Challenge 22

Love of my Life
Ms. Ashley

Damn, I didn't know females were this sexy. I've spent all my time thinkin'
the loves of my life were males. I've found my true self. I can't help but
stare at such beauty. I know these ladies are wondering "What is Erykah Badu
doing in this lesbian club" but who cares, no need in hiding my reality. I
just don't know what to say or do. I'm stuck standing here and staring here
becuz I'm afraid. Afraid that I might not do what they like. Damn, the sight
of supple, breast just makes my pussy throb. Feels like my pussy is dripping
wet. I'm in pussy heaven. Damn, I just want to feel something in my mouth.
Something wet, juicy, slippery. It's so damn enticing. I love women, I always
have, I just didn't know where to start. Now, I'm accepting myself and I feel

"Ms. Badu, may I have your autograph?" A medium length, Hispanic female asks,
slowly and seductively.
She turns and spots the lady that has spoken her name in the most beautiful
"Sure sweetie, what's your name?"
"To Marcia."
She signs the paper but at the same time she is looking at her lips.
Her lips are gorgeous, I could use those, in a very nice way. Mmm mm mm.
She hands Marcia the paper back.
"Thank you. I apperciate it a lot. I love your music."
"Thanks baby, don't start acting like a groupie on me." They laugh.
"Ms. Badu...."
"Call me Erykah."
"Ok, Erykah, may I ask you a question?"
"What are you doing in a Lesbian Club?"
She stops and hesitates for a second.
Should I say I'm here with a friend? Or just tell the truth? I don't know.
What if this gets out? What will I do then? I'll have to hear people talk and
converse about my life. Damn, say something Erykah.

"I just wanted to see what it was like. Ok, let me not lie to you. I have a
desire for women and I was just in here looking around becuz I find you all
so beautiful."
Marcia looks at Erykah and smiles.
"You've never had a lesbian encounter?" Marcia asks, patiently.
"Would you like to have one or do you just like to see females?"
"I don't know."
Marcia slowly walks up, closer to Erykah and grabs her ass. The scent of
Marcia mesmerizes Erykah. Her smell takes her to an xotic place in the back
of her mind.
Marcia kisses Erykah's neck. She licks it with her tongue. She then, bites
her lip and sticks her tongue on Erykah's tongue.
Marcia slides a key in Erykah's pocket.
"Room 269. Le'Voir Hotel. Don't be afraid." Marcia walks away.

At around 1am, Erykah finds herself outside of room 269. Not knowing what to
do, she turns and walks away and then walks right back up to the door.
Why am I so scared? I may never know whats going to happen. She just may want
to talk to me. Who knows?

She knocks on the door and it opens. Marcia is standing at the door with a
bathrobe on.
"I just got out of the tub. Come on in." She says as she politely takes
Erykah's hand. Marcia takes off her robe, in front of Erykah and slides on a
sheer, short, white dress and sits next to Erykah.

They talk for a long while. Anything that comes to their minds, is discussed.
Erykah feels herself getting shy. Marcia is making some comments that are
pretty forward.
"What makes you want to caress a pussy?" Marcia asks.
"Umm, your questions are kind of...... blunt."
"Damn, I would expect you to be comfortable. Seems like you are blunt, on
television you are."
"I am, but this is a different thing. You're asking me questions that I've
never thought of, in such a way."
Marcia slides closer, "I'm sorry baby." She kisses her neck softly. Erykah's
hands slowly slides up Marcia's thigh. Marcia pushes Erykah back on the bed
and takes off her shirt.
"No bra? Mmm, sexy." Marcia says.

She begins to suck her nipples, slowly and gracefully. While she's sucking
her breast, she unzips her pants. When she gets them down, she slides her
hands in her pants and flicks her clit. Erykah moans in excitement. She's
pleased with this opportunity she's coming upon. Marcia slides down and
starts to lick Erykah's pussy. She loves the sweetness of her womanhood. It
excites her. To taste something as sweet as honey. Erykah moans, her sultry
moans turns Marcia on. Marcia lays on the bed and Erykah gets on her knees.
She slowly takes off Marcia's dress and kisses her nipples. Marcia runs her
fingers on Erykah's head. She moans with joy. Marcia pushes Erykah's head
down, and Erykah finds her face close to Marcia's pussy. She starts to suck
her clit slowly, Marcia moans. She sticks her tongue inside her hole and
starts to motion it fast. She fucks Marcia so hard with her tongue that
Marcia can't take it. She cums everywhere and Erykah can't believe that she's
the cause of this xplosive orgasm. She licks it all up slowly. They fall

In a months time, Erykah and Marcia are spotted everywhere together. One day,
when they were in the mall, reporters were following them. A reporter asked
who Marcia was and Erykah looked at the cameras and then passionately kissed
Marcia and then said, "You figure out who she is." and then they walked away.

After all this time, I've finally accepted myself. I'm glad of it to. I'm
happy, in a relationship with a woman, Marcia, who I love dearly. I now know
who the love of my life is. Me, I am the love of my life becuz I've learned
that I have to love myself to be myself and to love someone else, I have to love myself. Marcia taught me that, in just one night, she taught me about
the Love of my Life.

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