Challenge 21

Dream On
A Day Becomes A Lifetime

Dream On
Finus 1

I can still feel the sting of her words…

Oh so because I let you have your way; you think you can treat me anyway you want? I let you have your space; didn’t sweat you, so you just go out and fuck whom ever you want! Don’t give up on you! Pleaze! How many times have I heard that line? I loved you Shawn and God help me I still do, but after all you have put me through I’d have to be crazy to take you back. I wanted you to share my life with me, I didn’t need you in my life to fuck it up! Just get out!!

Damn I really fucked up this time. Trina was everything I could’ve hoped for in a woman…Loving, thoughtful, trusting, and always willing to do anything for me. She was every Studs dream. So what was the problem? Tracey.

Tracey was this fine ass woman who turned my head around, she was oozing with sex appeal and had a body to die for. The thing about Tracey was that she was just using me to get what she wanted. Tracey wasn’t the type of woman to be tied down, she went after what she wanted and then she moved on. I found out the hard way I was just the next victim on her list.

So here I am sitting here deep in thought. Wondering what can I say to make things right. Trina has tossed me to the curb, I can’t say that I blame her. I wonder will she ever forgive me, if she’ll even listen to what I have to say. If I can just get Trina back my playa days would be over.

She did say she still loved me didn’t she? All I needed was a little time and some romance right? Nope not this time, it’s been three months now, nothing worked. The gifts got returned, the flowers tossed in the trash. Finally, I received a hand written note from Trina. It read, “Dream on, you’re never coming back."

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A Day Becomes A Lifetime

Aspiration was what she needed. Taelor needed this photo shoot to be a big success. Taelor got her big break as a freelance photographer for WILD magazine, WILD meaning Women, Intelligent, Loving and Devoted, WILD magazine was a top scale African American lesbian magazine in New York. The topic for Taelor's first premier shoot was "Our Love Will Last." WILD magazine was basically a magazine centered on African American lesbians in relationships for more than 10 years. This magazine showed that lesbian lifestyle was not only about sex, contrary to what some people believed. This magazine showed the world that two African American women could live together in a monogamous, drama free situation.

Taelor's assignment became so strenuous, because the couple she was about to shoot was her mother and her mother's lover of 25 years. Taelor and mother Khia were close and had a great relationship, but Taelor did not want to shoot her mother, she really wanted to shoot a couple she didn't know, but after Khia heard about Taelor's first assignment she thought why not shoot your mother and her lover? Taelor being so close to her mother decided why not, they have been in their relationship for 25 years and are still a happy and loving couple, so Taelor agreed. Khia was 50 and her lover Vanessa was 55, they were both professional women with great careers and positive outlooks on life. Khia and Vanessa by age were thought to be old and foggy, but this relationship was not your ordinary, dead end, cold, left for dead thing. Instead this was a fire-filled, sexy, sensuous union between two very beautiful Nubian goddesses.

Taelor waited patiently for her mother and Vanessa to arrive; though she remained nervous, she knew the session would be a success. Khia and Vanessa showed up looking radiant and full of life. They each had travel bags and props for the shoot. Taelor said okay ladies let's get to work; we have alot to accomplish in eight hours. They began the session and took several shots. Taelor says okay ladies time for lunch, what will it be soul food, Mexican or Chinese. Khia looked at Vanessa with this look of pure sexual intentions. Vanessa turns to Taelor and says, "go ahead without us, we will stay in for lunch." Taelor agrees and leaves the two in the studio alone.

Vanessa then turns to Khia and says, "you can't be serious?" Khia says why not and she pulls Vanessa to her and gives her the most passionate kiss that merely could have set the curtains on fire. Khia says, we have all these things here why not use them to our advantage? Khia put on a police uniform, puts it on and told Vanessa to turn around, put her hands on the wall and asks her to spread her legs. Khia took out the police baton and gently rubbed the baton on the outside of Vanessa's leg. She whispers in Vanessa's ear, do you have any weapons on you? Vanessa mutters, no, I have nothing. Khia takes the baton and slides it on Vanessa's inner thigh, slowly to her pussy. She gently rubs the baton on Vanessa's clit, and licks her tongue in her ear and says again, do you have any weapons on you? By this time Vanessa is weak as hell and can barely speak.

Khia drops the baton and says I have to frisk you, do you object? Vanessa replies, no, I told you I have nothing to hide. Khia stands behind Vanessa with her pussy touching Vanessa's fine ass, she takes her hands, one on each thigh and rubs Vanessa until she hears soft moans coming from her sweet lady. Khia kisses the back of Vanessa's neck and rubs her hand over her pussy. Then Khia tells Vanessa; I have to strip search you. Khia turns Vanessa around and unbuttons her shirt. She sees this nice set of 38DD's and can't keep her hands off of them. Khia pulls the breast from the bra, and press both breast together as the nipples became swollen she put both in her mouth and sucked on them until Vanessa shouted, "oh Khia baby, make love to me."

Khia dropped to her knees and unbuttoned Vanessa's pants and looked up at her, with lips only moving says, "I love you." Khia continues to remove Vanessa's pants, she lets her fingers slide down Vanessa's leg, while removing her pants, that gave Vanessa chills. Khia then glides her tongue from Vanessa's feet until she reaches that sweet smell of hot, juicy pussy. Khia takes her hands and spreads Vanessa's pussy lips apart. She still remained on her knees. She licked Vanessa's clit gently, but hard enough to make Vanessa's knees buckle. Khia sucks on Vanessa's clit, then licks around her pussy, sticks her tongue deep inside of Vanessa pussy hole and thrust her tongue in and out. Vanessa says, I can't stand anymore I am too weak baby, lay me down and let these sweet juices flow. Khia did just that. She laid a blanket on the floor, laid her woman down on the blanket and laid on top of her.

Khia rubbed her thigh on Vanessa's hot, wet pussy. Khia kissed Vanessa, taking her tongue around Vanessa's full sexy lips like they were lollipops. They had a deep, long kiss, Vanessa slipped her fingers inside of Khia's pussy and she didn't stop until she heard Khia scream, don't stop baby I am going to cum! They both sighed with sure delight. This was an orgasm out of this world. They lay in each other's arm, being so caught up in passion, they forgot they were in Taelor's studio.

Taelor came back to her studio from lunch and was surprised by what she found her mother and her mother's lover asleep in each other's arm. That picture ended the photo shoot and Taelor sat in her chair amazed by what she had found.

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