Challenge 8

Ms. Thang
From Dance To Desire

Ms. Thang

Allure was her name, probably the only woman whom i ever wanted but could not have

I say this because Ms. Allure was somewhat unattainable considering she didnt' know i existed.

Ms. Thang was a dancer at a local club i frequented on the weekends. She was fairly new or fresh meat as me and my girls like to call her. She had a way of looking at you and making you feel as though you were the only person in the room... like she was putting a spell over you or sumthin.

This weekend was no different. Me and tha girls definately needed some relaxing after the hard work week we endured. I wanted to chill at a local jazz spot downtown but ma girls convinced me to go to the club for a lil bit, just to wind down. I agreed knowing i would come home drunk, tired, and broke ass hell. hmmmmm well maybe it would be worth it.

We got to the club, went in, sat at our usual table and ordered a couple of drinks. I'm looking around the room making eye contact here and there, just getting my look on ya know when i felt someone's gaze on me from behind. I turned in my seat and there she was in all her glory Ms. Allure. I decided that this was my oppourtunity, hell I was almost drunk and she was gonna get my money anyway, i might as well say hello.

I walked over to her... daym she was beautiful. Long brown hair that fell in ringlets around her face, a sexy complextion like almond butter, smooth skin,with full lips and breasts that just begged to be kissed. She had on one of my favorite costumes, a lil green number with a mathcing lace cover that i loved to see her strip out of.

Hello i said, my name is Joy. Hello, mmmhmmmm honey had a voice that just made me ache for her i could feel my body start to heat up from her thick spanish accent. she said to me, I see you in here just about every weekend, I watch you watch me yet you never said anything to me until now... why.

I didn't know what to say, by now the 151 and cranberry was taking control of i looked her in her eyes and said this is why.

I pulled her close to me for a deep lingering kiss. The pulsing lights of the club and the sensual music only intensified the feeling. She pressed her body up against mine in a slow rythmic dance and i felt the wetness soaking through my pants. I pulled back and looked at her. She smiled slightly and as she was begining to say something the DJ announced that she would be on next.

uH oh baby that's my cue she said,don't worry i save a special dance for you.

I half walked half floated back to my table. My girls who had witness the whole exchange gave me those knowing looks as if to say ' you gon hit that tonight'... the lights in the club dimmed and her signature music began to play...daym she looked good

she danced her way over to my table and began to undress slowly i began to feel the room fade around us, i felt as though this was my own private time with her. She licked her index finger and looked me dead in my eyes, my body was getting very hot and i began rubbing my neck to ease some of the friction.

she turned to take off her lace cover and kneeled down in front of me so that her ass was directly eye level with me and i could see how wet her plump pussy was. I started fidgeting in my seat oh how i wanted her. i began to stroke my breasts running my palm against my erect nipples. She laughed and said to me yessss mhmmm touch me baby, feel me through you, make me want you. i definately wanted her and i knew she wanted me. Her endless tirade was making my body spasm uncontrollably part of me wanted to jump on stage and make love with her and the other half wanted to ravage the one they called allure.

I motioned to get up, that's when i felt and insistant tap on my shoulder,Joy, Joy,... i focused in and allures face slowly diminished replaced by that of my best friend.

Girl are you ready?? The club opens in an hour and i know you don't want to miss Ms Thang. come on and get ready girl, i'll be down stairs.

I sat up and shook my head to clear it realizing that my time with Ms. Allure was just and illusion. I smiled slyly to myself knowing that i would see her tonight and that my illusion might become a reality.

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From Dance to Desire

This was the final night of Sanaah recital. I felt her every move as I watched her energetically move across the stage. The sistas wouldn't understand the feelings that I felt for her. It was kinda "tabu" to the others in the troupe. Plus they would probably not take too kindly to my touch as I perfect their moves with my hands on their bodies. Sanaah had the perfect body and even though she had each routine down, I found myself correcting even her perfection just to be able to touch her body. She didn't seem to mind though. She has even asked that I personally train her.

Her first session is right after the recital so I can teach her to warm down so she won't be so stressed. She seems to only relax in the palm of my hands. I smile as our eyes meet as she looks off stage at me with her beautiful smile. I can't wait until tonight. I smile back at her. She is the kind of dancer that will make any instructor proud and then some...

The crowd came to their feet as the dancers one by one stepped forward to take a final bow. The thunderous ovation came to an all time high as Sanaah stepped forward. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I heard all of the women and men yell for her.

She came off stage and jump right into my arms. My nipples instantly got hard as I felt her nipples touch mine. "Are we still on for tonight?" Sanaah whispered into my ear as if she only wanted me to hear. Frozen with ecstasy, I stumbled over the words "Sure we are." She was still pressed against my body. I could feel her heartbeat. Her breath was cool against my face. "Can I ride with you Teach?" My smile was answer enough for her.

The ride home was too short. I enjoyed the scent of her hot body as it tickled my nose and melted my heart. I could just taste her. My heart began to race as I could feel her eyes on me as I looked straight ahead. I could see her hands rubbing up and down the inside of her thighs. She let out a heavy sigh. "I can't wait to feel your hands all over my body tonight!" I looked over at her. Her eyes were slightly shut and a devilish smile was on her face.

I couldn't wait to get home but I began to feel a little hesitant. As we walked into the house she walked extremely close to me. She bumped into me playfully as I put the key into the door. She came in a seemed right at home. "I need a shower! Be ready for me when I get out!" I watched in amazement as this lady who had spoke very rarely in my class turn into... She didn't close the door and I know she felt my eyes on her as she bent over to take her bodysuit of at her feet. She took a little sexy stretch to tease me a little more. I walked into the bedroom to get a grip on myself. I could smell her scent as if she was right behind me. I glance in the mirror and saw the body of an African goddess. Her body glistened in the low light of the room. She walked closer to me and I felt my body began to tremble. She began to touch me like I had touched her many times before in class. She saw right through me all along.

She unbuttoned my jumper and pulled it off in one motion. My whole body tensed. I had fantasized about this moment so many times but this was taking me by surprise. She pressed her firm breast against me again like she had earlier at the recital but this time she slipped her tongue into my mouth and started to pull my thong up. I shivered as the thong rubbed my clit and massaged every inch of my... Ohhh! I let out a sexy sigh as she grabbed me. Slowly she lowered herself as her tongue licked down my body. My head fell back when she softly sucked my nipples one after the other. Her fingers massaged my moisture from the back as she fondled me back and forth. I got wetter and wetter. As she felt the moisture increase in her hands a smile slowly grew over her face. She pulled my nipple between her teeth and I felt a twinge go through my whole body.

She stepped back releasing my nipple at the last moment and then struck a pose that set me on fire. She began to dance and rub her body. She squeezed both of her nipples at the same time and ran her tongue across her lips. She sat on the side of my bed and opened her legs slightly as she rubbed her hands up and down the inside of her thighs like she had done earlier in the car. "It's all yours Tami." I fell to my knees and crawled over to her. She slid down the side of the bed into a split and pushed her hips forward onto my tongue. She melted in my mouth and I licked feverishly until he body shivered on my face. She gently pulled me up to her face and licked the juices that were on my face. Then her tongue went back into my mouth. She lunged up over my body as I laid back. Her tongue went down my throat. We made love for hours right there on the floor. Afterwards we took a shower together. Class was never the same!

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