Challenge 18

The Parkers: Bye Bye Professor

Nikki arrived home to find a letter and a dozen roses on her doorstep. The card in it said, "TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! signed your boo." Nikki thought to herself, oh my, the Professor.

The letter had very detaled instructions. Nikki was to drive down to the Orgasmic River an elegant hotel on the beach. She needed only to ask for the key to room sixty nine. Once inside she was to open the box on the bed and follow the enclosed instructions. Nikki thought to herself, damn, he wants this night to be special.

The box had a sheer robe and a thick scarf. The letter with it instructed her to put on the robe with nothing under it and tie the scarf around her head. She was supposed to lay on the bed and not move a muscle or make a sound. She did as she was instructted to do. Her whole entire body shook at the thought of what would happen next. The day she dreamed of was finally here.

The door opened and she held hersef back from taking off the scarf which had her eyes covered this whole thing had her turned on so much she was already wet. She let out a hey boo. But found a gloved hand placed over her lips she heard, "shhhhhh" and then her hand were hancuffed to the bed and her legs tied to the post.

Andell crept up onthe bed and parted those juicy pussy lips she had been wanting to taste for as long as she could remember. She saw a creamy heavenly center waitng to be tasted. She let the juices drip on her tongue the commenced to sofltly lick nikki's hardened clit. Andell sucked and licked nikki's pussy so hard til nikki jerked, screamed, moan and thrust her pussy deeper into Andell's mouth.

Andell strapped on her 12 inch and started to ride nikki as if her life depened on it. Nikki had multiple orgasms but Andell wasn't quite finished. She dove back in between Nikki's legs and gaveno mercy she tongue fucked Nikki with her long hard tongue and gently pushed her thumb in nikki's ass she then licked nikki from back to her sweet center. She couldn't contain herself. The more nikki screamed fuck me h please fuck me the harder Andell licked. She put her strap back on and dove right back into that sweet dripping wet pussy until nikki exploded and jerked like Andell had never seen anyone jerk before.

Nikki said, "oh baby, that was the best I've ever had I am so glad you made me feel so good." Andell felt nervous but she took Nikki's scarf off her face.

Nikki had a bewildered look on her face when she saw Andell sitting there blushing. Nikki had always wanted to know what it was like to be with a woman she was just to scared to try. She kissed Andell passionately and Threw her on the bed she worked Andell like she had never been worked before. They fell asleep in each other's arms only to wake up and sixty-nine. They swore they would keep seeing it each other and break the news to Kim later.

As they walked outside the Professor walked pass and said "hi, Ladies fine day out." Nikki didn't even notice him b/c she couldn't wait to taste Andell on her face again.

The Professor said, "Mrs. Parker? Hello."

She responded quickly, "Oh, hi." Andell motioned to her and told her it was time to go. Nikki hurried to the car without looking back at the Professor.
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