Challenge 6

A Quiet Getaway


_____"What's this?" asked Lizzie.
_____"What do you mean? It's a picture," said Reyna. Lizzie looked at the picture, again. She knew that her girl was beautiful, but seeing her photographed was like seeing her all over again for the first time.
_____"I know it's a picture, but why are you looking like this? I mean, were you just walking around looking like that the whole time?"
_____"Like what?!" Reyna snatched the pictures from Lizzie's hands. "Just forget it, Lizzie. Don't worry about looking at my pictures or hearing anything about my trip." Reyna stood up from the coach and walked into the kitchen.
_____"No, I'm very interested in your trip. I'm even more interested in your little friend who went with you."
_____"You know, this jealous shit ain't cute no more."
_____"It's not cute for my woman to be going on trips with other women, either."
_____"I had to go with somebody; it's not like you have time for me." Lizzie stood up from the coach, but didn't move a step.
_____"What's that supposed to mean? How are you gonna throw that up in my face?" Lizzie was fuming. Reyna was supposed to be more understanding. She knew that Lizzie's grandmother was ill, and that all of her time away from work was spent with her Big Momma. The two women stood there glaring at each other, but neither spoke a word. Reyna was tired of trying to explain to Lizzie that she just wanted a little of her time. She understood that Lizzie needed to be with her Big Momma, but she couldn't continue to pretend that she didn't need Lizzie to be with her sometimes, too. She couldn't pretend that she had not been miserable lately. She couldn't even apologize. Reyna was feeling too much. She felt too much loneliness, too much guilt from having so much fun without Lizzie, too much desire for what was supposed to be her's anyway.
_____Lizzie stood there watching Reyna watch her. She walked over to where she was standing, not really knowing why. Reyna was still standing there holding the picture. Lizzie reached for the picture to take another look, but Reyna snatched her hand away and took a step back. And, again, Lizzie saw Reyna anew. She saw the hurt for the first time. She saw the heart that wanted to keep loving and supporting but needed love and support in return. She saw the woman she loved being pushed away.
_____"Reyna, I'm sorry, okay? I just you know, Big Momma " And, Reyna did know. She knew what her Big Momma meant to her. "I didn't mean to neglect you, sweetie. I love you. I need you."
_____"I need you too, Lizzie," said Reyna. Reyna stood with her arms folded and lips pursed. She kept up her icy persona, although her heart had started to melt with Lizzie taking that first step.
_____"I know, baby. I know." Lizzie reached for the picture, again. This time Reyna didn't snatch away. Lizzie took another look at the photo. "Damn, girl. You can catch a fish without a hook." Reyna started laughing, and reached for the picture. Lizzie smiled and playfully held it above her head, leaning as far back as she could. Lizzie knew that quoting The Colour Purple lines always patched things up for them. "I mean, shit, I'll drink your bath water!" Reyna dove at the picture, laughing and appreciating her woman appreciating her.
_____"Give me my picture, " she whined. Lizzie reached her empty hand around Reyna's waist, and Reyna leaned in close to Lizzie's body still reaching for the picture that was high above and far beyond her reach. She finally gave up and draped her arms around Lizzie's neck. She let her head fall in the nook between Lizzie's face and her own arm. Lizzie dropped her other arm and wrapped it around Reyna's body. She squeezed Reyna like months had passed since she last seen her woman. Lizzie then realized that, indeed, it had been that long. Funny how you can live everyday with somebody and loose sight of them. She squeezed Reyna closer to her, gripping the picture that had began the healing of hearts growing apart.

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Damn what a body! I'm so glad that I made this move and decided to visit the beach this afternoon. What a way to start a well needed vacation! By the time this evening is over, I'll know everything there is about this glowing sugar coated brown beauty.

I played it safe, not to scare her away, and laid in the sand near where she was standing to partially get out of the sun. After an hour had passed, I brushed the sand off my hot body, partly from the sun's heat and mostly from stareing thru my sun glasses at the most stunning and intising body that I had ever seen. I slowly strolled up to her and said, "excuse me, could I ask you a question?" Every inch of Cloie, which was the name she'd given me, was ready for the taking, with or without the whip cream. After introducing myself, Lona, I asked her if she could suggest a way for me to site see Florida Beach area without getting lost. That was it! She mentioned that she wasn't busy right then, so, she would help as much as she could. Little did she know, was the fact that she offered, would be all the help I needed to get where I wanted to be with her!

We began our tour over the beach, it's restaurants, cafes, shops, and time seemed to pass us by. We really got to chat about lots of things and then the more intimate discussion began. We were both not involved with anyone special and out to have fun and relax on a well needed vacation. All the time we were walking and talking, my mind was on her beauty, and the body that she swayed so, masterfully. Her curves were exactly where they needed to keep my body heat from leaving any time soon. She had breasts that looked tasty, I pictured myself holding them toward my lips to nibble at her nipples teasingly, and began sucking them hungerly with my mouth full. I wanted to kiss her slinder, moist lips and tongue her till she surrendered to my desires for her brown sugar offerings between her legs. All this was a fantasy as we talked, but I was determined to make it a reality before this day was over.

She finally mentioned that she had to go, which I hated to hear, but, that if I didn't have anything special to do for the evening, we could meet at her place later. Yes! My plan would be carried out! My desires would be fulfilled!

I picked up a bottle of champane, some flowers, and a box of chocolates on my way to Cloie's, because I intended to make the best of our first time of intimacy was all I could think of on my way there. When she opened the door, she looked as beautiful and lushous as she had earlier during the day. She took my gifts and smiling slyly, took my hand and guided me toward her sofa. We sat and began kissing with an eagerness that let me know that her desires were as strong as mine. I pressed against her so hard that she laid back on the sofa and let me take over by kissing her all over, face,neck,arms, and removing her thin house dress to unvail her soft, nake body to reveil her hairy, full, pussy. I got on my knees and kissed downward from navel to the heaven below. It was heaven where I kissed, tongued, sucked, and licked until I was totally satisfied, and she groaned and moaned until she could bearly whisper. I take it that my quest was well handled.

We were both absolutely, totally, relaxed on our well needed vacation.

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A Quiet Getaway

Woo Hoo Gyrl I'm so ready to hit the road, you just about ready?

The women were leaving for their much-needed vacation Lisa had a friend with a ranch so they decided to spend a few days there. It was an 8-hour drive. When they arrived, they decided to get settled first, shower, and get something to eat.

Lisa had slept in late, as was her usual habit. Joi on the other hand was used to getting up early. She had already done a light workout and was just about to sit down to have a light breakfast when Lisa decided to venture out of bed.

Well look what the cat dragged out!
Very funny, Joi now you know this is a vacation and sleeping in is a must.
Lisa please your butt sleeps in late every chance you get!
They both crack up laughing.

Lisa sat down at the table and had some fruit and a glass of juice. So what do you wanna do first? Knowing you, you already cased the joint out.

Sure have, but I'm not sure this place is so peaceful. I'm just glad to be away from the city for awhile. Okay how about this we go horseback riding first.
Excuse me! Girl you know I don't know nothing about riding no damn horse.
Come on' Joi I'll teach you it'll be fun, I promise.
Yeah okay whatever you say.

Joi couldn't believe she was having so much fun, after she finally got the hang of it. When they got back to the ranch Joi said she was going to take a shower and relax in the Jacuzzi.

Lisa made them some lunch and headed to the Jacuzzi. She was taken by surprise when she saw Joi standing there clad in her print string bikini. Lisa was so use to seeing Joi dressed in business suits and heels. Dayum!!! She had always thought Joi was fyne but seeing her in that suit took her appreciation of Joi to a whole new level, her body was bangin'! Thank goodness she had on her dark shades; she didn't want Joi to know she was checkin' her like she was.

The 2 women made idle chit chat about this and that but they mostly just relaxed while the water from the Jacuzzi pulsated against their bodies.

So Joi who are you dating these days? I know you have some fine piece on the side.

Gyrl I wish! Shoot I've barely had time to do anything other than work these past few months let alone have a love life.
Damn that's too bad (Translation) Okay kewl she's not with anyone; at least I don't have to worry about any competition.

Gyrl this place is nice, but after riding that horse I could use a good full body massage right about now.
Lisa watched as Joi eased her fine frame out of the Jacuzzi, toweled off and laid in one of the lounge chairs. She reached over and got some sun tan lotion and began to rub the lotion into her skin. Lisa come here and rub some of this on my back.

Lisa happily obliged, she put some of the warm lotion in her hands and began to rub Joi's back in circular motions. She then preceded to rub her shoulders and worked her way down to the small of Joi's back. Joi let out a small moan You okay? Yeah that feels good. Well, I've been told I'm pretty good with my hands.
I bet you have, Joi said in a low seductive voice.

Joi sure felt good under her hands, Lisa knew she had better stop while she still could, she was about to get up when Joi said, umm wait, don't stop, that was feeling too good. Oh so now I'm your personal masseuse? Since you are the only one here Yes! And since your hands are so good why don't you do my legs while you're at it. Lisa poured the lotion down the length of her legs and gently massaged each one, adding a little pressure here and there, and making sure to stop just before she reached her buttocks. Lisa could tell by Joi's breathing she was starting to get a little aroused. Turn over so I can do the front. The more Lisa rubbed the more Joi purred, this was beginning to be too much for her. She stared at her intently for a minute then gently caressed her face, tracing a finger across her lips. Joi parted her lips and gently sucked her finger.

Lisa felt her heart rise to her throat as Joi sucked the tip of her finger and slowly sucked it deeper into her mouth. Joi reached up and ran her fingers through Lisa's curly hair she stopped at the nape of her neck, and pulled Lisa to her. She kissed her lightly on the lips, then she parted Lisa's lips with her tongue and slowly entered her mouth. Lisa responded by sliding her hand up and cupping her breast, a low moan escaped. Lisa traced her tongue down Joi's neck, and across her collar bone she stopped when she reached her breast. Joi moaned in pleasure and arched her back so Lisa could take more of her in. Lisa moved from one breast to the other. She was driving Joi crazy she knew, she slide up to kiss Joi and let her leg slide between Joi's legs, Joi shuddered slightly and she could feel Joi's nails scratch the surface of her back. Lisa could feel Joi's juices on her leg she slid her hand down the length of her body until she reached her mound. Umm, Lisa eased 1 than 2 fingers into her, Joi was hot and wet. She stroked her gently, going deeper and deeper, Joi began grinding harder and harder against her hand she was close to having 1 of many orgasms over the next few days.

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I can't believe that I actually made to Jamaica. With me being so busy with work, I thought I would never find the time to take this vacation. I broke up with my girl about 8 months ago, well actually she broke up with me. She said all I did was work and I never had anytime for her, which she is probably right. Therefore I am taking this vacation alone and I don't mind at all because there are defiantly plenty women here.

The temperature is at least 95 degrees, and the women are walking around with practically nothing on. I take my towel and find a spot where I can get a little shade as well as some sun. As I am walking I spot one of the most beautiful women I have never laid my eyes on. She has carmel colored skin, hazel eyes, lips that I could kiss forever and a body to die for. She is about 5'4 which is the prefect height considering I am only 5'7.

As I get closer to her she smiles at me and I smile back and say hello, she says hey how are you, "fine and you." She says yes I can see that. I blink twice because I know I am not hearing this woman right. Is she really flirting with me? I know I am not bad on the eyes, I have been told that I am very attractive. But never in a million years would I have thought this woman was a lesbian.

I am somewhat shy so I pretty much just let it go. I thought to myself if she wants me she is going to have to come after me. But she would not have to come far to get me, because I sat down right beside her. As I am sitting there she looks over at me and says can you help me with my lotion. I say sure with much confidence, although I am somewhat nervous. I proceed put lotion on her back and I am massaging as I do so, that's when I hear her moan. She looked over her shoulder at me and says that feels soooooooo good.

Over the next few hours we learned that we have so much in common and that we live fairly close to one another. She is an engineer and I am a financial analyst, we both work very long hours. I am 30 and she is 27 and neither of us have kids. The conversation is going so well that we never did make it the water. I ask her if she would like to have dinner with me and she said yes and we agree to meet at 7:00p.m for dinner.

We both agree that we would dress casual. I am dressed in an all white linen pant suits and she has on a long silk dress, with a split that gives you a teasingly beautiful view of her thighs. Dinner was great and the conversation was even better. We decided to take a walk along the beach and surprisingly we find ourselves alone.

I cannot get over how beautiful Tracy is and the need to kiss her is so strong that I have to act on it. I stop her and pull her closer to me and look in her eyes, because I need to see if she wants me as much as I want her. The look that she gave me showed me nothing but desire. "Tracy you are so beautiful," "so are" was the only thing that I heard because the rest of her words were swallowed in my mouth. We are so close to one another that I feel her nipples swelling against mine. My hands begin to caress her everywhere and I hear her moaning my name. I begin to place slow kisses down her neck and back up to her ear darting my tongue inside. That is when she stopped me and says Michelle I want you, you have know idea how much I want you but not here. She takes my hand and leads me to her room.

That's is how it all started and now two years later we are still together. You see Stella is not the only one who went to Jamaica and got her groove back.

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