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What A Surprise
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What A Surprise!

It was late and I didn't want to wake my new roommate. I sneaked in the side door careful not to make any noise. I saw her door open and I thought I'd peek inside hoping to catch a glimpse of her hot body. Her bed was empty but I could smell her scent in the house. I checked my room praying that maybe she had the same feelings that I have and she sensed that I wanted her. Afterall, that's why I moved in.

I slowly walked into the living room and saw the bottom of her leg over the back of the couch. I felt myself tensing down below. I could just taste her in my mind.

I could hear her moan softly as if she had my tongue deep inside her. (I wish). I stepped closer hoping that I would not wake her so I could get a long look at her body. Tears came to my eyes as I saw her lay there with her hand where I so wanted to be.

Her eyes were slightly shut so I leaned over to inhale her soft fragrance. As I licked my lips with my eyes closed it was if I was right there. I opened my eyes and saw her hand was right under my nose. She looked as if she was expecting me. I smiled at her relieved that she was not startled at my presence.

She stroked my face as she invited me to join her on the couch. I kneeled down on the floor beside her and kissed her first on her lucious lips then I made my way down her body kissing her breast then I found myself sucking her irresistible nipples. She arched her back and I began to stroke her thighs moving up to the place that I dreamed about as I drove home.

I make priceless love to her whole body. I shivered as she reached a well deserved climax. I went back and took another taste of her hard nipples as I rubbed myself. She reached underneath and finished the job with one hand as she held my head and I sucked as hard as she could stand. I heard her squeal in desire. I kissed her as she fell asleep. Or at least she pretended to. I layed down on the floor and watched her as I inhaled the scent on my hands and lips. Whew! What a surprise!

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The Challenge

I walked into my room, and there she was laying in my bed playing with herself. Tempting me to come join, I hesitate. But as I look closer the more I hesitate the more she is turned on. So I decide to give her a taste of her own medicine.

alright, Stacy. U wanna play games, cool.

I take off my shirt and my pants. I get on top of her and begin to tease her. I start by rubbing her clit gently and just rubbing my hands all around her pussy. She begins to moan. I see the cream start to form. She beggs me to put my tongue in but I hesitate. She begins to moan louder and louder as i begin to massage her lips. Then I get up and sit in my chair across the room. She sets up and looks at me confused. I turn on my Cd player. I put on musiq soul child "love".

What's going on? she asks.

I can't do this. I reply.


I don't want this to be a one night stand I want us to last. Yeah we've been best friends for two years. I want to take us to the next level. I want to be commited to u. I want to be the best I can be and bring out the best in u like I can only do.

U know for long periods of time we don't get along...

I interrupt. It can be different. We just gotta work hard.

Please don't ruin this moment. She walks toward me and sets in my lap. She starts kissing me on my neck. That's my spot and I try to resist but the more I fight the harder she sucks. Then she looks at me with her lite brown eyes. U know I love u more than life and I'd do anything for u but a relationship.

Than we can't do this.

Please don't ruin this.

U gotta choose.

Then U know I won't choose u.

So I push her off me and I began to put my clothes back on. I look at her body, I look at what i'm passing up, the 38 'c' cup breast, the loong redish brown hair oh and tha carmel colored skin that i dreamed of tasting. Man, I couldn't just walk away. I throw off my shirt and push her in my bed. I begin to lick her inner parts as my double tongue rings do there job. She begins to come in my mouth. As she screams in extacsy, I know that I want this to really be more than a one night stand. She figgets and twitches and starts to studder. I come up and start to lick her nimples. I roll my tongue around them. I cup them in both hands and push them together as one and start to suck them together.

Yes! Yes! and she screams in shear pleasure. I pull back.

She looks down at me in amazement to see why I stop.

I get up and go in the bathroom and brush my teeth. I politely ask her to leave and she does so...

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Call Me

*phone rings*

--Hay baby. What are you doin home on a night like this?
-Hmmm chillin just thinking
--Bout what?
-You and me and all the nasty things we do
--Oh is that right? What nasty things did you have in mind?
-Oh you know, handcuffs, whipped cream, warm chocolate that type of stuff
--Daym girl you got me hott... I'm on my way.

Ohhh my lover is on her way over and i have to prepare. Ladies have you ever just craved a woman? Uhmmm the way she touches me and kisses me.. ooohh my baby does it just right. I can taste her right now. I can feel her breath on my neck and feel her hands running up and down over my body. Mhmmm I definately need some preparation

I reach over and pull my Vibrator from it's case, turn it on medium and begin to rejuvinate my body. I imagine it's my baby, turning me on like it is. I begin a slow Rhythmic pulse. in and and out... in and out.... mhmmmm baby you feel so good.

--If you let me I can make it feel even better
-ha ha you creepin up on me again lover?
--I'm sayin you gave me the key, now do you want this
--how bad?

she touches me, she pleases me. My lover makes me feel like I am what created the earth, like I am the single most important thing in her world. That's why i love her

When i wake my lover is gone but i know not a single day will pass without me waiting for her to.....

*phone rings*

-Hay baby

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Taurus The Bull

What more could I ask for? Not a thing! This is what most hot blooded females with uncontrolable desires wished they could have in a female friend.

Her name is Dee. She's making it clear that she needs me as much as I want her in the most obvious way. Look at her chocolate brown beauty lying with her hand rubbing her lushous waiting pussy. Her mouth watering mounds showing her erect nipples hard and waiting to be sucked. She is so willing to fulfill my sexual fantansies.

My name is Lynn. I just come home from work and looking forward to relaxing from a stressed out day. Things get pretty hectic at times and to keep from going off the deep end....I try to make efforts for relief as soon as I can to keep my sanity. I had called Dee during the day to get some of my concerns off my chest. I gather from her welcome...she's being loving and considerate to help me by having her beautiful, willing, body available and waiting for me to do as I please to mellow myself and melt into her hot, wetness.

When I walked into the apartment...I put my things up as usual...and looked for Dee's loving arms to rap myself in knowing that the heat that we'd generate would lead to pleasure beyond any explanation. She's so good for me even after our two years of being together. We met in a coffee bar. Our eyes met while in line to place an order which lead to my asking her name and things grew from there.....if you know what I mean. As you can was all good! (smile)

Getting back to NOW! My mouth dropped when I walked toward the bedroom and opened the door. I was overwheamed! Just what I needed! This is what one would call....reading my mind. I began taking off my clothes to join Dee as I watched her rub her pussy and lick her fingers....pinch her nipples and groan in pleasure. Or I took it that she was luring me with her sounds.....I couldn't get nude fast enough.... I crawled into bed with my desirable, soft, entising, lustful lady and went at doing the most pleasurable gastures. I kissed her full, moist, soft lips hard and long. I placed small kisses over her face and neck before licking my way down to her hard medium nipples. I sucked them as she groan & moaned for more. Then I licked my way downward to her hairy full, soft, wet pussy. It was sooo, wet! The sweetness & moistness was over powering to my desires.....I sucked & licked like a wild woman in heat. It tasted so damn good that I felt like I couldn't get enough of she moaned louder and louder for me to take all of it and don't stop. I tried to drain her as she asked. I don't know how long it took to do it....because I got lost in her pussy so easily.....that I didn't hear anything but her pleasure & with joyful noises.

Then I stopped and turned over on my back as she pushed me away and moved down toward my very wet pussy from giving her so much happiness and began eating me like I had her. I was gasping for breath it was so good and feeling as if I'd explode from her mouth being so involved in getting all she could from my open wet pussy.

Things couldn't have been better! We were both exhaulted from pleasure and forgot all of the negative issues of the day. This is the life!

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