Challenge 7

Picture Perfect
Taurus The Bull

Alright! Hold it right there! This new model knows she has what it takes to get where she wants to go. Taking pictures of her are going to be my pleasure, in more ways than one, if I can have my way!

She has her curves where they need to be, and that laced outfit just heightens the beauty thats available for the right lover. What beauty! Her entire being just makes me hot and moist between my legs as I aim my camera to view every inch of her lovely, candy brown body.

She's new to the group, and her name is Lea. I hope that what she seems to be showing me from her moves are not just to tease. I am willing and hoping to be able to accommodate any needs sexually that her slender long legs, desire. Her lips tend to softly show little kissing motions as she pose and look directly at me taking her picture. I want to take this as an invitation to be prepared for more than just pictures pn her part. So, I'll need to think of some thing fast before the shooting is up to be able to land in that tunnel of heaven she's so willingly and openly offering from the outfit she choose to wear. That type of clothing leaves nothing to the imagination and I feel like it was intentional. Lea's breast are breath taking as her chocolate brown nipples rub thru the lace to stand out and make my mouth water just from the thought of sucking and touching them. I was having a hot flash although I was about to finish, just glaring at her cunt. It looked to be full and ripe for the licking. I could vision myself lying between her graceful legs, just sucking & licking her til she begged me to stop. I wanted to concure her forcefully, with a tad of ruffness, by pulling her against me hard and close for a kiss of her curved, slightly thin lips for a taste of what would be in store as I travelled downward with my tongue licking and my lips making small kissing marks all over her gorgeous, perfected build. Ok, finished with pictures!

Now, to make my move! Lea, I'm sure you know who I am, "Jade". After the hard work and effort you've just placed in these settings, how would you like to take a break and relax? I have a comfortable room upstairs that you could use and refresh.

She responded with a soft smile and said, "ok". That's it! This was all I needed to hear to get where I longed to be after the torchure and aching she'd unknowling put me thru. Or did she?

Once we were upstairs, Lea went into the bathroom and I went to the bar to pour wine to help her refresh and relax. When she opened the door from the bathroom, she had her lace top opened, as though everything had been hidden. I couldn't help but stare, her well rounded breast were overwhemingly full with nipples straight out to be touched and sucked. I walked over with the wine and gave her a glass. She drink the glass slowly, licking her lips after every sip, which was driving me nuts. I felt like someone had drenched water all over me, I was so wet, especially between my brown patch that throbbed to be touched by her soft, moist, lips and long pointed tongue. I waited til she set the glass on the counter, and I left nothing for and open mind to wonder about. I began, kissing Lea's mouth, neck, shoulders and rubbing her arms downward to end up with my fingers in her pouch of joy. I was right, her pussy was full and hairy, and WET, which means her thoughts had been the same as mine all during the photo shootings. Damn! Had I known that sooner, we would have both been in xtasty in a lot less time than I taken. I'm not complaining though, because, we made steam together by the time our hot bodies had finished having down to earth, sweaty, sticky, groaning, moaning, sex before we went our separate ways for the evening. That had been a day of complete fulfillment for us both!

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