Challenge 2

My Name Is . . .

_____ Utoria stood with her arms folded, her back to Rashida, not sure what she was feeling. She thought to herself, after all this planning and excitement. after all I did to make this night so sensuous and special. After all this time together. How could someone else still be on her mind?
_____"Utoria, I'm so sorry. I can't tell you how sorry I am. Sorry that I upset you. Sorry that I ruined such a beautiful evening. It meant nothing. Just a slip of the tongue. A habit in the process of being broken."
_____"Well, how much of it is habit, Rashida?" Utoria spoke, cautious not to raise her voice. She was more hurt than angry.
_____"Where does the habit of being with her end and being with me begin? And how long should I wait for you to break this habit? Utoria turned to face Rashida. "Would it be more comfortable for you if I just answered to her name out of bed as well as in it?" Tears began to well up in Utoria's eyes.
_____"I've never been in a relationship with a woman before, and despite the fact that I'm new at loving like this, I still expected more. Especially from a woman."
_____"I understand that you're hurt, Utoria, but you're blowing this so out of proportion. Tell me you never began to say one thing but said another instead without really intending to do so, or while thinking of one person, had another pop into your mind. It takes on the face of betrayal because it happened at such an intense moment, and on a day so special to us. It has nothing to do with thinking of her or anyone else for that matter. My heart is with you and I'm very clear on that."
_____"Are you?" Utoria said sarcastically as she turned her back to Rashida again. Rashida walked toward Utoria and put her hand gently on the back of her shoulder while talking, but Utoria slowly stepped away from her touch.
_____"These last 18 months have been heaven with you and I wouldn't trade a moment of it to be with anyone else. I've worked as hard at this relationship as I know you have and I love you dearly." Utoria was now starting to soften her pouting stance a little as she walked back over to the beside and sat down.
_____"Baby, I know you do," Utoria said. "It's just that I wanted this anniversary night to be so special, and what you were doing to me was making me so hot. But when you whispered her name, it was like you reached in a squeezed my heart and it hurt, Rashi, it really hurt." Rashida walked to the other side of the bed and sat down. She reached over and put her hand on the back of Utoria's neck and this time Utoria leaned slightly back toward Rashida.
_____"I would never do anything to hurt you, Lover. My heart belongs to you." Rashida eased closer and began to caress Utoria's shoulders and back.
_____"But what about your mind, Rashi? Who is your mind touching when you body is touching me?"
_____"My mind, my body, my soul are with you in every touch." Utoria slowly stretched across the bed toward Rashida, lying on her stomach and resting her chin on her still folded arms in front of her. Rashida continued to caress her shoulders and moved her hand slowly down Utoria's back. With her voice now starting to soften from Rashida's touch, Utoria continued questioning.
_____"Then how can you call out someone else's name like that and expect me to believe you're not thinking of her?" Rashida's hands now slowly and softly caressed Utoria's lower back, down to the top of her thighs and back up over her full, perfectly round ass. She could feel the goose bumps rise on Utoria's skin in response.
_____"I told you.." While she was speaking, Rashida moved to the other side of the bed so that their bodies were parallel and straddled Utoria's body with her arms. She started slowly sliding up Utoria's body from the back of her knees toward her shoulders, touching Utoria only with the nipples of her breast.
_____"because I love you dearly." Rashida continued to slide upward as she spoke.
_____"My heart belongs to you," as she turned Utoria over so they were facing each other.
_____"and only you." Utoria could only speak in a whisper at this point, her breathing had become heavier.
_____"Are you." Rashida slowly lowered herself so close their lips almost touched.
_____"sure?" Rashida started sliding back down Utoria's body to her breasts, Utoria breathing even heavier but still pushing for assurance.
_____"I want.." While Rashida's tongue was making Utoria's nipple hard and wet.
_____"you.." And Utoria's body began moving rhythmically
_____"to have me," Rashida then moved to Utoria's other breast, again quickly making her other nipple hard and wet as well.
_____"and only me.." Moving lower, Rashida slid her lips lightly down Utoria's body, slowing to run a soft wet ring around the outside of Utoria's navel with her tongue
_____"on your mind.." Rashida moved still lower, now only touching with her tongue; Utoria still speaking in a whisper so soft it was almost lost in the sound of her breathing
_____ "when you make.." As Rashida moved her tongue between Utoria's thighs, Utoria spoke again.
_____"love to me." Utoria's body heaved slowly upward to meet Rashida's tongue, and following a soft moan of pleasure, she began to smile.
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