Training With The Coach

Jolie was the new track star and Coach Lewis was taking her on a weekend trip to the Boston try-outs. It was customary for Coach's to take star athletes to such events. What was less customary was that there would be such a strong attraction between the two. Jolie had noticed Coach looking at her slim, yet shapely naked form in the locker room, and she had begun to be attracted to the Coach's soft, large frame. Last week she found herself fantasizing about what it would be like to lie nude with the Coach, and feel her large, smooth, pendulous breasts against Jolie's pert, miniscule ones; Coach's round, full belly against Jolie's flat, muscular one.

Jolie had begun to give the Coach little "shows" when they were alone, which was starting to be more and more often. Jolie and she would enter the empty locker room following their routine after-school practice. Jolie would remove her sneakers, pants and panties, and keeping her socks on, remove her jacket, but keep her running shirt on, which did not cover the tantalizing triangle of thick, black pubic hair that she teased the coach with, walking by and occasionally standing dangerously close to the coach's face while casually discussing their work together.

Tonight they were alone in a hotel room, and Jolie had plans. The Coach knew the dangers as an adult, and made no move toward the much younger woman. So when the time was right, Jolie made her move.
"You know, you're always giving me massages, i think it's time i returned the favor. Aren't your muscles sore?" She massaged the coach's shoulders and felt them relax immediately under her touch.

"Oh, yes," the coach sighed, correcting herself, "I mean, yes, they are sore. And I would love a massage."

"Alright, then," Jolie said. "Go take a shower and put on this robe. Then come lie down here." She hoped the coach got the hint to come back naked underneath that robe.

When the coach returned, Jolie was standing there, also in a robe. The coach lay down on the folding massage table that they had brought with them, and Jolie stood behind her head and, looking at the coach's full, lucious body glimmering with droplets of water, opened and removed her own robe.

Jolie started at her coach's shoulders, gently and firmly massaging her. She worked her way down her back grinding her pubic bone against her large coach everytime they made contact while she massaged. Jolie climbed up on the table and staddled her coaches ass so she could really get into the muscles ang grind her more productively. Jolie was getting so wet her coach could feel the hot wettness up against her.

Jolie then said to coach "why don't you come over here and lie down so that I can massage you even deeper?" She got up off of the coach and moved over to the bed. The coach followed closely behind. Coach lay down on the bed, now she was naked and Jolie could see her plump luscious body that she had been aching to eat. Jolie put two thick goose down pillows underneath coaches hips so that he ass could stick up in the air. 'Ummm...easy access' Coach moaned as she felt Jolie's hot breathe on her slick kitty. She grabbed her fat ass and spread her cheeks even further apart. She then licked her from her clit to her asshole. "yess baby! that's how I like it!" Coach was heavily orgasming.. Jolie couldn't believe how swollen her clit has became. It was like a boxing bag. She sucked on it furiously and coaches hips trembled with excitement...

The top of Jolie's head can be seen shaking violently back and forth as she is flicking her tongue left and right against coaches clit. She creamed to Jolie's delight in the blink of an eye. She began to stick her middle finger deep inside coaches kitty and then curl it. Coach was moaning uncontrollably now as Jolie moved her tongue up from coaches swollen clit to her asshole.. She licked and played with her her ass hole until coach farted. Jolie giggled and then inhaled it to loosen the moment. 'Damn', Jolie thought 'I didn't know I had it like that!' "Roll over on your back now!" Jolie demanded. Coach obeyed instantly. Coach watched as Jolie sauntered over to the drawer where she kept her long 9 inch dill. She strapped it on and got on top of coach. As she put the dill in she heard her pussy make a slurping noise and she went deep into oblivion. Rhythmically the two became one as Jolie grinded her long dick into coach. "Suck my cock baby" Coach got on the floor on her knees and deepthroated it. When she took it out her mouth she asked "may I return the favor and please your juicy kitty?" Jolie grinned. This was the night of her life.

Jolie smiled and whispered in a soft voice, "yes". The coach turned and asked, "Are you ready for an old woman to milk you?" She leans into Jolie and delivers a kiss that begins passionately from her forehead and slowly works its' way to her attentive nipples.

then the coach took her hands and spread jolie's pussy lips apart so far that her pussy stood erect. The coach then was slurping that pussy like she never had it before. Jolie was grinding her hips and pulling in coaches head and rubbing herself to an intense orgasm. Jolie is screaming out the coaches name to lick her harder and faster.The coach is loving every bit and drop of that pussy juice.

The coach then decides flip Jolie's shaky body over to lick in a seclusive place few or none have decided to travel. She begins to lick around Jolie's asshole and she then decided to give her the pleasure of her life and dove her tongue straight in to the puckered hole. Jolie begins to let out the loudest moans and begs for her to go deeper. The coach jabs her tongue in and out of her mysteriously tasting asshole as she runs her fingers up to Jolie's mouth to wet her fingers with Jolie's tongue.

Jolie had never before felt anything so exquisite. She had only known her own fingers, and here was someone's mouth, firmly fastened on her cunt. The coach was gentle with her, having fantasized so long about this moment, when her face would be buried deep in the bush of this lovely young woman. Almost out of reverence, Coach Lewis paused from licking and sucking Jolie's vulva. She gently spread her student's plump, virginal labia until she saw its gleaming rose interior. Coach couldn't wait to get her long, stiff tongue into that glistening cave of pleasure. But first, her clit. Jolie's clitoris was extremely large--the largest the coach had ever seen, and she was no stranger to pussy. It seemed to her that black women often had larger clits, but even for a black woman, Jolie's was a sight to behold. Still holding Jolie's cuntlips apart, Coach began to lightly encircle Jolie's fat clit with her tongue, which she made soft, warm, and as wet as possible. In fact, coach never swallowed her saliva while pleasuring Jolie, simply allowing the extra fluid to make a hot, slick bevy of undescribable pleasure to her star student. Around and around she went with her tongue, noting Jolie's rise to what would be her first orgasm of many they were to share together that evening. When Coach Lewis began to very slowly and very gently suck on Jolie's by now completely protruding, rock-hard elongated clit, Jolie writhed her hips. Slowly and seductively, Jolie began to gyrate her hips around and around, slowly thrusting her pelvis as far up as she could get it. Coach Lewis surprised her with a well-placed finger, slick with their combined essences, and crooked her finger upward in Jolie's tight, virgin hole. While Jolie could never even use tampons, so tight was she and so painful each effort, her extremely relaxed and aroused state made this seem nothing but pure pleasure. Even as the Coach started to push and pull her finger in Jolie's vagina, even the slight pain became completely erotic, a mere extension of these never-before-experienced feelings of incredible erotic sensation. Jolie started to cum. "AAAAaaaaaaaarrrhhh..." she began, and more and more sounds, more grinding against her skilled and talented teacher/lover's mouth, lips, tongue, and finger. Then, suddenly, and completely as a surprise to her, Jolie felt like she was going to urinate. This was the strangest thing she'd expect. Why now? She wondered. She couldn't believe she was going to have to pry herself, her by now inflamed pussy, from the coach's able, and ever-so-willing lips. But she had to. She couldn't very well pee in the coach's mouth! "Coach..." Jolie gasped, "Lemme go, I gotta pee." "What?" the coach asked. "Pee," Jolie continued, "I have to go to the bathroom." "Oh, no, you don't." Coach Lewis had experienced this before from past women lovers. "You don't have to pee, baby. You just have to cum. Have you ever heard of female ejaculation?" "No," Jolie said. "Well, I'll tell you later, but right now, I want you to cum for me. Let go of whatever you feel. Let it come. It's not pee. It's cum. Wait right here and I'll go get some towels." Coach returned with four thick hotel towels and placed them underneath Jolie's ass. She proceeded to stimulate Jolie's entire cunt to once again work the girl into a frenzy. As Jolie began to cum, her teacher "coached" her into a loud, explosive orgasm, "Come on, baby, let it go, let me have it. I want it, I want you to cum for me." Jolie squirted a small spring of clear fluid. The coach manipulated her finger until Jolie started to spray and shoot even more. Then the coach said, "Wait a minute, baby, save some of that for me," and maneuvered Jolie above her, so that the much younger woman straddled her face. Jolie felt self-concious being over her teacher's face that way. And she was nervous that she would drown coach in her fluids. But coach wasn't havin' it, and proceeded to work that pussy like no body's business. She swirled her tongue around her clit, licking and sucking in completely Jolie's full vulva into her mouth. Jolie started to cum again, one last time, and spilled her load into her much older teacher's mouth. "MMMmmm-mmmm," her coach said, in deep appreciation for this rare delicacy. "Yeah, baby, gimme some o' that. I want to drink all of you, cum for me," each time Jolie came, she shot more of her passion fluid and each time, the coach swallowed and relished every drop. Coach reached up and opened Jolie's pussy lips even further, clamping her entire mouth on that vulva like it was a vacuum. Now she reached up and pinched Jolies tiny titties hard. Jolie arched her back and produced one final, powerful thrust and trembled from the aftershocks of her orgasm, her cunt still resting on her new lover's face. She felt the warmth of the coach's cheeks resting against her inner thighs. Finally, the coach helped her to lie down and the both held each other, briefly resting before their passions arose again...

jolie, awakes from a deep and relaxing sleep, to find that coach lewis was no where to be found. She got up wiped her face, brushed her teeth and sat on the edge of the bed remembering in full detail what had happened last night. Jolie picked up the phone and called her best friend Nikki to tell her about her night. Nikki in total shock was begging for details. Jolie said nikki i'll tell you everything when i get home, she coming. Jolie hung up the phone, and coach lewis walked through the door, and firmly said it's time for you to shower so we can get out of here, We have a long day ahead of us. Something seemed different, she seemed different. I couldn't figure it out. I showered quickly through my long braided hair into a high poney tail, put on a pair of biker shorts, a over sized nike~ Tshirt and some nike shoes n socks. I told her i was ready for what she had planned next....

We arrived at this little diner over looking the lake. She said very little to me on the drive over here. I was wondering why she had been so quite. what did i do to deserve the silence. So i asked. Coach! Coach! Coach lewis, she jumped as though she never heard me the first two times. I asked her, are you okay? She replied, i've been thinking about last night. I had a very wonderful time, but it should never have happened. I was thinking to my self, well it's too late for that. She told me if anyone finds out it could be the end for both of us. I assured her that what happened last night would never go beyond the two of us. But what i forgot is i told my friend nicole. Man! she has a big mouth. How can i call her and beg her not to share this with anyone. Maybe i can tell her i was just kidding, maybe i can say it was just a joke. Omg! what am i gonna do??? I want more, of what i had last night, and if she thinks i'm a big mouth kid, she'll never trust me again. Jolie's mind is running wild.......

Nikki was at home waiting for Jolie to return home. She was imagining what Jolie and the Coach could have done in the room. Nikki was very attracted to the Coach. She want to feel the coach's sweet tongue on hers. She was waiting on the day that the coach would take her bi-curious thoughts from her and make them a reality. But she never had the nerve to tell Jolie that.

When they returned to town Jolie went right over to Nikkis house to tell her that she was just kiddin about her and the coach. After she told Nikki that she was just playin with her Nikki told her that was good because she had feelings for the coach.Jolie was shocked by what her friend was telling her. The next day at school she told the coach what Nikki had told her the night before. The coach was speachless. When Jolie left, the coach was thinking of a way to get Jolie and Nikki alone for a weekend. She had it, when she saw Jolie she told her that there was a tournament that she had forgot about. When Jolie heard that it was for her and Nikki she was very excited. After she went to tell Nikki she had to go home to pack because the coach told them they were leaving tonight. When her and Nikki had returned to school the coach was waitin for them. they all jumped in the car and drove up to a nice little cabin up in the woods. The two girls were shocked when they pulled up at the cabin. The coach told me and Nikki to go unpack. Once they were unpacked the coach told Jolie to pick up where they had left off but work Nikki in to the mix.

the girls though excited about the possiblites of the evening...they saw a small pond behind the cabin. It was hella hot outside. It was a long drive and the girls decided to go for a dip. Jolie and nikki ran in told coach lewis. They soon realized they had no swimsuits, remember this was a tournament. The said the hell wit it! No ones around coach is in the shower. The run screamin YAHOOOOOOOOOOO! Coach lewis gets out of the shower to loud laughter,scream'n yellin. She looks out of the window and see the girls. To her suprise there naked! She sits on the window ledge with a towel wrapped around her. She starts rubbin her nipples, her breast, then moving down to her pussy. She's touchin and rubbin getting more and more excited. The girls get out of the water, an walk into to find coach lewis sittin there with her legs gapped wide open.

The coach grabs a towel and wraps it around her. She stands and beckons the girls in, not quite trusting her voice yet. Godess, they are beautiful, like two naked, wet puppies, shaking the water off. She will have to sort them out. "Girls get down and give me ten", she barked. "None of this slacking - this is supposed to be a training camp". The two girls, startled, dropped to the floor. Jolie had no trouble pushing herself to 10, but Nikki was heaving and sweating. Her ass bobbed up and down, shaking. The coach moved behind her to admore the view. "OK, legs apart, 10 more" she said. She could see that the effort Nikki was putting in was causing more than fatigue - that girl was turned on. Her pussy was dripping!

she len layed ontop of the coach and then moved up and down as she could then feel the coach cunt starting to feel hot and wet she then moved up to suck on the coaches nipple as the coach moaned in excitement

Jolie looked up and into the coaches eye. "Coach Mathis? Can we get up?", she asked in a high squeaky voice.

coach Lewis said said "no" they asked why the coach playe dangry and said why are you questioning the coach just for that do ten more but this time i will sit on you while you do them they started they coach unwrapped herself sat down on Jolie the coach then spreaded her legs appart sat on Jolie butt which led to the coach humping jolie when Jolie was finished she did the same to Nikki then when both were down the coach ordered them to go to sleep when Nikki was asleep the coach had sex with Jolie she then woke up Nikki for her to join

after the coach was finished with both of them individually, they all had a group orgy. It started out with Jolie laying on the bed with coach fingering and licking away at her asshole, and Nikki tongueing Jolie's huge pussy! As the session went on, Jolie and Nikki ended up in the 69 position with the coach watching them as they did their work! Jolie loved to have her huge pussy lips sucked on while she had a nice cunt in front of her also! While Jolie and Nikki continued in their 69, the coach went to her bag and pulled out an 8" long dildo, and a 4" vibrator for them to play with and they took turns fulfilling each other the rest of the night.

The three met off and on throughout the semester for secret rendezous. Eventually, the Jolie and Nikki begin to want more from each other than orgasms . . . and they begin to see each other without the inviting the coach. The coach missed being in the presence of all that supple young flesh, but in the end she was secretly relieved. The thrill of doing the forbidden was wearing off, and she really didn't want to jeopardize her job for a piece of ass.

In fact, the coach vowed to never fuck anyone at her workplace again. Of course, all of that changed when she met Ms. Martinez, the new home economice teacher, but that is a whole new story . . .

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