Challenge 29

Dance With The Devil
Rayne 2. Marzett

_____I have lived a very long life and have many wonderful stories to tell and some not so wonderful. This life has taking me on my fair share of loves, heartaches, and one-night stands. The story I’m going to share with you is one that you will never forget, and the only thing I ask is that you learn one thing from this: Never wish for something unless you are sure of what you are going to get.
_____It was a fairly nice that day almost fifty years ago. I was standing at the bus stop with on of my girlfriends when I noticed a strange woman watching me from across the street. She did not smile nor wave hello. Just stared. It was almost as is she was reading my ever thoughts. I got a strange feeling at the base of my spine and shivered when I met her gaze. I nudged my friend in the ribs and pointed across the street, but by the time she paid attention to what I was pointing at a bus passed on the opposite street and she was gone. Poof! Just like magic. My friend finally got around to asking me what I was looking at and I just hunched my shoulders and shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me. “How odd,” I thought.
_____A few days had passed since my strange woman sighting and I was still thinking about it. Those eyes and how haunting they seemed. Also wondering why the more I thought about her the more I was drawn to her dark and mysterious nature. Back in those days I was working as a typist at a publishing company down town. I was so proud to be the only colored woman working there. I didn’t earn very much, but I was doing good work and it was a steady paycheck that I surely needed.
_____At lunchtime, I was on my way out when the strange woman walked in. She was not very tall, but not short to say the least. She was dressed in men’s black suit, shirt and tie all black also. The only thing not black was a small ring that she wore on her pinky finger. And it was the deepest color of red I have ever seen. Almost like the color of blood. Her attire although fitting of her, was not fitting of the times. We are talking 1956 here. Women where not supposed to dress like that, and if they did they ran the risk of being publicly punished and ridiculed. I wondered what was she thinking, and more so intrigued by her flamboyance.
_____She glided into the office almost as if she was floating on air. I watched her as she seated her self in the waiting area and began to watch me. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion once she entered. But most importantly no one except me seemed to notice she had walked in at all. Not even the receptionist asked if she was there to see someone. The longer she looked at me the more I felt this tingle in my soul. I wanted to ask her what was she looking at? Why was she here? What did she want from me?
_____I wanted to go over to her and ask her so many questions, but my feet would not move from the spot I stood in the whole time. Her eyes where pulling me in. Where I don’t know, but I felt myself falling. Just before I hit bottom she was gone like the wind again. I shook my head almost trying to shake her from it, but it was of no use. I was in a state of shock over what seemed like hours, but had really only been mere moments. Once she disappeared I was able to move again. I grabbed my sack lunch and headed out the door.
_____I needed to take the rest of the day off, but I knew that if I did I would more then likely be fired. And as I said before I needed the money so that was not an option. So I went to the park not to far from my job and sat there trying to eat my lunch and figure out what had just happened. “She can’t be real,” I said only loud enough for the two birds playing in the nearby bush to hear me. That’s it. She’s not real. If no one else saw her then it must be my imagination. My poor over worked mind was playing tricks on me. I needed some fun and relaxation. Maybe then these illusions will finally go away, leaving me never to think about this woman again.
_____A small piece of me didn’t want that. My curious human nature was not going to allow me to totally forget this strange woman. For the next couple days, I waited and watched for her. She was like a ghost invading my every thought. I never knew when she would just pop up. I was on her time and that made things even more enticing for me. I was becoming hooked, and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know anything about this woman except for the fact that she may or may not be real. But I wanted--I needed to know more. And that was what I wished for. To know this woman and to know why she affected me the way she did. Why did she have this incredible hold on me?
_____Pretty soon she was even invading my dreams. I had earth-shattering orgasm from dreaming about the things she would do and could do to me. Many nights I awoke dripping in sweat, panting, and laying in a wet spot from those dreams. I just don’t know what came over me. After that I no longer thought about her with my head, but my neither region instead. It was almost as if there where stages I was going through. And I was just a puppet in her game. She controlled when and where I saw her, and I was getting the feeling that my thoughts and dreams where somehow her doing as well. And what scared me the most was I didn’t care if she did either.
_____One night a month after all this happened my best friend invited me to go out with her. The only gay bar in town was having colored night and I just had to go. I knew that she would be there. I just felt it in my soul and this was my time to ask her all the things I’ve been wanting to know, and maybe more. I got dressed in my finest dress and made my face up like one of those picture show women you see all the time. The closer it got for me to go, the more my pussy throbbed. It was telling me that tonight was the night, and I couldn’t wait. Glenda, my best friend and her girlfriend came to pick me up at about eight. I was so excited that I was sitting outside on the porch waiting for them; thinking that ever car that came down my street was them.
_____When we got to the bar it was slightly packed. I really didn’t know that my small town had so many gay folks. I guess because back then everyone was very quiet about the company they kept and for good reason too. As soon as we walked in I was scanning that room to see if I saw the stranger anywhere. I even did a couple laps around the bar, but she was nowhere to be found.
_____“Who are you looking for Pearl?” Glenda said with a cat like smile. “Could there be a special someone you haven’t told me about?” I smiled bashfully and told her no. She would know if I where even vaguely interest in someone. But that was a lie. How could I tell her that I was being haunted by a strange woman? Even more how could I begin to explain why I was so attracted to what I’m assuming most would find frightening?
_____So, I just didn’t. I went to the bar and ordered a drink, while I was waiting on the bartender to give me my change I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. And then I felt it--that old familiar tingle in my soul. It was her. I just knew it. I took my change and looked over to the dark corner where I assumed she was sitting. There she was sitting there staring at me with those black eyes, but there was something different about this time. Everyone around didn’t suddenly disappear, nor did I feel like everything was moving slow.
_____Just when I was about to pick up my drink and walk over to where she was two women came from behind me, one on each side. “Master would like to speak with you now,” they both stated in a low whisper. They both grabbed an arm and lead me over to the table. All the while I was thinking, what the hell? Did they say master? Maybe I was in over my head. I wasn’t down for all that slave freaky stuff. I was as vanilla as they came in those days, and I wasn’t so sure if I was getting into something that I might can’t get out of.
_____I walked over to the table that I was escorted to and took the seat that was offered to me. I was thinking that maybe if she got out of hand I could use some fast talking and get myself to the other side where my friends where and they would help me. But before I could even get that thought all the way formulated the women spoke. “No need to be afraid,” they both said. “She doesn’t bite, unless you want her to.”
_____I was beginning to wonder what was going on with the “Molly Folly” twins? The look on my face must have told what I was thinking, and before I could ask the stranger spoke. “They are here to serve me. No need to worry about them.” Her voice was smooth and intoxicating. Almost like the rum I was drinking. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined her sounding like that. It was sensual and Lawd if it didn’t make me all moist. I was also somehow put at ease by her words and relaxed in the chair. She leaned into the table and placed her elbows on the top, putting her palms together and against her mouth. We sat quietly for a few minutes with the women standing behind me like the where guards. Soon she waved her hand and they vanished into thin air, and placed her hands back in the previous position. No longer shocked by the magic that seems to surround the stranger I didn’t even flinch once they had gone.
_____I sat there and took all of the woman’s essence in. She was wearing another black suit much like the one she wore the day she came into my office. Her hair was shoulder length and as black as her suit. I noticed she had a very flattering medium build, and my thoughts drifted to what she would look like naked. But those thoughts quickly changed when my eyes caught hers. Instead of the normal black eyes I was used to they where winter white, and where glowing under the florescent lights of the bar. She took notice of my shock and her eyes quickly turned back to black.
_____I felt a sudden comforting feeling like my back was being caressed, but when I turned around there was no one there, and her hands where still in the same spot. “I apologize. I can read minds and your thoughts just made me think of some things myself. That’s just my way of showing my interest in my subject,” she said in that lovely voice of hers. And I melted. She could do whatever whenever to me and it was going to be fine. I would not protest anything this woman offered, and I knew she knew that.
_____“Do I scare you, or have you had enough time to get use to me yet?”
_____“No, you don’t scare me at all. In fact I want to know more about you.” I said as frankly as I could muster. “Good. You shall know all you need to know in due time my dear.”
_____I could feel her eyes tracing every part of my body as if they where her hands. I cold feel her sweet breath on my neck and still she did not move from her spot. I wanted to know how was she doing this to me, but at the same time I didn’t want her to stop. I felt myself becoming more and more aroused the longer I sat at that table. Never once did she physically touch me, but I swear I was nearing the best orgasm of my life just from her looking at me. As suddenly as the non-touching started it stopped, and I fell from my cloud nine. A little upset and disappointed she assured me that everything I wanted would come in due time. How was it this woman controlled me like this. I wanted and needed answers. None of which I was getting. Every time I drew impatient those hands caressed my back and the feeling left. Finally I asked her name.
_____“You could not pronounce it even if I told you,” she said in a cocky tone.
_____“But, You may call me what ever you wish.”
_____I thought about that for a minute and decided to call her Lucy. Short for Lucifer, which I thought she was. She smiled and I feel in love. She had the most perfect smile I have ever seen, and I wanted to do everything to make sure I saw that smile all the time. But like everything else dealing with her it faded as quickly as it appeared. Finally she touched my had with hers. “Are you ready?” She asked with that smile and before I knew it we where outside.
_____“But I haven’t told my friend that I was leaving. She’ll be worried if she can’t find me.” I said not protesting, just concerned. She looked me deep in my eyes and I was no longer worried. She waved her hand and a black car pulled up in front of the bar. I was really starting to become impressed by her ability to not only command me, but the rest of the world as well.
_____A woman driver got out the car and came around to our side and opened the door. Lucy allowed me to get in and she slid into the seat after me. Once the driver was in the driver seat she glanced in the rear view mirror at Lucy as if to ask where to? “Home,” she said.
_____ I don’t know what happened, but when I awoke I was laying on a couch in this lavish apartment, much too nice for any of the people I knew. I looked around and Lucy was nowhere to be found. I felt her watching me, but I could not see her. I got up from the couch and walked around the room looking at all the paintings on the wall. Some were of women like the ones I saw at the club with Lucy. Others, however, were of women that looked as if they were lost. Their eyes called to me to help them. It was a strange thing to see in a painting, and even more so that wanted to actually help them.
_____While I was looking at one of the erotic paintings, I felt that warm breath on my neck again and that oh to familiar tingle in my soul. When I turned around Lucy was standing over by the couch watching me. Like I knew she had been this whole time. In each hand she held a glass, one with black liquid and one that seemed to glow. She beckoned me to her with her eyes, and I came. She asked me to have a seat and then she sat in the lounge chair across from me. I looked at the glasses then at her, and as if she knew what I was thinking she answered my question.
_____“I’m about to answer all of you questions. But first I need to know something. You see I have been all over this earth looking for the perfect woman. One that will complete what I have planned. Now are you that woman? If you are then drink that first glass. If not, drink that second glass. Chose wisely, for you never know what you might be asking for. If your curiously has been peeked, and I know it has, then you will drink from the first glass and we shall begin. Don’t take to long to think about it. My time here is short, and I don’t like to waste my time.”
_____I sat there and thought about it, but not about what could happen if I did this. I was just curious enough to do what she wanted. I picked up the glass holding the black liquid and drank, just chugged the whole glass. When I was done she smiled that smile and I felt strange at first. Then warm and calm, then extremely excited. My breath became heavy and all I wanted to do was peal my dress off and offer myself to Lucy. I giggled a little at my own horniness and asked her if she slipped something in my drink. She just looked at me, and then disappeared.
_____I quickly stood on my feet and heard her calling to be from another part of the apartment. I followed the voice to the back where there was a bedroom full of dimly burning candles. She stood in the middle of the room and held her hand open to me. In a trance I went to her, and placed my hand in hers. Beating a mile a minute, my heart was the only thing to heard in the room. She slowly turned me around and undid the back of my dress. The more of my skin she exposed the hotter the room seem to get. By the time my dress hit the floor the room was on fire, or was it just me?
_____Lucy moaned as she turned me to face her. She began caress my body with her eyes again, but this time I knew that she would not stop. She kissed me with a deep passion that I had never experienced before. It was so good that I almost came for the second time tonight. When she broke away from my lips, all I could do was gasp and lunge forward at her to get more of what I had been wanting for so long. She waved her hand and I was frozen in my tracks, almost mid-air. Lucy inhaled deeply and smiled while tilting her head back. She licked her lips seductively and then spoke in a low voice. “Not so fast, my lady. We have all night, and you’ve waited this long. It’s won’t kill you to wait a little longer.”
_____“But I have to have you now. Do you know what you have put me through?
_____“Yes,” she said matter-of-factly. “Anticipation is a game that only a few can play, and even fewer win.”
_____She was right. Almost for a month straight I have felt like I was on the verge of an orgasm. She knew this. It has been her plan all along. She had gotten me so worked up that I would fall for anything and everything just to cum. It was clear to me that I was the obvious loser here, and still I didn’t care. I didn’t care if she tortured me like this for the rest of my life, so long as there was at least the promise that she would free me from this wait one day. Then, she took a few steps closer to me and touched my face unfreezing me from my previous position.
_____She lifted me into her arms and carried me over to the bed. Slowly and cat-like she crawled onto the bed with me. Teasing me more, Lucy crawled between my legs not touching me just breathing that warm inviting breath of her on my thighs. I wanted to scream out in pleasure and frustration. She just smiled because she knew what was going through my mind. She purred, “Just enjoy my love. Just enjoy.”
_____And I did as she grabbed hold of my right nipple with her teeth and gently bit down. My back arched, my eyes closed and I was hers. Lucy sucked my nipples until I was begging for more. Soon I was squirming under her touch. Ohh, so long I have waited and dreamed of this moment. “Please!” I begged her, but she continued at her slow pace.
_____Driving me to the brink of insanity, she stopped her assault on my nipples just long enough to kiss me and whisper something in my ear. “What are you willing to do for me?” She purred.
_____“Anything,” I said in a breathless moan as she rubbed her hand over my now soaked pussy.
_____“Will you do as I say?” she asked.
_____“Yes. Just please don’t stop.”
_____“Good,” she said as she slipped her finger inside of me. A loud and thunderous groann was all that I could muster at this point. I was so close and she was making me feel so good. I didn’t know how much more of this game I could play, but Lucy did. She slowly circled her index finger around my clit and my body screamed. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life, but every time I was near the edge she would hold still and wait. So many different emotions ran through my mind and my body that I just couldn’t take anymore.
_____I begged and pleaded with her to let me cum, but every time I opened my mouth to speak she shut me up with her fingers. I felt like I would pass out and then I felt her tongue licking me. Oh glory be to the most high! This is what I was waiting so long for. Finally, she started slowly and built up speed. My body thrashed around that bed the entire time. I felt my self lifting my hips off the bed and she grabbed hold to them and brought me back down. I clawed at the sheets, headboard, and anything I that was nearby. Don’t stop was all I wanted to say. Lawd don’t stop. I knew that as soon as those words left my lips she was sure to stop putting me in even more agony. She sucked my clit and I felt something teasing my tight hole.
_____With one quick motion she was pushing something inside me and biting me on my neck. She sank her teeth so far into me that it shocked me, and I came again as she thrust in and out of me. I clawed at Lucy’s back and she howled like a demon as she came finally releasing her hold on my neck.
_____I remember falling asleep after that, but when I came to I was in the very bar that I was in earlier. Still standing at the bar; the bartender held out my change and asked me if I was alright? I looked around and noticed that what seemed like all night really had not been. Confused and in dismay about the whole evening I returned to the table where my friends where sitting.
_____I have never spoken about that night to anyone. Not even the daughter I had nine months to the day it all happened. Every now and then, I get that feeling in my soul and I look for her. I know she is there, just staring and watching. My daughter tells me she sees this strange woman in a men’s suit watching her sometimes at the bus stop. I told her not to worry, but stay away from her.
_____Now, I know why they say be careful of what you wish for--You just might get it.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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