Club sExpressions

Shari and Tricia christen the new dancefloor.

Shari was in her usual state of light-hearted anxiety. For the past three months, preparing for opening night at her club had consumed her life. As she stood in the center of the dancefloor running off a mental checklist, she called out to her sound technician. "Tricia, I need you to check the speakers on the second floor balcony. The electrician said he thought the short was an internal problem and not a voltage problem." Tricia had become more than Shari's employee over the past few months, she had become her friend and confidant.

Shari watched Tricia's regal body glide up the stairs to the second floor. She felt a tight throbbing in her clit as she watched Tricia's 5'9" inch frame stretch out on the floor in front of the speakers and begin work on the wiring. Shari knew that she and Tricia worked well together. Tricia's expertise in negotiating leases and purchasing equipment had brought the club in $11,000 under budget. While Shari yelled up to Tricia, "work your magic girl" she made a mental note to give Tricia a bonus. Shari could feel her panties getting damp as she watched Tricia maneuver her full breasts between the speakers and the back wall. Shari wondered what it would be like to hold Tricia's breasts in her hands and suck her nipples. Those same nipples that were always erect no matter what the temperature was.

Within minutes Tricia was at the boards running through her final soundcheck. "Hey boss lady," Tricia's thick Brooklyn accent echoing through the club, "are we some bad womyn or what." R. Kelley's bad man beats filled up the club as Tricia danced her way to Shari's side. "You did it" Tricia whispered. Shari reached for Tricia's hand. "No we did it. Tricia I owe you so much." A tear rolled down Shari's face. Tricia, always able to lighten the mood, was overwhelmed with tenderness for Shari. "Dance with me. Let's be the first to christen the dancefloor of this Club sExpressions." Tricia lightly pulled one of Shari's dreads. Impulsively, Shari reached out and stroked Tricia's left nipple.

As Tricia's nipple ripened even further, Tricia pulled Shari close, and gently bit her right earlobe. "Mmmm, you smell and taste divine," she whispered. Shari moaned, and Tricia began a slow grind into Shari's crotch. Excited by Tricia's movement, Shari slid her hands into Tricia's pants, cupped each cheek, and pulled her even closer. Shari mumbled, "How you like me now?", to which Tricia responded by dragging her tongue down Shari's neck, and leaving a passionate message above her right breast.

Shari could barely control herself as Tricia caressed her neck and gently massaged her breast. Shari's clit was throbbing for attention but she realized that the club would be opening in a matter of minutes. All she could think about was having Tricia enjoying every drop of juice that was already flowing from between her legs. She could not stand it any longer, she had waited for this moment for the longest and besides she did mentioned that she would give Tricia a BONUS. As the music continued, the two were standing in the middle of the dance floor. Shari pulled up her skirt and pulls of her panties to expose her very neat shaven pussy. Tricia, full of excitement, steps back and looks. She replies, "I have been waiting for this for so long." Shari asks, "Then, what are you waiting for, we don't have much time." Shari then lays down on the dance floor and reveals an extremely swollen clit and a pussy just flowing with juices. She spreads her legs as far as they can go and Tricia kneels with a sly smile on her face. Tricia kisses her ankles and works her way up Shari's thigh. She teases Shari for a minute with soft kisses. Shari is moaning and anxiously anticipating Tricia's next move. Tricia, not being able to contain herself, at first began to softly lick Shari's swollen clit. Shari is moaning and yearning to let it all flow. Tricia picks up the pace and before Shari realizes it, Tricia has her fingers inside Shari's hot, wet and juicy pussy.

After a few minutes of stroking, Tricia removes her fingers to lick them. She then replaces her fingers with her tongue. Tricia's motto is: "Pussy. Melts in your mouth, as well as, your hands." Shari proves that it's true. The dance floor is wet with her cum. Her moans and screams of ecstasy is louder than the music. Shari thought she would be the teacher. Huh! She was mistaken. Tricia has Shari squirming all over the place. Shari is loving the attention, but she desires the taste of Tricia. She wants to eat that snatch, but Tricia's nipples are calling out to her. Shari tells Tricia to stop. Tricia's cum shined face looks up at her and asks, "Why?" Shari simply says, "My turn."

Shari is bursting with excitement. The thought of finally getting to please Tricia sends chills down her spine. The chance to finally explore all of Tricia's 5 ft 9 in frame makes her clit throb even more now than it did before. Shari wanted to taste and lick every inch of Tricia, but with time cut short, she decided to take a short cut and have Tricia sit on her face. Shari says, "Come here baby, I need to taste you right now!!!!" Tricia pulls her shirt off to expose the most beautiful breast Shari has ever seen. Her nipples were erect and waiting to be sucked and caressed. Shari, so full of excitement, didn't want to waste any time. She wanted Tricia's pussy in her mouth, she wanted to slide her tongue so deep inside. As Tricia stood up to take of her pants, Shari stood up behind her. She told Tricia, "Bend over, I want to please both your hot, wet pussy and your tight asshole.

Shari was so excited, that she totally forgot about the time and that she wanted Tricia to at first sit on her face. But she thought that she would enjoy pleasing her both ways. Tricia did as she was told and much to her suprise, Shari was very experienced. As Tricia started slowing moving to the sound the music, Shari is holding firmly to her nice round ass. She's slowly planting light kisses as this makes Tricia moan. Before Tricia could move any further, Shari slowly licks Tricia tight asshole and she reaches behind her to grab Shari's head. Shari then mumbles, "Yeah, I know you like that. I'm going to show you who the boss is." Tricia, full of excitement, bends over to expose the sweet aroma that is oozing from her hot , wet cunt. Her clit throbbing and pulsating. As if on cue, Shari slowly licks Tricia's clit, and inserts her fingers inside to feel her warmth. Tricia moans and spreads her legs farther apart.

Shari says, "You may be the expertise in the leasing and purchasing department, but I'm the expert now!!!!!!!!!


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