Challenge 4

Wet Dreams
Taurus The Bull

Feeling the heat from the water with her eyes closed, Dana's wait for her female lover seems to be dragging. After a long, stressful day at work, all she had on her mind was having her pussy eaten until she screamed for mercy. Water has a way of mellowing the body and Dana needed to ease the tension until Jodi arrived.

Jodi would join Dana in the heated pool of water and relieve her of all her sweet juices. First, Jodi will tease Dana by massaging her smooth handful of tasty pussy. Dana will get kissed and licked from her neck to her moist, soft, creamy, tunnel between her legs. Jodi's tongue, being long and thick will fill like heaven going in and out of her hot, dripping pussy. This is exactly what Dana came home expecting from her beautiful, sexy, female lover and friend.

For the last six months, Jodi had made Dana squirm from their love making. Dana's pussy ached for her long tongued, pussy juice drinking counterpart whenever she got tensed and needed to relax. They would be two female bodies basking in the extreme heat of hot sweaty sex. Licking, kissing, finger fucking and sucking each other, only exhaustion would cause them to ease into short breaks before starting again.

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