Challenge 5

Taking The Bait

Taking The Bait
Taurus The Bull

Ahhhh, so smooth and soft to the touch! Those beautiful, slender legs belong one who's been without a woman's touch for way too long. A flat tummy that's so firm and a body that's so inviting, I've got to have her! These legs are shown as bait to get the hottest, willing female to take care of their every desire. My hands want to rub them tenderly and softly, to give Shena, their owner, streaks of pleasure. I want to eat her hot, wet, soft pussy until my hearts content. I want to make Shena feel the heat from within.

She's my prize for today. I've watched her from my balcony in her tight hugging bathing suit, and I'm going to take the "bait." My name is Bebe. I'm going over to comply with Shena's wishes and desires. I'll knock on her door and after she opens it I won't give her a chance to reject me. Slowly pushing her against the wall in back of her door, I began removing her bathing suit and release her large breasts. I lean against her and her hard nipples to kiss her full, wet lips. Letting the bathing suit fall to the floor, I kneel and part her long, slender legs. There is a treasure just waiting to be found beyond her juicy pussy lips. I explore her with my long, pointed tongue and am greeted with hot, tasty juice. I began sucking her clit. It's larger than most clits and, when it swells, it feels like a tiny dick. Sooo, sooo, good to my mouth. Her moans of pleasure inspire me to press my face deep into her pussy for more. I want to drink her dry.

I lick, suck, and finger Shena's pussy until we are both gasping for breath and the cum had come to a halt. We lay out on the floor from sheer exhaustion of ultimate pleasure. I started with her pussy and she ended with eating mine. I was moaning and groaning for mercy. We even had the best clit fucking I'd had for almost a year. Yea, watching her long slender brown legs paid off for me in the most breath taking way possible.

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Finus 1

_____Pleazure was standing there thinking, "What the Hell am I doing?" She had let her friend Tisha talk her into this mess. She was just about to change her mind when the photographer came into the room. She was about 5'11 and built, not too much muscle, but enough to make you notice.
_____The photographer walked over to Pleazure, and introduced herself. "Hi my name is Tyra, and you are?"
_____"Pleazure. My name is Pleazure."
_____Tyra could tell that she was a little nervous. She flashed Pleazure a warm smile. "Is this your first time?"
_____ "Yes, and I'm a little nervous, sorry."
_____ "That's okay everyone is nervous the first time."
_____ "I let my friend talk me into this. "
_____"Oh so you're doing this for your boyfriend?"
_____"No, my crazy girlfriend talked me into this, she thinks I need to explore my sexuality more and she thinks this is a way for me to loosen up a bit. I only agreed to get her off my case, she's suppose to meet me here. Is that okay?"
_____"Sure, no problem." Tyra couldn't help but notice how striking Pleazure's features were and commented on them. Pleazure was Hershey-Kiss brown and had beautiful hazel brown eyes. She was a couple of inches shorter than Tyra was. That perfume made her smell absolutely delicious. Pleazure blushed.
_____As Tyra walked over to the CD player, she asked over her shoulder, "Are you ready to get started? What type of music do you like?"
_____Just as Pleazure was about to say respond, Tisha peeped her head inside. "Oh good, you haven't started yet. I thought I might miss this."
_____Tyra was surprised. "Hey what's up girl! What are you doing here?"
_____"I came to see you make my girl Pleazure famous," she said laughing.
_____Both Tyra and Pleazure looked at each other, Tyra spoke first. "This is your friend? Well, I know what you mean about her pestering you, we go way back."
_____"Oh really?"
_____"Yeah we went to school together. Anyway, Tisha, go make yourself useful and see if your friend here wants something to drink and bring me a glass of wine."
_____Tyra put the new Monifa CD in the carousel and hit play. She made some last minute adjustments to the set and then went to work, moving and directing Pleazure into one position after another. Two rolls of film later she was done. Pleazure went to the dressing room to change. This gave Tyra the opportunity she was looking for. "So Tisha, what's up with you and Miss lady there?"
_____"Gyrl nothing we are strictly friends."
_____ "Why? Are you interested?"
_____"Yeah right, stop by the place later."
_____Pleazure emerged from the dressing room looking fine as ever. She strolled over to where the ladies were talking and thanked Tyra for being so patient and understanding.
_____"No, thank you, you're very photogenic."
_____"So when will I be able to see the proofs of the pictures?"
_____"They should be ready in a couple of days."
_____ It was still early when Tisha and Pleazure left her shop. Tyra didn't have another client for a few more hours so she decided she would get a head start and process the rolls she had taken earlier.

_____About 6:30 Tyra had finished all her appointments, and was about to close up shop. She was reviewing some of the proofs when she was startled by a woman's voice. She looked up and was surprised to see Pleazure standing in the doorway.
_____"Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I hope you don't mind me stopping by."
_____"Ummm, No it's okay, what can I do for you? I came over because Tisha said you were going to stop by her place after work. I wanted to catch you before you left." Pleazure walked over to where Tyra was sitting and made herself comfortable, crossing her legs as she sat down. "I just wanted to thank you again for this afternoon."
_____Tyra felt herself getting warm. "That really wasn't necessary. Can I get you something to drink?"
_____"No thank you, I'm fine."
_____"Yes, you are," Tyra heard herself say aloud. The wine, music and that perfume were starting to work on Tyra and she could feel herself getting moist. Pleazure just looked at her and smiled, leaning over she kissed her lightly on the lips. She had the softest lips Tyra had ever felt.
_____Tyra was totally captivated by her at this moment. She was about to ask her if she wanted to go hang out with her and Tisha, but the look in Pleazure's eyes told Tyra everything she needed to know. They were already where they needed to be for now.

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