenered to my eager hunger. I kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, and my tongue could not avoid exploring he hot mouth. Her ongue tasted devine I could hardly wait for the rest of her. My hands were all over her, and her hands touched me so wildly I could hardly contain myself. I kissed her neck, shoulders, and when I reached her breast, I found the most delicious nipples, I could have ever imagined. Raquels breast were almost a dream come true, and with each flick of a nipple, her entire body moved in such a manner, I knew she could not contain herself much longer. Her sweeet voice was murmuring something, but my brain was spinning with desire, and I heard only sounds, not words. As I moved my lips and tongue across her tummy, I started uncontrolled movement of her body. Raquels hands grabbed my head and placed me where I wanted to be, between her gorgeous thighs. I felt her bucking against my hot kisses and pushing the sweetest, juciest, warmest, love box against my tongue and lips. I was going wild myself and wanted her to come so badly I was nearly going out of my mind. I hardly realized she was changing positions and had placed herself so as to kiss my dripping wet pussy until the instant when I felt her hot tongue in my love canal. Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!

As I felt her hot tongue touch my pussy all I could think is that this is the best thing I've had. I want this everyday and night. As we both reached xtasy, she whispered something in my ear. She told she had to go but she will see me around sometime soon. As she gathered her things and was about to leave, I grabbed raquel in my arms and gave her a long sensuous kiss. I whispered in her ear and told her same time tomorrow

I saw raquel the next morning eating a small breakfast. She had the cute grin on her face and asked "What's the grin for?" her rin turned into a smile "I had the best time last night" raquel responded "the statement that you made last night caught me off gaurd" raquel added. I asked raquel to meet me in my room for another hot and steamy love session, of course she agreed.

Just then she grabbed me and kissed me so soft that my body tingled and i was lost! It seems that the love session as started a little early!

I told her to stop and slow down and I explained to her I wanted to make love to her slowly! My hands gently caressed her breast. My body became hot as I observed Raquel's nipples harden. She shivered as my moist tounge danced across her nipples and I engulfed my mouth with her coco brown breast.With my hands I slowly rubbed her thighs. Then I stopped and lead Raquel to the nightstand and demanded her to sit down. I parted Raquel's leg and to my surprise she didn't have any panties on! I placed two fingers in her hot wet pussy and I slowly thrusted thed in and out of her.

Raquel's body shivered once moe uncontrollably. She grabed my head and pulled me to he swollen tan pussy. I flicked mtounge on her clitoris and she began to moan out loud "mhmm yes Gabby yes" I suck her free flowing cum from out of her pussy. It tasted so sweet and tangy. Then I began to fuck my fingers while I was eating Raquels's pussy and after I cummed I placed my pussy flavored fingers in Raquel's mouth.She franticly began to suck my them!

I was so wet that I was dripping. Raquel left but I continued. It was my duty to give pleasure,to fuck myself. Raquel entered with a toy of some sort. " Whats this" I asked. A toy Raquel replied. Well whats it for? I relied. I want to see how wide that pusssy can open. She spread my legs wide open and stared at my pussy like it was a unique gift. Then she put the toy in. She moved it inside me slowly and I was overcome with pleasure. The cum leaked out on the sides, and she slowly licked it up. I moaned loudly, but she seased the noise with a lick of my nipples.

we then went down into a 69 position and licked eachothers pussys till they hurt. it was the most hard fuck I hever had.

We passed out from all of the orgasmic pleasure...as i awoke i looked down to see Raquel still asleep..i admired her; her lips, her soft breast, her round nipples, then down to her flat sexy stomach, and her soft mound between her thighs...I can't help myself so i touch her mound. Raquels stirs a bit but stays asleep...mmm she looks so sexy sleeping here in my room with me next to her..i want this woman....so Gabby scoots down and kisses Raquels body as she parts her thighs...I kisses the thighs first, then move up to the lips and slowly part them with my tongue. I suck the left lip and I feel the juices start to flow, but my new found partner remains asleep..I move to the right lip and nibble on the lip..hahaha, that gets Raquel stirring...she looks down at me with a smile and says,"Mmmmm baby, i was hoping i could awaken with the feel of you." The look she gives me makes me drip with wetness...I bury my face in her wet hot pussy and rub my nose in her we pussy loving the sweet smell of her pussy...she moans and gutteral moan and grabs my head....i stick my tongue out and as she pushes my head in and out of her body i grab and bang her body so that her pussy hits my tongue faster and faster, harder and harder..."Oooh, baby you taste so good, cum baby, cum all over my face baby let me taste your wetness, i'm thirsty baby, Gabby says..."Yes baby, Yes!!" Raquel grants her request as she has the sweetest orgasm that she has ever had...Raquel is stunned by the overwhelming emotions that just struck her body. Tears enter her eyes as she thinks to herself that she has never been sexed down like this before...Then for a brief moment she thinks about her Lady back home. Raquel comes back to reality to see Gabby in her arms. Raquel jumps up and says, "I shouldn't be here, this isn't right, i've got to go." Gabby is stunned but can't say anything so she lets Raquel leave. Raquel rushes back to her room and slams the door...What was she thinking? She had just planned on going for a drink and having a good conversation; she had needed to get away from her Girlfriend for a little while because they were having some difficulities...She hadn't planned on sleeping with Gabby, and she certainly hadn't planned on developing feelings for her either...

Racquel left my cabin and as soon as the door closed I realized how much I wanted her to stay. My pussy was still wet. I wnet out on the promenade deck to cool down. I had started to relax when I saw this figure out of the corner of my eye. I'm not too turned on by blondes but this girl was phenomenal. Aboiut 20 years old and looked about 36-24-34. My kind of numbers. She had been crying and When I sympathised she let her hair down and told me her story. Her step-father and mother were with her on the cruise but when her mother left the cabin, her step-father put the move on her. Ellen (she told me her name) was upset and had come up on deck to get away. Iput my arms around her and patted her back. She snuggled into me and I could feel her nipples press into me. I shivered and pressed her closer. I felt her reaction and knew that this girl could be mine for the taking. \ I led her down to mt cabin and offered her a drink. She sat on the edge of my bed and leaned back. I could see a generous amount of white leg. In fact all the way to some pink lace panties. I kneeled in front of her and pushe her dress higher. she squirmed and I saw blond curls peeking from the pink panties. She fell back on the bed and spread those beautiful thighs. I caress her kegs and slid my hands up to those poanties. She was fully cooperative and we had the panties off in no time. A gorgeous sight met my eyes. Blonde pussy curls and luscious looking cunt lips. I leaned forward and kissed those nether lips. Ellen moaned and pulled my head hard against her pussy. Juices flowed on to my tongue. With the juice thick on my lips, I pulled her down and sank my hot tongue deep into her mouth. She licked my tongue and I knew she licked the taste of her own pussy juice. Now she was going to be sampling my hot african pussy juices.

as ahe began to taste my juices she begin to lick excitedly.My clit throbbed with anticipation as she went to work on my pussy like no one never has.She expressed to me that I was by far the best lover that she ever had.I gently wispered to her that we should 69 because I wanted to taste.She agreed and she climbed on my face and rode my toungue and i glady tasted the nectar of her honey.

I love the way she tasted and smelled. I hope this girl is legal because I don't want to go to jail (I'm thinking). She put her fingers in and out of me bringing me to about two or three orgams. I never felt like this before. We then dropped to the floor to do it some more. This time I was on face her face and she was making scream like I was being raped. I couldn't fake something like this. I than rubbed her tits whlie she licked my clit again I started to get hot. Thinking this is two times better than a cock.

It was at this time that Rachel came back to my cabin and she had opened the door. She had been watching for several minutes before she cleared her throat. "excuse me" she said softly as me and the luscious blonde stopped what we were doing in a momentary fright. "That looks so good" Rachel says as she comes into the room all the way closing the door behind her. My pussy is still throbbing from the action that my blonde was giving it and so I wanted more. Rachel starts to take off her clothes and kneels down to the floor to join us. My blonde friend smiles at Rachel and starts to kiss her slowly and then very hard. I then start to kiss and nibble on Rachels breast and nipple as she continues passionately kissing my blonde.

After a night of rest, from my rampid adventurism, I woke up the next morning more than refreshed. Looking at the calendar, I smiled. I hadn't done bad for a woman on her first two days of a two week vacation. Still, I was more than satisfied, but still horny. Waking up to my moist pussy was only a reminder of the fun that I had had and was bound to experience.


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