Challenge 20

Captain Sex-A-Lot
Who Needs A Hero

Captain Sex-A-Lot

_____It had been months since Jade had been sexually satisfied by her man. She began to enjoy when he left for work so that she could put on her dominique simone dvd. She had never been so attracted to a woman before. For the first time, she could actually imagine her mouth on a woman's pussy! Dayumm Dominique was so fine. Jade was desperately in need of some good sexin.
_____"Would someone please put it on me the way I have never had it before!" Jade yelled as she watched dominique pleasure a woman's pussy on the television screen.
_____Far away Captain Sex-A-Lot heard the woman's cry and decided to come to her rescue. The Captain knocked on Jade's door dressed as an electrician with a "tool" belt and all. Jade quickly turned off the t.v. so as not to be embarrassed and let her in. "So the landlord has finally sent someone to fix my heater. It's about time someone has turned up the heat!" "I'll turn up the heat alright!" said the Captain, confusing Jade.
_____The Captain walked to the t.v. and turned it on shocking Jade because she never turned off the dvd player. "I am here to protect you from the wack-ass sex from your man like you asked Jade," said the Captain. "Now dont say another word just lay there and let me pleasure you like never before. Because the Captain was quite attractive and was armed with some pretty interesting tools she did as was told.
_____The Captain began with a long passionate kiss and then moved her way down to Jade's nipples. while she sucked passionately on each of them she stuck 2 fingers inside of her dripping pussy and began to rotate them. Jade pressed the Captains face to her breasts while grinding on her hand. The Captain moved down to Jade's wet spot and began to lick gently. Everytime Jade tried to grind her pussy on her face she would move back just to tease her a little bit. Jade was on the edge.
_____The Captain decided to use one of her special "tools" for Jade so she pulled out a specially made strap on that inserts into yourself when worn and shifts up and down automatically so that Jade could be fucked without the Captain having to use her hands. With the dildo attached to Jade fucking her crazy, the Captain began to suck and suck and suck on Jade's clit with one finger in her ass and her other hand caressing her breasts.
_____Jade was in tears with the battery powered fucking machine, a finger in her ass and the Captain sucking on her clit. She screamed, "Fuck, fuck me, oh my goodness damn, oh fuck me Captain" as she came over and over again. The Captain removed the drenched fucking toy as she sopped up Jades juices.
_____The Captain normally didnt want the favor in return but she was so turned on she had to strip and masturbate. However she only wanted Jade to watch and not interfere so that she can learn how to the next time she needed to. As the Captain sat on the edge of the chair she pulled some lube and 2 dildos out of her bag. She put some lube on the smaller one and stuck it in her ass and then sat back on the chair with it still in there. The second dildo was bigger than Jade had ever seen but it turned her on sooooo much. The Captain began to fuck her pussy with the larger dildo while taking turns playing with her clit. she poured lube on her clit and began to rub vigorously in circular motions until she couldnt take it anymore and then began fucking herself with the large dildo again all while the small one was still in her ass. The Captains moans and then sreams turned Jade on so much that she was able to cum right along with the Captain just from watching.
_____As the Captain packed her things to leave, Jade couldnt help think about tasting another woman's pussy. She wanted to devour it like the Captain had done to her, so she dressed and left on her first woman hunt.

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Who Needs A Hero

_____After three beautiful years with Kevin, my life took a turn for the benefit of us both.
_____“I’ve decided to join the army, Kevin.”
_____“What! What the hell for, Tasha??” Kevin exclaimed.
_____“Because I need more structure in my life, but you know I will always be yours no matter what,” I said as I began packing my things.
_____The night before I left, Kevin decided to make sweet love to me before he let me go for the next six months. “Kevin, this pussy will always have your name inscribed on it.”
_____When I arrived to the base, I began unpacking my stuff. I met all of the women I would be rooming with, as well as my sergeant, Deena. Everyone seemed really sweet, EXCEPT for the sergeant of course. She was a beautiful bitch. I was in awe over her beautiful face and shapely body. It almost made me jealous and I was surprised that I was even checking her out, but secure in my womanhood, my opinion of her did not bother me.
_____For the first month in training, she really worked the hell out of all of us; however, I noticed that the more she taunted me, the more attractive she became. I dismissed the thought out of my mind several times. After all, I am totally in love with Kevin. No one compares to him or the things he does to me. As a matter of fact, I have this conversation with the other women at lunch everyday.
_____One day in particular, Sgt. Deena came over to me abruptly ended our conversation by demanding that I following her to the artillery room. Little did I know, Deena had been listening in to our conversations everyday. We walked away from the cafeteria and she led me to the artillery-housing unit. When I stepped inside, I asked, "Are we gathering things for a new lesson today?"
_____With her back turned to me, she told me with a stern voice, “This lesson is for your education only, today.” I was not fully sure what she meant just yet, so I stood there looking dumb. She had yet to look me in my eyes since we reached the unit. My nervousness began to subside and turn into sheer curiosity. Not to mention, I wanted to see her without her uniform. I wanted to see what shape her breast would take and just how shapely her body really was. I wanted to see the curve of her ass and how it complemented the arch of her back. I wanted to see her legs and how they both joined at what could be the sweetest pussy I have ever seen. Just thinking of what could be in store made my clit throb and my panties drip with juices from my own sweet pussy.
_____Before my thoughts raced any further, I had to think of Kevin. Just then, I asked her if I should get another officer to assist us. She turned and looked me in the eye and said, “After I show you what you have been missing, you will never need assistance from anyone but me.” She approached me and kissed my cheek so soft. Then began to nibble on my earlobe. I felt chills go down my spine and my pussy began to feel like a heartbeat. I backed away, not wanting to violate my commitment to Kevin. She leaned toward me and whispered, “I never put anyone in a situation they will regret.”
_____I closed my eyes and she began to softly kiss my neck and unsnap my uniform. After removing my shirt, she began to kiss my chest and shoulders, not missing a spot. She reached behind me and unsnapped my bra. My nipples were rock hard and needed to be kissed badly. Her strong, but very soft hands caressed the small of my back as she kissed my right breast and teased my nipple with her tongue. At this point, I was ready to die. I wanted her badly, whatever that could mean, because being with a woman always baffled me.
_____Not making me wait any longer she began to suck on my nipples and gently bite them. The biting drove me crazy because Kevin never did anything but lick my nipples. The bites sent shivers down my back and my pussy was getting even more wet with every stroke of her tongue. She lifted her head and looked me in my eyes with a serious, but anxious look. She asked me, “What is your perception of Kevin now?”
_____ I was at a loss for words. I grabbed her face with nervous hands. She held me close and told me I didn’t know what I was missing and was about to find out. I unsnapped her shirt and in front of me was her full, mocha breasts hidden under her military tank top. Her nipples were so perky, I wanted to show her that I was ready to give her what Kevin never gave me. I removed her tank top and began to caress her breasts and nipples with my fingers. She kissed my neck slowly making circles with her tongue. I had to have my mouth on her nipples, so I began to kiss them hungrily. She grabbed my face and laid me on the floor. She loosened my belt and began to remove my pants and boots. I was getting short of breath at this point and could hardly wait. She kissed my breasts and I felt her nipples graze my stomach. The feeling this gave me drove me crazy.
_____She began to move downward to my stomach and began to lick figure 8’s around my navel. I grabbed her hair in sheer ecstasy. She kissed my legs and was drawn in by the warmth of my inner thighs. Just before I thought she was going to taste all that she created, she stood above me and began to remove the rest of her clothes. Her pussy was so pretty. I wanted to touch it so badly and see if she was just as wet as I was. She told me to hold on tight. She kneeled back on top of me, letting her nipples rub the top of my pussy. She took her hand and began to stroke my pussy from top to bottom. She felt the throb in my clit and looked at me and said, “Get ready.”
_____She lowered her mouth first onto the lips of my pussy. The anticipation alone made me cum. At the same time she had two fingers inside of me, caressing my sugar walls. She looked at me seductively and began to lick my sweet juices from her fingers. She put her tongue on my clit and I wanted to scream. She made circular movements and then began to suck on it while her tongue caressed the very tip of my clit. I came again. She continued to move her fingers in and out, up and down. She then moved her hand to my ass and began to move one finger in and out first, then two. She caressed my nipples with her other hand.
_____By my third orgasm, I couldn’t take it anymore. She took the juices from my pussy and spread them on my nipples and began to lick every drop. She slid her body directly on me so that our nipples touched and rubbed each other and sensually kissed me. I felt so relaxed and never wanted to let her go. I whispered to her, “Tomorrow, quiz me on what I learned.”

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