Challenge 25

Taurus The Bull

Babe, Babe, come down, it's going to be ok. Hey, I know how upset you are about the situation, because I feel the same way, only, I have to take care of my job too. Your being angry because it's going to take a week from our private & personal time of being together will make things well worth looking forward to when I return. You know damn well, I'm going to miss the affectionate foreplay you give me before we get deep into our magnetic desire for each other's body.

I'm going to shower you with surprises when I get back, the time away will help me place all of my sexual desires in perspective. I want more than the fun we tend to already build together while trying to see who can suck and lick the other dry first. I'm going to start from your head with kisses, downward to neck and titties, licking and sucking on your dime size nipples that are hard as marbles when you get wet with wanting more in antisipation of whatever I will do to make you cum and moan and groan with your body shivering for my next stroke. Licking your body with my moist tongue like a lolipop will be dancing in my head til that's a fulfilled fantasy. You won't be able to keep your joyful sounds to a whisper once my tongue licks it's way toward your full, soft, mound between you smooth, inviting legs. Sucking your pussy is more than a sexual pleasure for me, it's a power charger as if your hot juices give me a surge of energy to do almost anything to enforce your enjoyment of my making love to you. All the while, I'm thinking about how the pleasures will be just as powerful when turned around with your doing all of these things to me.

You totally drain me of cum, energy, desires, and the lust I have stored up in my body for release only from the true love of my life; need I say more? :-) Being tongued with that whip you have, beats my clit til it swells like a plum to be plucked. Ohhhh, it feels so, so good when you take my swollen clit in you mouth and make it feel like you're trying to fill your thurst from it. My low soft moans are more than I dare share in fear that someone may hear me if I lash out with how I truely felt from your hands moving all over me while being eaten like there's a full buffet to be gotten before you've reached satisfaction. Believe me, I will not complain, regardless to how long your appetite last. Even at my age, my nipples still get hard as rocks and stand up when your fingers are proging and darting between my legs to grap my cunt while giving me a body massage with your tongue. My juices easily dripping and waiting for you to move down toward my cave of wonder to slurp them til I'm empty from cumming sooo much. Girl, you don't show no mercy when it comes to getting what you want from me or showing me how much you want me when I do my body and tongue lashing movements to you.

Our relationship can withstand a week, after all, two years of great lovemaking should have a strong impact in letting you know of our strong commitments to each other. Things will only have a little hype to what's already good for two females who know their loving partner, ok.

Til I return Babe, just dream of what can only be better, because it's already perfect between us. Bye for now.

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