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True Lover

Taurus The Bull

Could you please change that expression? I've said how sorry I am atleast ten times. Lisa, you know how much I want you. The fact that I let myself slip that one time isn't any reason to make our four year relationship suffer.

You left me in heat when you went out of town and I truly couldn't control my raging hormones. I needed relief in the worst way and she was there with her inviteing smile when I mentioned I was on my way home to be alone. It wasn't meant to be an invitation to get laid, but being in my state (horny as hell) that's how it turned out. I'm so, so sorry for showing my weakness (sex), and putting stress on our being together. Then to top it off, she didn't do shit to make our having this spat worth it.....Nothing.

Lisa, I need you and miss our being together making love til we were exhaulted and couldn't move. You are the only one who can make my juices flow with just a touch or a rub on my body with your long strong tongue or slinder soft fingers. Our kisses would be so long that we'd have to take deep breaths after each lip lock. Licking your body would be the highlight of our hot, sweaty encounters, listening to your joyful sounds of xtasy. Your milky, creamy wetness would be all over my face after I'd lick you from your neckline to your soft, full mound between your beautiful legs. MMMMMMM Girl, just thinking about all of this is making me moist, and that needs to be taken care of by You, Babe.

So, tell me what I need to do to sweet talk you into giving me a great big smile and going over to my pad for a drink to relax. I promise you that I will help you in coming up with more reasons to forgive me. Who knows, if I can show you the special treatment that no one gets from me "but You", which will make your body ache for more & more while my tongue darts in & out of your tasty pussy, you may even forget my mistake. I want you to know that your lovemaking is what I lone for whenever we are apart. You have the total control of draining my pussy without taking any real length of time doing it. I just have no will when you are tongue lashing me over my body and in my tunnel. Forgiveness is all I will settle for in order to make sure you won't ever take that desire fulfilling lust away from me. We can do this!

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Chance Encounter

_____Nadia looked out towards the cold waves crashing on the beach. She thought maybe she had been too hard on Ayanna, no, Ayanna had brought it all upon herself she allowed herself to get dumped. Then why do I feel like I just got dumped? Nadia thought and sat on a rock with her head in her hands.
_____She pulled her Jean jacket tighter around her, it was getting chilly and all she had on underneath this was a tank top. She had been thinkin about the vicious break up she and Ayanna just had. Now she was here on the beach, stranded. Nadia got up and decided to walk, in no particular direction, but just walk.
_____I glanced up from the sand and saw a curvy figure strolling towards me. I started to turn back but, hey if she came at me the wrong way I'd just tell her I wasn't interested. Hell I don't' even know if she wants to come at me. I kept walking and the figure got closer I tried not to stare but I could tell she was beautiful, she has this long curly black hair, chocolate skin and from here what looks to be hazel eyes, full lips and hips and thighs that scream at me.
_____I focused on the water as she walked closer. She was in some tight jeans and a thin black cami top with her excited nipples talking to me through the fabric. She smiled at me as she walked past, "Hi" she said and I politely smiled back and gave a small "Hey."
_____After 4 steps she turned back and came and tapped my shoulder. "Excuse me but, you look so familiar," she said and I watched her lips part and she licked them.
_____"Um, my name is Nadia, if that helps any."
_____"Nadia, Nadia." I noticed my own nipples buzzing as she said my name. "Nadia, you are the one who was always in the front row of aerobics class, first to arrive, last to leave" she laughed.
_____"Well, I am a fitness queen." I let out a smile.
_____"Looks like that fitness has done a body good," she glanced over me and smiled.
_____"I never new you noticed me..." I said shyly.
_____"Of course I did, who could pass up a body like yours" she returned with a sly smile and a glisten in those hazel eyes.
_____"Um, thanks" I smiled shyly "Um I never caught your name..."
_____"It's Mina" she replied. "So do you have somewhere to be?" she asked.
_____"Actually no, I, I just got into an argument with my girl, she's been creepin and, she left me out here, actually I kinda told her to leave me alone and this is where she put me out..." I said and looked towards the sand.
_____"Oh, sorry to hear that, sounds like both of us are having rough nights, a friend I was meeting for dinner bailed on me, she decided to meet an ex of hers for dinner instead."
_____"Dang, can anyone keep a date these days?" I said and we both had a quick laugh.
_____"Well if you want a ride home, I'll give you a lift." Mina said and waved her car keys at me.
_____"Sure, I don't live far from here."
_____"Is it okay if I stop by my place first, I really can't stay in these heels any longer," Mina said and we headed to her car. She really has a nice place, 2 story condo, roomy living room, large kitchen and a nice bedroom. I stood at the doorway as she slipped off her boots. "Make yourself comfortable Hun, unless of course you need to be home soon?" She looked at me and there was no way I could say no to those lips and nipples, so I took a seat on her couch.
_____"I don't mind sitting around a bit not like a have anyone waiting for me."
_____She came out of the room fully changed, she was now in some lounge pants and a matching tank top, still braless. "Aww, you wanna talk about it?" she asked and cupped my face in her hands.
_____She made us mugs of hot cocoa the color of her cream skin and we got comfortable on the living room floor. "So, what happened?"
_____"Well we were on a trip down to LA, something we haven't done for a while and I noticed the seat had been changed on my side in her car. When I looked down to re adjust it I saw dark black hairs, couldn't have been mine, my hair is light brown. I paid it no mind. By the time we got near the beach her cell rang so I answered it the voice on the other line was some female and I new it wasn't a friend or a sibling. I went off on her, Ayanna my girl, I mean ex girl, next thing I new I was walking down the beach."
_____"Aww, sweetie I'm so sorry," Mina stroked my hand.
_____"It's quite fine, I'm sure I'll find someone else."
_____"Yeah," Mina's fingers still hadn't left mine, she was stroking small circles on my hand. I felt her sensuality radiating towards me. Our eyes me, we leaned in, our lips met. Our tongues met. Her tongue stroked mine gently and I returned the favor. "I'm sorry Nadia am I moving too fast?" she had a worried look on her face.
_____"No baby, don't worry about it." I said.
_____She stood up and took the 2 empty mugs to the sink. She motioned for me to follow her, I stood and walked behind her to the bedroom. As soon as I passed to door frame she pinned me to the wall with those thick lips. Our kisses sloppy and deep. Mina reached her hand under neath the split in my skirt to feel my love. Some of my wetness leaked out onto her fingers. I felt her smile against my lips. "You like that?" she asked and looked into my eyes.
_____"Um hum," was all I could muster.
_____She outlined my lips with her fingers then slipped off my top over my head. My excited nipples were left exposed and free. She smiled greedily at them. "My God Nadia, you have beautiful breasts." She stroked my nipples with her thumb and made my back arch. She giggled then lifted one to her mouth and took the whole tit in her hungry mouth. She paid extra special attention to my nipples making my love juice run down my thighs. Her happy tongue traveled downward she licked in and around my navel which made my aching clit beg for her tongue.
_____"Mina," I moaned and pressed down on her head.
_____"Not quite yet," she whispered and came back up with a kiss. She tripped off her lounge shorts and top exposing a hairy bush that topped a glistening pussy that I needed, now. Her nipples were really talking to me now, I pulled her forward to me and cupped them in close trying to feast on both of them at the same time.
_____"Oh, uh, Nadia slow down."
_____"Mina, you have such a beautiful body, you, you're a goddess," I whispered in her ear.
_____Our hands met, fingers laced and we fell on the bed, her on top with those nipples only inches away from mine. She came down so that her nipples met mine and her mouth massage my neck. She slipped down south quickly first trying my love with the tip of her tongue. "Tastes like peaches" she giggled up at me and went to town.
_____She sucked on my clit and moved two fingers in and out of my tunnel bringing on a tilde wave like orgasm. I held on to the head board just as my booty started lifting off the bed and my legs clamped on her head. She gently planted kisses on both my thighs and removed her tongue form my swollen clit.
_____"Not just yet sweetie," she said and came back over me she kissed me so that I could taste my own juice. She got over me so that her pussy was on mine. She humped and rode my large throbbing swollen clit until I my juice spilled over into hers.
_____"OH Mina, you are amazing." I tried to catch my breath. She hand stroked my cheek and she kissed me. Without words we got up and began to walk towards the balcony. She stood there leaning over the rail naked with her round ass poked up. It was only 10:15 and it was dark but people were still able to see and hear us, but I didn't care, lust had taken over.
_____I came behind her pressing my breasts to her back and cupping hers running my thumbs over her nipples. "I know you don't think I'm leaving without paying you back" I whispered in her ear and blew in it. I nibbled on that soft spot behind her ear and her knees buckled but she regained her strength.
_____I kissed down her back running my hands all over her soft ass I let two fingers dip into her love triangle. I spread those thick chocolate thighs and plunged into her chocolate pudding. Her love leaked onto my face and I heard her moan and whisper my name. She was so close to an orgasm but I kept lightening up when I felt her pussy contracting. "Nadia, Nadia, please Nadia" she begged and I let her have it. I licked on her clit hard and fucked her with 2 fingers. Her chocolate splashed over my face and I drank all that I could.
_____I came up licking my lips. "Damn Mina, I'm glad I met you" I moaned in her ear and we kissed.
_____We wrapped our arms around each other's naked bodies and indulged in our passion.

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True Lover
Ms. Ashley

I always knew I couldn't trust Brandi. I'd figured that day would come. I'm watched her laying down in the sand, at the beach kissing some blonde female. We were supposed to had been in love but I guess love isn't want it seems. After all the times we've spent together, they were ruined, in my heart. I was alone with no one to love me. Maybe I should have did what my friend said.

"Rita, girl, I'm telling you, Maury wants you. She really does."
"Maggie, I can't do that. You know I'm in love with Brandi. And Maury is her best friend."
"So what! Maury wanted you first and you were stupid enough to like that low life, Brandi. Girl, you'll see which one is worth your time."
"Whatever Maggie. I am in a monogamous relationship with Brandi and that's how its going to stay."

I vaguely remember that conversation between Maggie and I. Sometimes your girlfriends are right. And she was right about Brandi being a low life. I then wondered if I should confront Brandi.

I slowly walked over to Brandi calmly. I stood over them. I watched her rub and caress this blonde bitch the same way she'd rubbed and caressed me.

"Damn, Brandi, why does it have to be like this?" I asked in frustration.

She suddenly stopped and pushed the girl off of her. I looked at the female.

"And you," I said directed to the blonde, "You just couldn't stay away from her. You couldn't deal with the fact that I always get the best things. You are my sister. I can't believe this."

I continued to speak calmly, "Brandi, when you come home, all your shit will be packed and at the front door. You can leave me the key when you get back. You don't have to say anything to me. Neither one of you doesn't have shit to say to me as of now."

I walked away, with my head raised high, showing my pride. But my insides were crying bad.

I got home and packed all her shit up. I sat it by the door and then I called Maggie to tell her what happened. All she said was "Girl, I told you so, now call Maury."

The phone rung 4 times before the sexy dom answered, "Maury speaking."
"Hey Maury, this is Rita."
"Hey sexy girl, whats up with you?"
"Tell me you didn't know Brandi was fucking Trish."
"Damn, you found out huh?"
"What, you mean, you knew?"
"Yeah, Maggie knew too."
"I was going to tell you but Maggie made me swear. Why do you think she sent you to the beach today?"
"That snake. How did you two know?" "Trish told Maggie, Maggie told me. That was dumb of Trish."
"Yeah, it was."
"So, how did you handle it?"

Maury and I continued to talk throughout that night. I listened to how articulate and smart she sounded. I liked that about her. She was well-mannered. After we hung up at 3 in the morning. All I could do was think about Maury and I, laying on that beach. I layed in my bed, hot, between my legs. My hands wondering down, searching to free me of a liquid that can only be found by extasy. I entered two fingers in, slowly, sliding them inside my sweet pussy. Whispering Maury's name over and over.

"Maury, Maury, Maury, ooohh damn."

I heard the front door unlock. I slide up my panties in a hurry and pulled my shorts up and my miny tee shirt down. I walked to the living room.

I stood there and watched Brandi carry her shit out the apartment. On her last trip, she sat the keys on the glass table. She looked at me. I returned the stare of fire and hatred in my eyes. She got the rest of her things and walked to the door. She waved at me, I did nothing. She closed the door. I heard her footsteps down the stairs. I locked my door.

I headed into the bedroom and looked out the window and saw Trish sitting in the passenger seat of Brandi's red Acura. Brandi looked up and I backed away from the window fast. I layed in the bed, not able to finish what I started. My mood was ruined.

A month later, I was by myself and searching for no one in particular. Eevn though my needs weren't getting attention, I was happy that I wasn't with anyone becuz I'd just been hurt and I didn't want to go through that again. So, after work, I would stay home and be by myself, which I liked becuz I was never the type to be out anyway so it didn't matter. But my problem was, my feelings were starting to develop more for Maury and I didn't want to talk to her becuz I had spent 3 years with her best friend. That wouldn't have made me look to kosher. So I avoided Maury for as long as I could. I knew she liked me and I figured she knew I liked her. But I knew I couldn't stay low from her forever. She knew where I stayed.

A knock on the door distured me from eating my ice cream and watching my soap opera Days of Our Lives. I looked out the peephole and saw Maury standing there. I couldn't not answer the door becuz I had already screamed "wait a minute, I'm watching the damn television."

I opened the door and she looked at me and walked right in.

"Whatever happened to "May I come in?" I said.
"Rita, this shit between you and I can't go on. I know you've been avoiding me. Maggie always talks. If you feel for me then it wouldn't hurt you to tell me. I know how I feel about you and I tell you."
"Damnit, Maury, I don't want to run from one friend to the other."
"That has nothing to do with it. I would never fight my feelings over something like that. I know Brandi is my best friend but you two aren't together anymore so what does it matter? Your sister did it. What she did was worse."
"Maury, I'm not my sister."
"I know you aren't. You are an angel. One in a million. Thats why I like you so much. I want to grow to love you. I have dreams about you and I. When you and I met in the club, I thought we would be together. I introduced you to Brandi and you got with her. How do you think that made me feel?"

All I could do was look at her. I knew she was right and I was wrong.

"I felt like shit Rita. I knew Brandi wasn't going to treat you right. A sensitive and beautiful woman like you. She called you her bottom bitch, her main chick. But if it were you and I together, you would have been my one and only woman and you still could be but you have to trust me. I would never do you like she did you. Never, not in a million years Rita."

I breeze rushed through the window and around me. It felt like love. Was it a sign? Maybe so. I wanted Maury badly and it wasn't really a reason why I wasn't getting with her. At that moment, I figured I probably should take a chance to see what would be the outcome.

The outcome actually came to be Maury and I spending all our time together. She was a beautiful, sweet female and I fell deeply in love with her. We fell for each other. We eventually moved in with one another and had a commitment ceremony. Maybe me getting with Brandi made me realize the truth. Maury was my True Lover.

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