Challenge 13


WOW!! What a great surprise Toya! You know I love chocolate. I wouldn't have ever dreamed of bathing in it like you're doing for me. (smile) Thank you for being so creative for my birthday.

Now that you are all coated, lets take it from there. I can't wait to fullfill a couple of fantancies on this special day. Your having the room ready with the air matress gives me plenty of room to do what I want to do to my shapely chocolate bar. No one will ever believe that I ate a candy bar that had great tits, fine firm legs, stringy tasty hairs, and a large chocolate clit with a cherry placed in it. This is just too much for me to take even though I'm the one who's enjoying it. Damn girl, you are the sweetest, creamiest, melted chocolate I've ever eaten. Talking about getting my fill and having a tummy ache, LOL LOL; this will be well worth it.

Keep on groaning and moaning, Toya. It heightens my desire for you even more. I can lick your tits and breasts until you cry with pain from my starting to suck them roughly. Your body is breath takingly tastie. It's extremely enjoyable, more than I'll ever have again in this life time. You are the best lover I could dream of sexually devoring from head to toe. Good sex is a mild word for what you're giving me.

Once I've eaten all I can from your body and your pussy, I'll be waiting to cover myself in the same chocolate to give you as much pleasure as you've given me. I want you to do whatever is on your mind in a sexual nature to ME; take me! I'm your's for the taking. So, tell me everything you want done, my love, because, I expect to get it all from you during my turn. (smile) Nothing to leave for the mind the wonder is my motto. Do anything and everything for the sake of complete sexual pleasure with the one you long and desire to be with. You are that lover for me Toya, and I want to make damn sure you know it, and won't have any reason to look for your desires to be performed by anyone but ME.

From kissing your full lips, neck, nipples on you firm breasts, rubbing and licking your solid firm tummy, down to your trail of hair on your full, moist pussy, I want it all to mine and mine ONLY. So, your doing this for me was outstanding and we will have this to look back on for years to come.

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