Challenge 3


Oh God! Tami's mind silently scream as she glanced up at the clock on her office wall. She was supposed to meet Jasmine at the theater a half-hour ago. She managed to convince Simone to let her up off the couch, she jumped up grabbed her compact and proceeded to refresh her make-up. Simone sat up on the couch smiling and watching her. Every since she and Tami had started working together she had wanted to have her. The only problem was Jasmine. She sat there watching Tami, remembering the first time she saw this beautiful woman.

A merger between their 2 companies had brought them together. At their first meeting Simone wasn't quite sure if Tami was in the life or not so she played it cool. She suggested they discuss the business merger in more detail over dinner. Tami declined saying she already had prior dinner plans. Several other attempts to get Simone alone away from the office failed. She was just about ready to give up on her, when she happened to see her and another woman at a nearby coffee shop. From where she was sitting she could she the two of them were more than friends. So she was involved with someone else, that didn't bother her one bit. Simone was known for getting what she wanted and she wanted Tami.

They next day she went to work as usual, her and Tami had a bunch of reports and surveys to go over before the end of the day. This would be the perfect time to put her plan into action. She had already arranged for a florist to deliver a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers to Tami at a specified time. When the flowers came the two ladies were deep in reports and munching on sandwiches from Subway. Tami was stunned when the deliveryman walked into her office with the bouquet. There was no card. Simone said, "umm from someone special I take it?" Tami knew Jasmine wasn't into sending her flowers, she said no, I can't imagine who the flowers are from. They were beautiful and smelled wonderful. Simone smiled to herself as she watched Tami admiring the flowers. After another 2 hours of reading over financial report after report, they decided to call it quits for the evening. Tami had plans for the evening with Jasmine to see a show and had wanted to go home and take a quick shower and change.

She took a whiff of the bouquet that was sitting on one of the end tables and plopped down on the couch in her office. The smell of the flowers was enticing and stirred her senses. She closed her eyes intending to rest for a quick minute before heading home, her eyes were tired and her back ached just a little from being hunched over her desk all day.

They were the only ones left in the building; Simone closed the door and dimmed the lights. Simone walked behind the couch; Tami felt her presence but didn't move. Gentle fingers caressed her temples, neck and shoulders umm this was feeling too good. Simone leaned down and softly began kissing the back of her neck and ears, the smell of her perfume was intoxicating.

For a moment, Tami enjoyed what was happening then she sat up, she stood and turned to look at Simone. Before she realized it Simone had already moved from behind the couch and was standing directly in back of her. She was so close Tami could feel her breath on the back of her neck. She side stepped and turned to face Simone, she had wanted to stop this before things got out of hand.

Simone on the other hand was not about to let this moment get away. Before Tami had a chance to stop her she had slid her arms around her waist and pulled her into a firm but gentle embrace. She looked her dead in the eyes and told her she wanted her. Tami tried to pull free all the while telling her she was involved already and she really had to be going. Simone loosened up her grip a little just enough so Tami would stop pulling away, then without warning she pulled her close and kissed Tami so deep and with so much intensity, Tami felt her legs giving way. Simone tongue worked some kind of magic on her breasts.

Tami was near tears, her juices were starting to really flow. Her clit ached to be licked and sucked, damn this woman was working her like she had never been worked before and she was loving it. Simone continued the assault on her body, when she finally rested her faced between Tami's legs she was amazed at how wet she was. She licked and sucked Tami like she eating her favorite desert, savoring every drop of her. She had total control over Tami's body, when she finally let her cum Tami came with such force she had to move or she would have drowned.

Simone stretched her body over Tami's and held her close, she could still feel her trembling. She gazed down at this beautiful woman lying underneath her and gently kissed her lips. Moments later they drifted away into the moment.

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