Challenge 16


Ok Sweetie, hold that position! Just let me use my imagination by merely looking at your beautiful body. My being in a position of status, I can't physically do what I have on my mind right now, but I want to have the pleasure of fullfilling my mental desire of taking total advantage of you with your complete willingness.

Lea, you are so georgous, tits firm as melons, mouth full and moist as apples, body as smooth as silk. If you only knew where my mind has invisioned you being in such a short time of my glaring at such loveliness.

You would blush just from the thought..... I've kissed you from head to toe, with as much force as my lust could muster from sheer need of having you beg me to stop from so much torcher. The more I kiss on you the higher my sex drive for you gets! All the while I'm kissing and rubbing and feeling on your milk chocolate skin, my body is aching to touch and taste your hairy, full mound between your legs.

So, I began licking and sucking your breasts softly, guideing my lips toward that glorious treat that's moist to my fingers from desire. Your moaning and groaning has my temperature riseing to new heights with pleasure. My mouth makes it to the entry level of the treasure being sought after, and my groans and moans began.

My tongue flickers in and out of your tunnel of control over my very being at this moment and the smooth, soft, sweet, creamy liquid just flows slowly into my mouth.

I can't get enough of licking the hot juice that's causing my clit to get a hard-on. Your body is quivering from my little nibbles on your mound and rubbing of your hard, round nipples as I fuck your pussy with my long, firm, hard tongue.

All of this is what I'm imagining, so, damn girl, you need to be prepared for the night of your life once we are behind closed doors when I've completed this day's work.
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