Challenge 24

Lunch Surprise

_____Damn, I need to stop smiling like this or someone will know what just happened on the other side of this door. At this point I am not sure I care. My heart is still pulsating and I don’t mean the one in my chest. My thighs feel so weak, can anyone here this thumping sound? Get yourself together girl or else this whole office will be buzzing about your little forty five minute lunch session. And to think she was only supposed to stop by to drop off my lunch I had forgotten at the house. If I had known she was bringing me that for lunch I would have skipped breakfast too.
_____My baby had called me about 10:30 a.m. to remind me I had left my lunch on the counter. Being the sweetheart that she is, she agreed to bring it by the office for me. She had taken the entire day off. She tried to convince me to take the day off with her but I had to pick today to try and be “working woman of the year.” She was quite disappointed. But with two children, two jobs, two sets of relatives and too many bills, who had time for a day off? I had been so tense and stressed lately. I know she was feeling neglected. Hell, I felt I was neglecting myself as well.
_____So getting back to what happened to change all that. Cee, my adoring girlfriend, arrived at my office at about 11:30 a.m. I opened the door to find her just sitting in the lobby waiting for me. I invited Cee into my office and she instantly began to smile. Accusingly, I said, “What are you smiling about?”

“Well, I am alone in a room with you, isn’t that enough to smile about?” asked Cee.
“Baby, stop it! You’re making me blush.”
“Oh, now you’re going to be all shy with me J?”
This woman is entirely too damn sexy.
Cee snaps her fingers, “Hello earth to Jada.”
“Yes, baby I am listening. Now what did you say?”
Cee responded, “How about I just show you what I was trying to say.”

_____Before I could move away Cee had thrown my lunch in the chair and was headed toward me looking ever so sexy. As she got closer I could smell the aroma of her perfume. That smell mixed with the aroma from between her thighs was putting me into sweet surrender. I wanted to surrender to her. I had been longing for this moment for weeks now. Yes, it had been weeks since I felt that warm mouth against my skin. By this time, Cee had locked the door, pushed everything from my desk and proceeded to undress my bottom half. I didn’t even try to deny what was about to happen.
_____There was no time for asking, talking or even thinking. She was determined to get her lips to their place of longing. She slid her hands underneath my shirt and slightly pinched my already hard nipples. Leaning me back a little on the desk, she buried her face in my sweet pussy. I call it sweet as I gloat on the fact that she tells me it’s the sweetest pussy she’s ever devoured. Saying it feels like velvet against her face when she’s down there. I roll my head back and begin to enjoy her.

“Cee, this feels like heaven,” I moaned.
She stops, stands up and look at me with her face reeking of my scent. She brags, “Jada, I am going to lick your pussy until you beg me to stop.”
“Well baby you’ll be licking a very long time,” I laughed.

_____Moving over to the sofa, she laid me down and climbed on top of me. Pressing her rigid nipples against mine, she took time to push both my breasts together and then sucked on both nipples simultaneously. It sent pure pleasure through me. I began to shiver. My clit was swelling, my breath was panting and my deep treasure awaited her tongue. Kissing every inch of me slowly, she moved once again to my triangular surprise. She opened her surprise with great admiration, as if it was brand new. She kissed all around it, like a kid licking the icing off a piece of cake and saving the best piece for last. Without any warning, she slipped her tongue deep inside of me. I knew she was trying to get me to moan loudly and unconsciously.
_____She began stroking my clit with her tongue. Placing her entire mouth over my hardness, she managed to suck my pussy unlike anyone else. It was throbbing so hard at that moment. One hand was caressing my breast, as her mouth massaged my pussy and her other hand was pressing slightly against my ass. I was about to lose control. I was about to scream, “Fuck me, Cee.”

“Baby, don’t stop I am about to cum.”
“Umm Hmm, cum for me,” she whispered.

_____I was so greedy! I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted those long fingers deep within my walls. I wanted her to feel me explode against her finger tips. Taking her hand, I slide it towards my wanting opening. One finger slips in with ease. I need more. Using two fingers, she starts to stroke the pussy that she knew was all hers.

“Cum for me J, cum for me hard baby,” she growls.
“Oh God, this feels too good. What are you doing to me?”
“I’m giving you what you needed. This is to remind you why you need to take the day off with me sometimes,” she snickered.
“I promise I will next time Cee. Oh baby, I am about to cum now.”
“Cum, oh yeah, right there, cum for me boo.” she said with pride.

_____I shuttered with pleasure. She had done it again. She had brought ecstasy to me in a way unexplainable by me. She had made me look up into the ceiling and wonder how I ended up with her. How I was a lucky woman to be serviced by this goddess, I like to call my wife. I wanted so badly to please her, the same way she had pleased me but she knew I would not be as merciful. She knew I would have her up in my office moaning. After all, not all femmes are good for just lying on their backs. Some do enjoy delving in a little pussy. On second thought make that a lot of pussy. Well, maybe that’s just me. Needless to say I plan to hook my baby up in the words of Faith Evans, “Soon As I Get Home”
_____I am trying to move from this spot, yet I find myself, twenty minutes later, still standing here with this huge ass smile on my face, thinking about what happened. And you know what? I don’t care what the people in my office think. I hope they think the truth. I hope they think, I love my woman more than anything in the world and only she can put a smile like this on my face, on my heart and on my soul.

“Damn, now I really am hungry!”

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