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The Kiss
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The Kiss
Wendy S.

It had been a while since they'd last seen each other. As best she could recall, Rita figured it had been about 23 years since she last saw Kelly. But though it had been a while and Kelly had surely changed, Rita knew that this was her indeed her friend from ages past. This was the girl with whom she played many games of hopscotch in the streets of Atlanta on hot summer days; the girl with whom she chased and caught lightning bugs in the evenings. She laughed as she remembered how they would peel off the tails of the bugs while still lit and stick them on their ears, pretending they were earrings. Kelly was the girl she played Monopoly with on rainy days. Even though Rita hated Monopoly, her best friend in the whole world loved the game, so on they played during rainy days while Kelly bought all the good properties and mercilessly sent Rita one step closer to the poorhouse every time she landed on Boardwalk. Yep, Rita mused, though taller, fuller, no longer a clumsy nine-year-old, this was indeed Kelly -- the first person Rita had ever kissed.

For she couldn't tell now long, Rita gazed at the lifesized photo of her friend hanging in full view at the entrance to the auditorium. Simply fantastic, Rita thought to herself as she absorbed every inch of the photo. Kelly had definitely changed. She had curves where there once were none; her prepubescent nine-year-old skin was clear all those years ago, but nothing like the vibrancy it held today. Her eyes were just as lively, but perfectly-hued eyeliner brought them out even more so that they seemed to glisten. Gone were the teeth that were too big for her face at one point. In their place was a perfect row of delicate, white pearls. In the time it took Rita to move up and down the photo, she realized that what she had felt as fun, kid-style, best-friend liking at age nine had never gone away after Kelly's family moved. No, it hadn't gone away. In fact, Rita thought as her pulse quickened, it's even stronger than ever. This beautiful woman in this photograph is the only woman, no, the only person I've ever loved.

When she'd grown tired of people pushing past her to get into the auditorium, Rita took a deep breath and marched towards her seat. She couldn't believe her best friend was modeling now and successful to boot. As the lights went down, Rita took in the sights of the runway, anxious to get the first glimpse of Kelly live and in person. She didn't have to wait long. After a few short words from the emcee thanking contributors, the show began. And out walked Kelly Baker in the most beautiful red dress Rita had ever seen. It was dangerously sheer without revealing too much, low cut in the front to show just a hint of what promised to be ripe, attentive breasts, form fitting in the rear to emphasize a gloriously round bottom, and it was just the right thing to send Rita to the edge of her seat. As she watched Kelly parade back and forth down the runway, the whole scene seemed to go into slow motion. Each step was long and deliberate and seemed to stab right to the center of Rita. Kelly's model-trained pouty lips called to Rita. Every turn of her head sent shards of pain right to Rita's core. After a while, Rita thought she'd have to leave or else be forced to run up on stage to claim what was hers, what had been hers since she was nine. Instead, she looked away momentarily, at her purse, at the wall, anything to break her attention from what was walking around on stage.

She made it through the show with the help of just such interludes and afterwards, walked out, not sure what to do with herself. Kelly didn't know she'd come to the show. Rita wondered if she dared try to find her to say hello. What do you say to a person you haven't seen in 23 years? Hi, I heard you were in town so I thought I'd drop by? Wanna go make love? No, of course not. With that, Rita decided that what she felt in the auditorium was just left over from something long since past. Kelly had changed a lot externally and maybe she'd changed a lot internally as well. Maybe she wasn't that happy-go-lucky, Monopoly-loving kid she once was. Maybe she was a snobbish, rude, near-super-model, who wanted nothing to do with old childhood friends. After all, Kelly's family had moved away, but Rita's had been in the same house for 30 years. If Kelly had even thought about getting in touch, it would've been an easy thing to do. With a silent goodbye, Rita gathered her coat around her and walked out into the cool October night.

She hadn't yet made it to the car before she'd reasoned within herself that it was silly to just walk away. This was her friend, after all. Even if Kelly was rude and obnoxious now, Rita reasoned that she owed it to herself to at least say hello. Without a second thought she turned on her heels and walked back into the theatre. There was still a crowd inside and Rita had no idea how she would find Kelly. Sure wish I had backstage passes, she thought. Do they even give away backstage passes at fashion shows? Without any other bright ideas popping up, Rita made her way back into the theater and towards the stage. It, too, was still bustling with activity as people went to and fro gathering up props and cable. She stopped one young man in his tracks. "Can you tell me where I can find the models?" she asked, holding her breath, half expecting this tired looking fellow to curse her out for bothering him while he worked. Instead, he heaved a sigh and threw a thumb over his should indicating an open door across the hall. Rita turned walked towards the door, stopping just shy to really determine if she was going to go through with this. Inside, she could hear voices, laughter -- a good sign. Before she could lose her nerve, she forced her feet forward and stepped into the very bright, very lively dressing room. Half naked models walked to and fro changing into regular clothes, wiping off layers of makeup, sweeping up over-teased manes into more manageable ponytails. Rita searched the room and was afraid she wouldn't find her until her peripheral vision caught a figure stopped just to the right of her. She turned slowly and felt her breath catch -- she'd found Kelly.

"Rita? Rita Ames? Is that you?"

Without waiting for an answer, Kelly lunged at Rita and through her long arms around Rita's neck, squeezing tight. Rita felt herself go stiff, but managed to get her arms around Kelly as well. Kelly squealed with delight as she stepped back and took a good look.

"Girl, you haven't changed a bit! Look at you! You look great!"

For the life of her, Rita couldn't understand why she was choking up now. Maybe the thought of being so close after all these years was affecting her. She knew she needed to say something, but only one thing came to mind. Before she could stop herself, she blurted out "Hey, I heard you were in town so I thought I'd drop by. Wanna go make love?"

The room that was once bustling with activity went quiet as all eyes turned to them. Kelly took a look around and let out a nervous laugh. She quickly recovered, and just as lively as before remarked, while again throwing her arms around Rita's neck "You are SO silly! I said you hadn't changed, and I was right! Always the joker!" She turned to her fellow models, "Hey guys, this is my friend, Rita. We haven't seen each other in over 20 years, but take my word for it, she has NOT lost her sense of humor!"

Rita caught on and pretended to laugh really hard at herself. She said something to cover up the Freudian slip, and the models seemed to buy it, as they went back to putting on clothes, taking off makeup, and other stuff models do after a show.

"Hey, let's go get a cup of coffee and catch up on old times" Kelly announced, more for the models' benefit than Rita's. But Rita didn't mind. She hadn't seen this woman in over 2 decades, and the first thing she does when she sees her again is embarrass her big time. Rita mentally kicked herself all the way out of the building and all the way into Kelly's car, which they decided along the way to take. Rita knew that Kelly had recovered bravely from the fiasco for the models' sake, but now that they were alone, she had no idea how Kelly would take what she did. She braced herself as she slid into the passenger's seat of the BMW.

"Kelly, look, I..."

"So, how did you know?" Kelly interrupted.

"What?" Rita stammered.

"How did you know that I'm a lesbian? Is it obvious? Does it show on stage? Am I too masculine?"

Rita's mind swam as she took in what she was hearing from Kelly. This was really too good to be true. They drove the city streets passing by dozens of coffee shops as Kelly continued to probe for information.

"So, how did you know Rita? If I'm too masculine on stage, please tell me because that could affect my career. And people knowing about me will most definitely affect my career."

As Rita's mind caught up to the conversation, she realized what her friend was asking her. "No, Kelly, you weren't masculine at all. In fact, you were absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. You took my breath away."

"Where do you live? I'll take you home."

"I live in the same house, but my car's still at the theater, remember?"

"You still live with your mom and dad?"

"No, they both died a few years ago, but I kept the house." As the possibilities began to form in Rita's mind, she added "Yes, take me there. I'll get my car later."

They rode the rest of the way in silence, each lost in her own thoughts. As they pulled up to Rita's house and went inside, Rita wondered over and over if it could be true. Could Kelly really be a lesbian? If so, would she be interested in her? At the moment she seemed more interested in her career.

"Wow, this place is almost exactly like I remember it," Kelly said, looking around. "Almost like -- coming home again."

Rita remembered her manners and offered her friend a seat. "So, what have you been up to, Kelly, besides modeling, I mean."

Kelly took another look around the room and then met Rita's gaze dead-on. "Rita, I guess you know by now that I am a lesbian. I've only had one affair with a woman, but that totally changed my world and now all I want are women. That may surprise you and I can understand if you aren't comfortable with it, but that's just who I am now, so you might as well know. And I know we haven't seen each other in a while, but I would hope that you're still my friend. I hope that you won't go blabbing this to the media. I'm not ashamed of what I am, but until I'm in a different line of work, I can't exactly go marching in any gay/lesbian parades. You know what I mean?"

Rita had never known herself to be so short on words. "I...I..." she stammered.

Kelly looked at Rita and then slowly stood. "I'm sorry about this, Rita, that you had to find out this way. But what I am doesn't change who I am. I'm still that happy little girl I was when you met me. I still love to play Monopoly and everytime I visit my Grandma in the country, I take a walk in the woods just to go looking for lightning bugs. You still know me. I haven't changed. I've just been -- enhanced." She picked up her purse and keys and walked towards the door. "We can go get your car now if you want."

Rita was fighting with everything she had to force words out of her mouth. Finally, she won. "Kelly, I love you! I've always loved you! For the last 23 years, thoughts of you have constantly been with me and even though I didn't know if I'd ever see you again, I always wondered what you'd be like. What you'd be doing. I always wondered if you loved me too. Remember that time we kissed? I think about that every day. Neither one of us knew how to kiss, so we just stuck our tongues out and made them touch each other. We thought that was kissing. Just like kids, huh? But I want to do so much more to you now. When you were walking across that stage, I felt something that I hadn't felt in a long time. I felt alive! It was like I couldn't believe I'd craved you for all those years and then there I was in the same room with you! Every inch of my body wanted to feel yours, to know what you feel like, what you smell like, what you taste like. I love you!"

Now, it was Kelly's turn to be shocked. She made her way back to the couch and sat down. "So, when you said what you said backstage, you weren't kidding? You actually meant that you wanted to make love to me?" She chuckled to herself "I really did think you were just joking. Wow, you love me."

Rita congratulated herself on finally being able to speak, but wondered if she'd spoken too much. Oh well, she thought, it's out in the open now. "Yes, I love you, Kelly. Always have. I think I must have fallen in love with you as a child, if that's possible. I don't know. But I do know that for all these years, you have never left my thoughts. I've always wanted you"

"Well," Kelly said, rising again to face Rita, "if you want to know how I feel, I'm open to that. Touch me."

Without hesitation, Rita placed her hands on Rita's face and kissed her lips. Softly and caressingly, but then Kelly parted them and stuck out her tongue. It took Rita a while to catch on, but when she did, they both laughed. Then Kelly stuck out her tongue again, and this time, Rita did too. As their tongues touched in the manner of that innocent "kiss" from years ago, Rita's mind swam with the possibilities. She gently forced Kelly's tongue back in her mouth and gave her the most passionate kiss she could muster.

"So," Kelly said, after they parted for air "is your bedroom still the same?"

"Let's see", Rita said as she took Kelly's hand and led her upstairs.

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Taurus The Bull

Take 1

MMMMMMMM..............You taste so good Babe. I don't know how much longer I can take your teasing with your long luscious tongue. Waiting for my body to be bathed from head to toe with your soft moist juices. Literally taking your time to taste me once you reach my heavy wet lips between my legs is what I'm shivering for inside.

Though my tongue isn't as long as yours My Sweet, you won't lack for any joys that it can bring you. I will do all that's necessary to have you have convulsions from sheer pleasure of licking, sucking, and tasting all of you. Your wetness from the touch of my fingers on your smooth, full lips within your long, bronze legs send me into a state of mind that I cannot explain.

Our being together makes everything around us seem to be a dream because there's no way this much pleasure can be received otherwise. Should this be my dream, I can grantee that it will be fulfilled, and it will be soon? There are so many ways that our tongues can take care of our sexual fantasies, sucking each others tunnel of love, licking the hot juices that will easily flow from it, kissing each others full lips both on the mouth as well as down in the deepness of our body, sucking and teasing the nipples of our solid breast until they are hard and firm. So, many things, which has me waking from a wet dream and thinking about how and when I can have all of them brought to a completion of extreme joy.

Believe me when I say, this will happen.....and it will be soon, as I've mentioned before. All right?
Take 2 feels so damn good Sweetheart. You know exactly what to do with that hard, firm, wet toy of yours when it comes to satisfying me. Kissing is one of my favorite pass times when you're teasing and exploying me from head to toe with so much excitment. I can't ever get enough of your tongueing, licking and rubbing my entire body like you can just literally EAT me up.

As long as we've been together, there will never be a time for me to ask you to stop taking control of me whenever you get that hunger about you to fuck me to your heart's content. It always start with making my body ache and feel strung out for all you'll willing to dish out for total satisfaction. Even with my tongue not being as long, I do all that's possible with my hands and fingers to have you groan, and moan and beg for release. Sucking your full, long clit like it's a small cock gives me a great high having the control you give me. You don't ever ask me to stop either.

Our bodies were made for each others enjoyment for the way we can position them to gain the greatest pleasure two females can muster especially without any assistance of real sex toys. Feeling the soft, wetness of each others cum heighten's the desires that arise from the time we start our lovemaking.

It's so much tenderness, and consideration of one another's wants to be completely drained of our hot liquids with the kissing, sucking hard nipples till they're swollen, licking each other's pussy until it's puffed from nibbles and sucking for the taste of the soft, smooth, sweetness of cum in our mouths.

Girl, whenever we are apart, my thoughts are constantly on our next encounter because each one is different, and there's always new things being done to keep the excitment and desire between us, so there won't be a reason to ever think of going elsewhere to get laid. We can't ask for much more than that, huh?

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Her tongue was as soft and silky as I imagined it would be. I never intended on showing up at this party, but my friend Trish said it would be the bomb, and plus, I needed to get out of my funk as she calls it, and rejoin the world of the living.

My heart had been broken almost three months ago, and it was time for me to venture out. Plus, I was horny as hell. That self-love ain't all it's cracked up to be. Anyway, I was looking sexy as hell, with my ultra-low, little black dress. I would say my legs are my best body feature, however it's my eyes that usually get me into trouble. Hazel-green with a cat eye look. But, it's what's in the look that will get your attention.

So, as I'm sipping on my second glass of champagne, I notice this incredibly sexy woman standing by the fireplace talking to Trish. She had this quietly commanding presence about her, very confident and cool. Don't get me wrong, her whole being practically screamed eroticism. Her body language was very sensual, like a cat stalking its prey. Her skin was the color of warm, milk chocolate. So smooth looking, it was tempting to just go over and touch her. Her hair was shoulder length, and her eyes were the deepest black I've ever gazed into. And that mouth! Her lips were full and when she smiled, her whole face lit up.

Who was this fine thing Trish seemed so familiar with and had been keeping away from me? Trish is happy as hell with her girl, so I knew this wasn't a newfound love interest. I'm curious and start to work my way across the room. About halfway there, "she" looks in my direction and I practically stop in my tracks. But, I kept my cool and with a steady gaze, walked right up to them. Trish turned and said, "Oh there you are! I'd like you to meet Tanya, a coworker from our satellite office in Manhattan." Needless to say, the pleasure was all mine. There was an instant magnetism between us and we ended up sitting on the couch and talking for the remainder of the party. It turns out, we only live five blocks from each other, so I invited her over for a night cap. And, plus, I wanted to get this woman away from the crowd so we could get to know each other a little better.

The air was so charged in the elevator ride up to my apartment, I thought the thing was going to stop from all the static! But, we made it to the apartment and I put on some nice mellow music. Then she did what I had been thinking all night. She asked if she could kiss me, just one time. She wanted to see if I tasted as good as I looked. I must admit, I didn't expect her to ask me that question, but hell, she just beat me to the punch.

Tanya was standing by the window, with the lights of New York City in the background. I didn't say a word, but walked over and stood behind her. She smelled wonderful and I wanted to hold onto this moment forever. I gently turned her around to face me. When our tongues met, it was like the electricity had followed us into the apartment. Her tongue was so sweet and silky. She moved it so sensually around my mouth that my pussy was instantly wet and throbbing. I wanted her so badly. And from her groans, I think she was just as ready as me. We kissed until our mouths felt bruised. But, oh, it was a good feeling.

When we finally came up for air, she winked at me and asked if I was ready to start this venture. When I asked what venture that would be, she only responded with a very wet kiss. A kiss that continued down my neck, down to each nipple, then down to my soaking wet mound. Believe me when I tell you, that silky tongue down there brought me to my knees. I've never been so wet with anyone before! The more she licked and sucked, the juicier I got. It was like an aphrodisiac to her. We ended up in my bed until the early morning hours. I felt like I was dreaming. And I didn't dare fall asleep because I sure didn't want to wake up from this dream.

So, we'll see what Miss Tanya is about, and what marvelous journey she plans to take me on. It certainly is off to a delicious start...

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Joy inspected herself in the mirror. Her skin was still glistening from the shower. She rubbed the towel vigorously to dry her curly, dark-brown hair. She thought to her self, “It’s time for a trim.” She hung the towel over the shower curtain rod and turned back to the mirror. Joy opened a bottle of moisturizer and began to rub it on her face. Her pretty brown almond-shaped eyes took in the landscape her face. At 32 she was still young and her face showed no signs of wrinkling. Her nose was a little flared at the ends and she smirked at herself. She then began moisturizing her neck.

Joy bent over and grabbed the oil from under the bathroom sink. She slowly massaged it all over her athletic body. Her skin was smooth as a baby’s bottom. She took extra care around her supple breast that sat perkily on her chest. She inspected each nipple carefully. The nipples stood firm at the extra attention she was giving them.

“Damn, it’s been too long since they’ve been given some attention.” Joy was enjoying the sensation from caressing her nipples. She walked out of the bathroom still naked and into her beautifully decorated bedroom. She removed the clothes she had laid out for herself from the bed and hung them over the chaise in the corner. Joy lay down on the bed and spread her legs open. She picked up where she had left off in the bathroom. She continued caressing her breasts and nipples with her left hand. Her right hand began slowly snaking its way down to her belly. She felt each ripple of her tight stomach as it sank and rose with each breath that she took. She reached the smooth skin of the triangle between her thighs and slowly started massaging her throbbing clit. Up and down and around she teased and tantalized herself.

BANG! Her bedroom door suddenly flew open. “Damn it, Kizzy!” Joy exclaimed. “Don’t you believe in knocking?”

Kizzy, Joy’s roommate chuckled at the compromising position she caught Joy in. “Looks like someone is enjoying herself!” Kizzy said as she slowly backed out of the room—all the while drinking in the sight of Joy’s outstretched body.

“I was for a minute,” Joy said trying to recover from her fright. Joy was annoyed and watched Kizzy backing out through narrowly slit eyes.

“You could always holla' at me." Kizzy announced through the now closed door. Joy gathered herself out of bed and proceeded to get dressed for work.

“Toast and juice?” Kizzy asked Joy. Joy grabbed a piece of toast and downed the juice on the way out of the door. Kizzy was still smiling, remembering the sight of Joy splayed out on her bed. Joy slammed the door and Kizzy could hear the car cranking up and backing out of the garage. “That girl is too fine to be alone,” Kizzy thought to her. “I’m gonna get that…I will.”

Kizzy walked to her room. She whistled a tuneless song as she dressed herself for work. After dressing in her uniform for the athletic gear store she rushed out of the door to catch the bus to work.

“What’s up Kizzy?” Her co-worker Ron called from the back of the bus.

“Yo, what up Ron!” Kizzy yelled back. She sauntered to the back of the bus and took her seat beside Ron.

“Ain’t shit here. Just another day in paradise,” Ron said rolling his eyes at the nosy passengers watching their casual exchange.

Kizzy threw her backpack to the floor. She told Ron about the morning encounter with her roommate. Ron said to Kizzy, “Joy needs some dick in her life—a real-life flesh dick.” Kizzy laughed. “Not that plastic or latex shit you try to call a dick,” Ron continued.

“Nah, nigga,” Kizzy countered. “She needs the Kizzy-Meister and I fully intend to give it to her.”

Ron and Kizzy jumped off the bus at their stop and strolled into the store to continuing their playful banter regarding Joy. Kizzy seriously thought about Joy all day despite the teasing she and Ron gave each other through out the workday. She had never really thought about Joy as a potential lover, but she had also never seen Joy in that light before. She really looked forward to getting back home to her roommate.

Joy sat in her office daydreaming. She had a light load of work and was taking her time finishing up before lunch. Joy had found herself thinking about Kizzy. She felt a blush rising in her face as she thought about the possibility of Kizzy making love to her. She was embarrassed at the thought of another woman doing to her what only a man had ever done. “NO!” she said aloud. “I’m just horny because it’s been a while since I’ve had any.” But the thoughts would not be banished so easily. She found that she was quite curious at how it might be.

She picked up her pen and tried to get back to work. “Perhaps I just need a break.” Joy thought to herself. Joy picked up her purse and grabbed her car keys out of the empty candy dish and set out for lunch. As she got ready to get on the elevator her cell phone rang. “Hello?” It was her best friend Brenda.

“Girl, what are you doing for lunch?” Brenda yelled into the phone.

“Brenda, it’s a cell phone, not a can.” Joy said slightly annoyed. “Meet me at Lou’s Diner on 10th and Line Street.” Joy hung up the cell phone after Brenda agreed to the arrangement.

Joy arrived at the diner minutes later and found a seat at the rear of the small restaurant. She tapped her well-manicured nails on the table as she waited on Brenda to arrive. A waitress walked over and asked if she was ready to order. Joy informed the waitress she was waiting on a friend but gave her order for a drink. Just as the waitress was returning with Joy’s drink, Brenda waltzed into the diner and waved as she spotted Joy sitting at the table. Brenda threw her bag into the empty chair opposite of Joy and sat next to her friend.

“Girl, why are you looking so out of it?” Brenda asked.

“It’s nothing really…” Joy muttered.

“Now we’ve none each other since grade school. I know when something is on my best friend’s mind,” Brenda said with concern.

“This morning I was, ummm, trying to handle my business when my roommate walked in on me.” Joy said cautiously.

“So, you were embarrassed. That’s all?” Brenda looked at Joy with a curious eye.

Joy looked down at the table and all around the restaurant but couldn’t look Brenda in the eye. “I’ve thought about her all morning.”

Brenda looked at Joy with amusement. “What do you mean you’ve thought about it all morning?” Brenda started grinning as the realization of what Joy was trying to say dawned on her. “Do you think you may be curious about being with her?” Brenda boomed quite loudly.

“Shush, woman!” Joy was waving her hand frantically to calm Brenda’s loud voice. “A little maybe,” Joy said in a quiet voice. “I’ve never given thought to something like that before. I know it’s just because I haven’t had any good sex in a long time,” Joy tried to say with conviction.

“Honey, it’s ok to be curious. Might do you a bit of good and loosen you up a little,” Brenda countered.

As they ate their lunch Joy tried to forget about the conversation and changed the subject time and time again. Brenda saw that Joy wasn’t going to talk about it anymore so she went with the flow of the conversation. After lunch the two ladies said their good-byes and went their separate ways. Joy sat in her car awhile thinking about the things that Brenda said. She finally went back to her office and worked the rest of the business day.

Kizzy and Ron prepared to leave work for the day. “A-ight Lady Pimp!” Ron hollered at Kizzy as they boarded the bus. “Don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do,” Ron called out.

Kizzy grimaced at him and retorted, “Don’t worry, man. I promise I’ll do it better!” They both laughed and joked until Kizzy’s stop was up. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” Kizzy got off the bus. As she approached the house she noticed that Joy’s car was already in the garage but she hadn’t let garage door down. “That’s unusual,” she thought to herself. She let the door down and walked into the kitchen. Kizzy saw that Joy had left her keys on the table and hung them on the key holder by the kitchen door. She threw her backpack over a chair and opened the refrigerator door. She got out a soda and went to the living room to watch TV. As she stretched out on the couch Joy walked past and greeted her.

“Hey J!” Kizzy said.

“Hello, Kizzy. How was your day?” Joy said as she walked into the kitchen.

“You know…just SOL,” Kizzy replied.

Joy pulled out a can of soda and poured into a glass. “Yeah…” Joy said. “Uh, I’ll be taking dinner in my room tonight, uh, if you don’t mind.” Joy was acting a bit skittish and Kizzy took note immediately.

“You alright Baby J?” Kizzy inquired. “You seem a bit intense. You want me to give you one of my famous massages?” Kizzy joked. She reached for Joy’s shoulders and started massaging them gently.

“NO!” Joy practically yelled. Kizzy backed up and put her hands up defensively.

“Ok, Ok! Are you sure you’re alright?” Kizzy had a touch of worry in her voice. She’d never seen her roommate act so weird before.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now.” Joy said apologetically. Joy walked back to her room and shut the door and locked it.

“I wonder what’s got her all freaked out…” Kizzy wondered.

Later that night after dinner Joy brought her plate back into the kitchen and rinsed it out. Kizzy looked up from the dinner table but said nothing. Joy nodded her head in acknowledgement. Kizzy watched Joy’s slender backside and her lip curled up in a positive smile. Joy noticed her when she turned around and said jokingly, “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” Kizzy was relieved to see Joy was in a better mood. She chuckled.

Joy sat at the table across from Kizzy. “Kizzy, I need to talk to you about something and I want you to take me seriously.” Kizzy replied, “No problem. I’m all ears J…whatever it is.”

“I was thinking about what occurred this morning. I was embarrassed and at the same time I have to admit that I was a bit turned on.” Joy was too embarrassed by her own brazen comment to look Kizzy in the eye. Kizzy looked at her but said nothing. “Well, don’t you have anything to say?” Joy was caught off guard by the normally loquacious Kizzy’s silence.

“Joy, you know I like you but I would never do anything to you that you didn’t give me permission to do.” Kizzy was very serious. “I’ve always known that you were straight and I was only kidding you. I hope you didn’t take offense in what I said.”

Joy finally looked at Kizzy. “I know you were only kidding. Still, I was turned on and that has never happened to me before.”

Kizzy could see that Joy was getting a little flustered and admired her honesty. Kizzy stood up and walked over to Joy and stood behind her. She noticed Joy’s shoulders tensing up. She put her hands on Joy’s shoulders and began to massage them at first hesitantly. When Joy didn’t object she continued and deepened the massage. Joy shut her eyes and enjoyed the massage and finally began to relax. Kizzy slowed and then stopped the massage and announced that she was going to lie on the couch for a while. Joy immediately missed the gentle hands that were making her feel so good. Minutes later she followed Kizzy and lay on the floor in front of her roommate.

Kizzy started to stroke Joy’s hair. “J, you have beautiful hair…” she said.

“Thank you. I wish I had your nerve to wear mine as short as yours,” Joy replied.

Kizzy told her, “Don’t ever cut this gift.” She then playfully yanked Joy’s hair pulling her head back into her breast. Joy didn’t move her head back, letting it rest where it lay. Kizzy looked down at her. “May I?” Kizzy asked. Joy looked at her and nodded her head. Kizzy leaned downed and softly kissed Joy’s lips. Joy’s eyes fluttered and closed in response. Kizzy deepened the kiss and Joy’s lips parted allowing Kizzy’s searching tongue to enter. Joy surprised herself by moaning as she enjoyed the sensation of Kizzy’s full lips against her own. Their tongues were engaged in a spirited dance and Joy was caught up in the rapture of a passion she’d never known she possessed.

Kizzy was the first to break the kiss. Joy’s eyes flew open in surprise. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Not at all, Ma.” Kizzy replied. “I don’t want to do this here on the couch.” Kizzy stood up and started walking to her room. “I’m going in my room. If you’d like to continue this and you think you are ready to be loved by a woman you know where to find me.” And with that Kizzy disappeared into her bedroom.

Joy sat in stunned silence. Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest and emotions were flooding her by the second. She was unsure what to do. Moments later, with her mind made up she followed Kizzy’s lead. Kizzy was undressing and heard Joy when she walked in. She finished undressing and walked to Joy and stood before her naked. Joy had watched her every move and now peered at Kizzy’s nakedness from under hooded eyes. She looked at Kizzy’s small rounded breast and the naked patch between her legs. She wondered how it might taste.

Kizzy knelt in front of Joy and then began unbuttoning Joy’s blouse. She gingerly laid the blouse aside and gently pushed Joy back onto the bed. She asked Joy to lift up her bottom to slide her skirt and panties down and off. She laid the clothes aside and looked at Joy’s nearly naked body. She had left Joy’s bra on purposely. Kizzy being nearly flat in the chest was enamored by Joy’s ample but perky breast. She could see that Joy’s nipples were already hard. She straddled atop of Joy and began to kiss her again. Joy was giving herself willingly. She rubbed her hands up and down Kizzy’s back. Kizzy trailed her kiss from Joy’s lips to ear. Joy smiled as Kizzy then kissed her from her ears down to her neck. Joy turned her head giving Kizzy more access to her neck—her hot spot.

Joy arched her back as Kizzy started a slow suckled on her nipple right through her bra. She yearned to feel Kizzy’s hot tongue on her bare skin. Kizzy smiled knowingly because she knew that she was giving Joy the treatment of a lifetime. She unsnapped the bra and tossed it to the side. She then took Joy’s left nipple into her mouth. Joy gasped at the sudden sensation. Kizzy took one breast and then the other and teased and pleased them until Joy was begging for more. Kizzy then followed a thin line down to Joy’s belly button and licked and kissed it for several moments and without paused continued the journey to that clean triangular patch between Joy’s thighs. Joy held on to Kizzy’s head as Kizzy kissed the insides of Joy’s thighs. Joy’s eyes flew open when Kizzy took her clit into her mouth and begin suckling it. She immediately slammed her legs shut as the sensation grew too great. Kizzy pulled Joy’s legs apart and licked and teased her clit bringing Joy over the edge and into and into the sweet abyss of an orgasm. Joy cried out, arched her back and gave into the sensation as it rocked her body over and over.

Sweat trickle down between her breasts as the waves of the orgasm began to subside. Kizzy then took Joy by surprise by sliding her fingers inside of Joy. Joy started writhing in pleasure and undulated her hips in rhythm with the finger’s movements. Joy again came over and over. She rode the waves of pleasure and called out Kizzy’s name again and again. Kizzy took pure pleasure in watching Joy and hearing her calling her name in the throes of passion. She slowed down and brought her down gently from the orgasm and waited as Joy’s breathing returned normal.

“How do you feel, Baby J?” Kiki inquired.

Joy shook her head and smiled. “Very good… Very, very good!” Joy said with a smile. She was acting shy now that the realization of what had just occurred began to dawn on her. She felt good but wondered if and how she was supposed to return the favor to Kizzy.

Kizzy knew what Joy was thinking. “Don’t worry, love…” Kizzy said as if she’d read Joy’s mind. “I got mine’s.”

“What? But how?” Joy queried. “Don’t worry. In due time you’ll know how to please me.”

As the night continued and turned into early morn the two made love throughout the night. Joy was profoundly happy at what was happening to her and Kizzy was thrilled to please her. Joy had felt good with the men she’d had in her life previously but nothing quite prepared her for the way she felt tonight. She was glowing from the loving she had received. Joy didn’t look back and looked forward to many more night like this. Kizzy showed Joy pleasure time and time again. The roommates became friends. The friendship changed and they became exclusive lovers. Joy comes in the morning…every morning!

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