Challenge 23

Sexiest Portrait
My First Time
What About Dessert

Sexiest Portrait
Ms. Ashley

____2 years, Naomi has been coming to the studio. She's a pro when it comes to modeling behind the cameras. Damn, I can't believe that now, I will be the one taking the most xotic, romantic photos of this black Nubian princess. Her first photographer, Lonya quit so that left me, becuz I'm the only one that has openings. I guess this will give me a chance to know her. That's only if she lets me.
____"Hi, I'm Naomi, you must be Dionne." She extends out her hand with the most beautiful smile. A smile that can blind you with its magnificence.
____"Yes, I'm Dionne. I'm glad to meet you. I've seen you walking around here a couple of times." Dionne returns the hand shake. She touches Naomi's hand and her body quivers.
____Shit, I can't believe this is happening to me. She is so sexy. I haven't seen her up close before. Well, not this close. She is so beautiful. Her structure is gorgeous. I can't wait to take these photos, especially the nudes.
____"So, what do you want to start off by doing?" Naomi asks, patiently.
____"Well, what did you do with Lonya?"
____"We always started in the clothing, that way, I could work my way out of the clothing."
____Dionne's body shivers repeatedly. The thought of this beautiful, chocolate body bare naked makes Dionne's pussy throbs constantly. She feels Sensations throughout her thighs that flow to her back and to her neck, then to her pussy.
____"Have you got your makeup done yet?" Dionne manages to ask.
____"No, I haven't."
____"Ok, I was thinking, maybe, with your face structure, you don't have to get any makeup. It already looks like you have some on. But I guess its just the true beauty."
____Naomi smiles sweetly, "Well, if you want to try new things then that's that. ____Let's get to it. How do you want me 2 sit on this chair?"
____"Well, first, you have to change into this black Dior outfit and the background is silhouette brown, which will be your silhouette, with a silver, custom-made, one of a kind Mi'Versetti chair so we have to change the background to make it collaborate with your attire. So, go and change into your outfit and do that little stuff you girls do too your hair and come back to me."
____Naomi laughed as she walked off. Not knowing what she'd done, but she made Naomi come to her senses about her attraction to females, Dionne was just so clueless, she didn't pick up the signs.
____As Dionne snapped the camera at Naomi, her clothing came off, piece by piece. Dionne started to fall in love with Naomi's body. She wished that she was inbetween her legs. And she also wished she were the one in her heart. But, she just didn't know how to approach Naomi. Soon, she would be in for something big.
____3 week later, Dionne had gotten the pictures developed, and the she called Naomi over to the studio at 1 am. When Naomi walked in, she was as beautiful looking sleep as she were woke.
____"Sorry if I woke you Naomi, you just told me to call whenever I got them back."
____"I'm not mad. I wasn't sleep but I was on my way. Let me see them!" Naomi snatched the manilla envelope with glee. She took a look at the pictures and was amazed at how good Dionne worked the camera.
____"Damn, these look so fucking good. I can't believe you made me look like this. You are an angel. But damn, I'm a little insecure about this one."
____"Which one?" Dionne slide closer to her. She could smell that touch of Chanel perfume on her neck and it smelt so good.
____"The one where I have on the all back and my legs are apart and I'm pulling my top open and you can see my brassiere. It makes me look..... cheap." ____"Its just a photo. I think you look..... gorgeous. I don't even think there is a word for your beauty."
____Naomi looks at Dionne and smiles, "Thank you Dionne. That was beautiful. I don't even know what to say to you. I mean.... no one has said that to me before, I'm flattered. That was....."
____ Dionne cuts her off by kissing her passionately. The kissed lasted for about 2 minutes and Dionne stopped.
____ "I'm sorry, I got caught up in the moment. I didn't mean to do that. You are just so beautiful. I just can't help it. Do you know how long I've liked you? Damn, you don't know. Why did I say that? But anyway, I like you a lot. You have a very beautiful attitude and even though I don't know you, I find myself thinking about you a lot. I want to get to know you and all of that but I just didn't know what your preference was but if you kissed me back then that must tell me but...."
____"Dionne, calm down. I get what you're saying. Don't be nervous. I'm not homosexual but I am exploring my desires, which means I'm not heterosexual either, I've just yet to have a female encounter, yet. I love women, I just don't know how to come about to them and another thing, Lonya and I are best friends and she quit becuz she wanted me to get close to you becuz its been plenty of times that I've told her that I liked you."
____Dionne slowly looked up at her, "Are you serious?"
____"As a heart attack." Naomi put her hand on Dionne's face and kissed her lips softly, "I've liked you since I first laid eyes on you and that was about 2yrs ago."
____"Naomi, I feel the same way. I've spent plenty of lonely nights thinking about you. I think I love you."
____"Dionne, I think I love you too. Just in a get to know, i'm falling for you, type of way."
____"Same here. So, lets just get to know each other. And we'll see what'll happen."
____"I was wondering when you were going to say that." Naomi smiled.

____Naomi and Dionne walked out of the studio holding hands. After that, they spent all their time together and even moved in with one another. Dionne realized that Naomi was the Sexiest Portrait of her life. She needed someone of beauty and intelligence to keep her life balanced and that is what happened, all becuz of Naomi.

Back Up

My First Time

Lying on my bed beneath a ceiling fan, my nipples harden as the cool air blows across 'em. It is a warm Sunday afternoon and I'm butt ass naked. The sun is streaming into my room, but the room is not humid. Deep in thought, unconsciously I begin to stroke my nipples - old habits are hard to break.

I've been strongly considering my New Year's Resolution - "Perform my poems at open mics". I've decided to go out and "show 'em what I'm made of". My poems spring forth from my private thoughts and innermost feelings -- erotic and freaky. It is time to express and time to do - do it all. I feel a familiar stirring in my stomach that I know will move to my clit. I roll over on my stomach (smiling and thinking to myself - this is my favorite position). This is when I decided to telephone Sachi.

Ahhhh yeahhh. Sachi is definitely a Nubian Queen, 5ft.6in, long-legged and dark-skinned. She wears her hair in in in loose curls with a bang. She always looks enticing. Little does she know - she has inspired one of the poems I will recite that night. Sachi manages the Sunday Poetry Reading, at SACHI's. I've never mentioned to her during my many visits that I, too, am a writer of poetry as well as erotic stories.

Her image plays across my mind and I forget that I'm supposed to be calling her. The way she greets everyone that graces her establishment is 'da shit. Always making a small physical contact with the many women who walk in. Damn when she smiles, the tip of her tongue always swipes her top lip - leaving it wet. Yah, I've been checking her out quite a bit. Personally I have yet to know her, but damn I sure would love to - enjoy her. Well, no time for mixing business and pleasure. Putting my thoughts to the task at hand I dial her number.

Sachi? This is Meoke. I'm a patron of your establishment. Oh yes, Meoke. I remember you. You've become a regular at my place. It's good to be hearing from you. How can I help you? Sachi, I'd like to perform this Sunday evening. Is that possible? But of course, she says. I had no idea you are a writer of poetry. Hmmm. It apperars there's deepness within Meoke's watas. We both laugh a bit. We discuss the particulars and guidelines. Sachi says, "I will see you then".

I hang up the telephone and there are flutterings have replaced the lusty stirrings that were in my stomach. I'VE DONE IT. Now, I begin another part of my life. First I choose the poems and the order in which they will be performed. Mainly I do this for continuity and the maximum effect upon the audience. My intention is to stir the watas.

The first one will be in tribute to Sachi, herself - Nubian Sister, Lips and then Caramel Frappe to name a few. Now to chose an outfit. I want to appeal to the ladies both physically and verbally. Reach into their hearts and make them a bit excited.

Aiming for this desired result, I wear a black halter dress made of light-weighted wool that has a hint of spandex interwoven into it. It hugs my breasts and hips, but does not pinch or bunch up around my waistline and back. The dress has a chiffon scarf attached, which ties around the neck. The feel of the chiffon against my necks brings a shiver to my back and a memory of another time to my mind's eye. Hmmmmm. Yesss, tie my hands and feet with chiffon, lick my clit until I moan. Sit on my face - that is the perfect place. to my self. Guuurrl. You are nasty. Yes. I like it hot and nasty, what can I say.

Hmmmm. I put on sheer black hose by Kalvin Clein -- always did appreciate Kalvin's hose because they felt so good against my skin. Also I wear my favorite pumps. They are black leather with gold-tone spike heels. Staring approvingly at the way my ass angles upward, because of the height of the pumps, I can feel my clit pressing against the front of my silk thongs. Guurl. I think, my fuck me pumps - got'ta love 'em. Remembering the times, hmmmmm.

If nothing else I'm feeling quite sexy, confident and am "ret to go". I look in my full-length mirror. Turn this way and that way. Yesssss,. I apply a bit of lip moisturizer and lick my lips a bit. Like the snap of a finger, I get a funky sensation. I must admit my aura is quite seductive. See I've not had a lover in quite some time and am also feeling a need. Slowly, I slide my hands over my breasts while looking at my reflection in the mirror. My nipples stand up at the touch of palms. Gently, I squeeze one nipple then the other with my fingertips. I look in the mirror -- Time to go Luv (I say to myself). I gather my things into my black handbag and I'm out.

I arrive at SACHI's. The atmosphere is and always has been electric. Upon that first step through the doorway my senses are heightened and enlightened. Women, Women, Women (I think to myself and I smile). My reason for first coming to Sachi's --- there is always a variety of intelligent and talented women here. As well, there are many who are single that come to mingle, get freaky, and perhaps begin new relationships -- whether they be long-term or for one night. Ahhhh SACHI's my kind of place. Shitttt. Here she comes. As she walks towards me I can hardly believe my eyes. Short black leather skirt hugging her hips, black waist length jacket of faux fur with a Kalvin brassiere (grrrrrrr) and lace garter with silk stockings, and fuck-me-pumps. Is she wearing panties? I can feel the moisture between my legs and the heat starts to rise. Meoke stop, business first. She lightly touches my side and slides her hand across my back as she says hello. Damn, I know my nipples are standing. I get a faint hint of her essence, which mingles with Egyptian musk. Hmmmm.

Meoke, she says, I see you are excited to be here. Sexily I look her in the eyes, but say nothing. Intentionally and slowly, my eyes move down, admiring the "V" of her breasts. Seeing my tongue slowly slide into that "V" and up again. I know she's been watching me. It's time she knew. No shit, as if she doesn't. Look at that smile on her lips. Sachi says, I'd like you to stay around after the show. Relax until I've closed the place. I place my hand lightly on her hip. That will be the second spot I taste. She slides her hand to my shoulder and kisses my cheek. Ahhh, there's the first trickling of cum. My silk thong is wet. I take her hand from shoulder, turn it and lightly kiss her palm. Smiling I say, I'll be here. I'm feeling her and am going to carry this forward in my performance.

This is my first time. I can feel the audience of women. The aura is heightening and it's become more crowded. I decide to have a bit of brandy and of course bottle water. I see lots of familiar faces as I sip the brandy. No one knows I'll be performing, I asked to remain anonymous until its my time. I'm enjoying myself and converstion is good and flowing tonight. God is with me. I silently thank him. Raine walks over to me and I did not even see her. Meoke, you okay. We both laugh.

Raine is a long time friend. I've much love for her. Both being Leos, we dare not become physical, but the attraction has always been there. She's sassy and I love a sassy woman. Raine is an entreprenaur and has traveled the world. Her portfolio contains numerous interviews with notable producers, performers and the list goes on. She is also a scriptwriter and vacation resort critic for a prominent PR firm. One of our shared passions is writing.

Raine says, Gurrl you looked like you were somewhere else. Come back now. Wake Up. We both laugh. Yeah you're right. I was deep in thought. Smiling, I check out Raine. Good gracious. Petite but tall, small perky breasts, shit the woman never wears a bra. That's one of the things I like about her. She's a free spirit, has a bootey I could sleep on and nice hips. Hmm. She's beautiful. Almond shaped eyes and full lips with skin the color of cocoa. Raine is wearing black slacks, and a see-through black lame, top. I smile, she's wearing the gold necklace with an ankh a gift from me. We hug and kiss each other's cheek. I order her a cuevo gold-margarita. I know its that's her drink. Raine smiles at me and gently pats my butt. We smile, make toast and drink to each other. I've not told her about my plans for tonight. While talking, I'm aware the hour is almost at hand. I'm glad Raine is next to me as her presence is strengthening and definitely comforting. The houselighting changes and Sachi is standing on stage. Greetings to everyone, she says. Blessed be we all - it is by God's grace we are here. Amen and Praise Him are the response. Ladies, our performance artist tonight is MEOKE. Everyone is applauding.

My heart is beating fast and I look at Raine. She's standing there next to me and tears are in her eyes. Tears of joy. Softly she says, you go gurrrrrrl. Do 'em. Make 'em wet. Raine knows the extent of my work and has never pushed. Hoping that I reach this point - sharing my work. She's my Boo, far sho.

Slowly and sensuously I walk to the stage. Sachi is smiling and watches my approach. I strut my stuff fa sho. I'm at the stage and Sachi reaches out her hand to me. When I touch her fingers, I feel that second trickling of cum. I smile, step-up on the stage. Ladies, please let us thank Sachi for all she is and has done for our community. More applauds. She lightly bows her head with her hands clasped under her breasts in thanks to the audience and steps away.

Then I begin. In tribute to our host is my first piece, Nubian Queen. I look over the crowd and draw them in. I'm feel'n them and they me. At the end of the piece, I look up and see Sachi across the room. She licks her lips and I feel that third trickling of cum. I smile, pause for a minute and continue. Thinking, little does she know. Slowly I lick my finger and touch my top lip. I look into a few women's eyes and speak to them. Reach out to them with my words. Slowly accentuating each word with my provocative body language. I smoothly run my hands down my hips. I can feel the heat in the room rise and see moisture form on some top lips in the first few rows. It's happening. Shit I know it is, because I'm vibing off of them. My words flow like the cum of a lover when she's reached the final orgasm. Sensuosly, hot, pounding out each word when needed. Gasping, moan and sighing, I hold nothing back. I keep on until I have no more to give. When I'm done I'm definitely moist, warm and have a fuzzy feeling that I've never experienced before. I slightly lower my head. Glasses are clinking, bravos are floating up to me. Folks are actually standing. I am truly happy and the crowd has enjoyed me. What more could I ask of them but that.

Amidst all of the grats and kudos, I finally make way back to where Raine is. She is beaming, smiling and teary eyed. Now I am the same. I am so flushed. Sachi, has arranged everything. She has already ordered champagne and has a nice table ready. We sit and toast. She's even included my closest friend in the celebration. This makes me feel for her even more. She is so thoughtful. Sachi sits with us for some time and then returns back to her niche, as host. Women stop by the table expressing their happiness and such. Oh what a night. I had no idea the show would consist only of me. Raine is looking at me while I am in thought. Sachi must have been curious about me also. I wondered how long she'd been checking me out. I have her from day one. Raine touches my cheek, mon dieu. Are you okay. I smile. She smiles and we talk on, listen to music and just hangout.

The evening is drawing to an end. A few are lingering and speak to Sachi. Raine has left with a friend of hers and we promised dinner the next evening. I say, my gurrl, rock her world Sassy we laugh and they leave. Lucky is the other woman, Raine is beautiful people. I get up and go to the ladies room. I check myself in the mirror. Yesss. Still looking hot and feeling veryyyyyyy sexy. Champagne has that effect on me.

When I get back to the main room everyone is gone. The lighting is low but not dark. I look around, then at the stage. She's sitting there looking at me. She smiles that smile and licks her top lip. Damnnnn. There's that another trickling. Sitting on the a stool, legs spread, those fuck-me-pumps one foot up on toe the other stretched full length to the side. Hmmmmm, she has on no panties - love's xtasy. Sachi slides open the front of her jacket. The "V" - so enticing. I swear I hear her breasts speak to me, they say come to Daddi "V". I do and there's another trickling of cum by thong is soaked and I want see more of her. As I approach the stage, she says "Meoke. It's time to begin. The future is Our's. I place my tongue where my mind's eye was earlier and life is sweet. Yessssss. Indeed it is.

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What About Dessert

I was the new model for a new line of lingerie. The store owner wanted to try something different; instead of having a mannequin model the lingerie she opted to try a real woman. Being that I was in-between jobs, I took the gig. Thinking to myself, I might get lucky and land a more lucrative job. Sales picked up as men and women came in looking to get their wives, gf’s, lovers, and playmates something hot to wear. I wasn’t interested in dating anyone at this time; that is until Zhane’ walked in.

The first time she came into the store she looked at the outfit I was wearing as if she were trying to figure out if she liked it or not. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t make eye contact. It seemed every-other-day she would stop by the shop to see what I was wearing. On this particular day she came in and stood directly in front of me; she just stood there taking all of me in with those calm brown eyes. At first I was a little annoyed and I was tempted to ask her if she liked what she saw when this strange but familiar sensation washed over me. I didn’t know what it was; but something in those eyes caused my skin to feel a little warm.

“I hope I’m not making you feel uncomfortable, but I just wanted to tell you how lovely you are.” She caught me so off guard I didn’t know what to say. I was a little embarrassed and probably turned another shade. She noticed and apologized. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“No, no I’m not offended, you just surprised me that’s all. Thank You.”

“Don’t mention it.”

She had a beautiful smile, warm and inviting. “I’ve noticed you in the store more than a few times, but you never buy anything. Are you looking for something in particular?”

“Not really, but I’ll know it when I see it. Thanks. I’d better get going I have a meeting to get to. Nice chatting with you. By the way my name is Zhane, my friends call me Z.”

“Pleasure to meet you Zhane’… I’m Angelica.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

I noticed Zhane’ didn’t come by the store for a few days after our encounter. I found myself thinking about her off and on.. I figured she found what she was looking for elsewhere and decided to dismiss her from my thoughts. I didn’t know why I was thinking about her anyway…maybe it was those eyes or her smile.

Monday upon arriving to work, my boss said a delivery came for me. I couldn’t imagine what it could have been or who it was from. She pointed to the counter and I saw a half dozen red & yellow roses. I was stunned, who could they have possibly been from? There was a card but all it said was, “Enjoy.” The card wasn’t signed.

“They’re gorgeous, somebody special? “

“No, I don’t know who they are from.”

“Ooooh, a secret admirer? “

“Looks that way.” I smiled smelling the roses, the aroma was magnificent.

Thursday rolled around and I still had no idea who had sent me the roses. I had pretty much given up on trying to figure out who they had come from when Zhane’ walked into the store. She was wearing a business suit that was obviously tailored for her, she looked rather sharp. I noticed her speaking to the owner of the shop, she smiled in my direction and they proceeded to another section of the store.

“So did you receive the roses I sent you?”

I was a bit startled and I jumped, I didn’t hear Zhane’ walk up behind me. “They were from you?” I asked a little too surprised.

Zhane’ stepped back a few steps and said, “Yes, I sent them. I hoped you enjoyed them.”

Again I was taken by surprise. I didn’t say anything I just stood there looking at her. Zhane’ didn’t say a word she just smiled. I was a little confused as to why she would be sending me roses. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful so I thanked her. Then I asked her why? A moment of silence…

“No special reason, just thought of you when I saw them. Have a nice day.”

Wow! I thought, she really knows how to make a woman feel special. That night thoughts of Zhane’ crept into my dreams; I remembered the first time I saw those brown eyes and the sensation that came over me. It was Friday morning and I was on my way to work, I hoped Zhane’ would stop by the shop today. As I sat there I wondered how her lips would feel against my skin. I thought back to yesterday when she walked up behind me and asked if I had gotten the roses. She smelled delicious and her presence was strong. I was getting myself all worked up with thoughts of her, when Zhane’ walked in. Our eyes made contact and she walked up to me and said…

“Angelica can I make you dinner tonight? Or take you out for dinner?”

Before I knew it I heard myself say, “Yes, Dinner at your place would be nice.”

“Great, here’s my business card, call me later and we can make arrangements for tonight.”

I called the number to her office around 2pm. She answered…

“Ms Taylor, how may I help you?”

“You can start by telling me what time dinner will be served,” I said seductively.

“Dinner will be served at 7pm, is that alright with you?”

“Perfect,” I said, “it’ll give me time to go home and change.”

“Oh, I’m sure whatever you wear will be fine.”

I arrived at her place at 7pm sharp. The smells coming from the kitchen made my stomach growl a little. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into whatever it was she was stirring up in there, even more I wanted to sink into Zhane’?. Dinner was fabulous. Zhane’ could throw down in the kitchen, I was ready for dessert and I was about to find out if she could throw down in the sheets.

We moved to the den and Zhane’ turned on some soft music, she excused herself to go get us some after dinner drinks. When she returned I was sitting on the decorative block letter Z in the corner of the room. I had unbuttoned a few buttons on my silk blouse exposing the matching black bra. Zhane’ stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes drank all of me in, and the look on her face was so intense it was almost orgasmic. She walked over and handed me my drink, never once taking her eyes off of me.

“Are you comfortable there?”

“I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all, it’s a lovely view.”

“Did you have anything planned for dessert?”

“No, but I can whip up something if you like.”

“Um, that’s okay, I have your dessert right here.”

With that Zhane’ sat down her glass and removed the drink from my hand. Slowly she knelt down between my legs and began slowly and passionately kissing my exposed skin. Her lips were so warm and soft, her hands gently caressed my legs. I was getting wetter by the second. I wrapped my legs around her as she stood up with me still wrapped around her and carried me to the chaise.

There, I had an extra helping of dessert.

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