Challenge 30


"Kandi?" Alex looked at her bedmate and back towards the door. She was dumbfounded.

Kandi stood at the doorway in horror, not believing her eyes. Her hands became bawled fists. She walked towards the bed screaming, "You mutha fucka!" She pounced on the bed, swinging at anything in her range. The naked woman that cuddled next to her once beloved and trusted girlfriend, hurried to her feet to escape the blows.

"Kandi, it's not what it looks like..I..I's..."

"Well it looks like you're fucking my sister, you bastard!" she yelled.

She continued to kick and scream as Alex tried to subdue her. Kandi's fight was weakening as her shock and rage quickly turned to hurt. "Why Alex?" she cried.

Courtney was in a frenzy trying to fasten her clothes in a far corner. She figured she should high tail it out of there before any blame shifted to her, or worse, Kandi got loose. She grabbed her purse and ran for the front entrance. Kandi's senses were too mixed up to even notice. Alex sat kicking herself for not seeing this coming.

Courtney was bitter since Kandi and Alex had been spending so much time together. She was lonely, and vowed to destroy their relationship one way or the other. Her plan was fool proof, posing as her twin sister.
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