Challenge 19

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Ms. Ashley

_____Why am I alone right now? With the way that I am feeling now, I need some soft hands giving me a back massage and wondering all up and down my body. I feel the urge to be sensual or get some sensual activities performed on me. I can picture Ayanna's mouth on my body. Her wondering tongue just caressing me ever so softly. I love the wetness of her tongue tickling me in various, erotic places. It just makes me feel like I'm in heaven. I like how she takes her time to massage my nipples and my clitoris. How she teases me. It just makes me juices flow when she takes her time. She knows exactly what she does when she's doing it. She knows what I like. I like that she knows what I want. She makes me feel on top of the world. She's my sex goddess. I like feeling her inside me and I like how she holds me softly. I love how she whispers in my ears, how she blows softly inside my womanhood. How she tongue kisses my womanhood and nibbles on my clitoris. All at once. I want to feel her right now.
_____"I'm going to call her at once." Le'Anna says as she leans over to pick up the phone.
_____"Hello?" Ayanna answers.
_____"Hey baby, I need you right now. I'm waiting on my bed, naked and thinking of you."
_____Ayanna chuckles, "I'm on my way."
_____They hang up. Le'Anna is smiling with glee. She lights some fragrance candles and prepares a medley of all kinds of exotic fruits and whipped cream. She sits it besides her bed. She is anticipating the moment that she is waiting upon.
_____The doorbell rings. She heads down the steps in a laced, black housecoat. She opens the door with a smile on her face as she stares in Ayanna's eyes.
_____"Hey dear, how are you?" Le'Anna says in a seductive voice.
_____"I'm great, and yourself?" Ayanna responds.
_____"Better now that you're in my presence."
_____"Good, may I come in?"
_____"Never thought you'd ask."
_____She lets Ayanna in and closes the door . . .

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_____I'm standing at the foot of the bed just taking in the beauty of your chocolate coated, smooth skin, my sweet. Although you are sleep right now, after I get my fill of you in my mind, I'm going to be filled with your body.
_____You'll be awakened with my soft kisses all over your body with my hands stroking your tenderness and sweetness between your firm long legs. Your mound will be covered with my lips and my tongue between the full moist lips of your pussy to wake you with pleasure. You will feel my licking your clit slowly then sucking it til it makes you groan and moan with total estacy.
_____I want to make you squirm and feel your body get hotter and hotter. Wetness and creaminess from my mouth on your clit and my face deep in your hairy lips of your pussy to consume all your hot juices is what I'm here to fulfill our needs before we part today, and this will be done with perfection.
_____ So, wake up sweetie, and be ready to return the joyful moves that you are going to receive to drain you of all your strength in the most loving way possible. When you get thru with me, kissing, licking, sucking, rubbing me all over as well as my nipples, we can both sleep with smiles and be proud of our performance for today and look forward to the future ones.

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