Challenge 15

Welcome Home

Look Love! Don't look so sad and out of sorts. I know you still want me! Come on Nita, let me help you remember the good times.

You really look great in that outfit, but it's way too hot for this little cozy place, so, make yourself a home and get comfortable. Besides, I can't do those freaky things we use to do while you're all covered from head to toe.

Release your round, firm mounds with those large hard nipples so I can make you whale in delight girl. Kissing your face and moist flavored lips has been on my mind since you walked in my door. You did come over to get fully satisfied from our being apart so long, or else this will just be my treat to you because I've missed you. I need to feel your body, your soft skin next to mine with our temperatures rising out of control. Rubbing your firmness between your legs, grabbing the hep of wirey hairs on your fully cover pussy is mouth watering just to think about. You know I get warm every time you're near me, and my pussy gets wet before we start touching each other in making love. You're like an addiction when it comes to getting sexual satisfied totally and completely. I can lick and suck you til I'm drain of energy, because you taste so damn sweet and soft in your tunnel of love.

You make my pussy open like a canal when you stick your long slim tongue deep into it for my juices. So, I know this is what you're here for wheather you admit it or not. We need to fuck each other in the worst way to get our sexual stress released.

No one can do this for either of us better than we can together. I'm so glad to have a lover who tends to be considerate, even when she's playing hard to get. You won't be sorry you've come here first before going home from your trip, I promise.

Your body and pussy will feel like they're being cleaned for storage when I get through licking, sucking, and drinking all I can muster from them. Then I'll let you have your way with mine as usual, til we both can't move a muscle. What a great welcome home gift!

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