Challenge 17


Come on! You know who she is, and you also know that she belongs to ME! So, don't get your hopes up for getting to know more about her over and above the fact that she's beautiful.

Jena, you still look as mouth watering as ever! It's been a while since you left going to France, and your sending a copy of this picture heightens my desire for you to return home. The river looks so peaceful as you're poseing for your portrait on your ski bike.

I long for your full, soft lips on mine so much more now that I've received this teasing, sexy appearance of you. Wearing that skimpy see thru material bearing your coffee brown skin has sent my blood pressure soaring. My body is tensed from just stareing at your neck down toward your nipples which I can imagine myself kissing and sucking on so tenderly. Our lovemaking always have a fullness about it because of our consentration on completely satisfying each other. We prob every inch of our bodies together making sure there's no doubt of our desires being totally fullfilled. Most couples can only wish for that type of lust for each other. We do so much in our lovemaking to handle our sexual wants.

Kissing, licking, feeling, rubbing, sucking, fingering fucking, till our temperatures are overloaded takes all of the energy we can master when we are together. I love hearing your demanding moans and groans from my doing all of these things to your georgous body. I can't get enough of tongueing your juicy, wet mound between your strong willing legs. When you exploer my firm hairy cave, the deeper you stick your tongue in it, the more juice secret from it into your warm, moist mouth. By our putting so much effort into our sexual desires and needs for each other, causes my strong posession of you to be mine and mine only. No one will or has ever drained me or taken care of my craving for wild and freaky sex until you came into my life. I'm willing to do whatever is reasonable to keep your sexy, young, beautiful body just for ME. Hurry home Babe!
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