Challenge 12

Sexy Mature Fox

Keep your eyes closed my sweet. Your beauty is so enlighting! My putting your body in bondage is my way of fullfilling my sexual desires with thoughts of all I can do to it. My pussy is getting wetter as I focus on each part of your full figure. Your breasts with mouth watering nipples and your willingness in your pose makes me weak in my knees.

Terri, you have my mind in a spin. Smiling as if you are as over whemed as I am with the pleasure that I'm trying to make you feel. Kneeling in front of you is sooo damn enjoyable; kissing your nipples, licking around them, one at a time while feeling the other with tenderness with the other hand. Mounds that feel like cotton to my finger tips and have me dripping smooth liquid from between my legs as I'm fundling with your moans and groans would drive anyone crazy. Imagine how I'm feeling right now. Uncontrolable!!

Still you are keepping your position as I play with your running hot cumm with my fingers in and out of your full hairy pussy. Your spreading your legs wider is enough to let me know that I'm giving the type of excitement and pleasure that you want. The noises and expressions from you are exciting me more and more as I rub your body, neck, breast, hips, ass. You are so damn fine and hot! I'm not through with you yet!

I got to lie on my back to taste your sweetness. Its so much fluid running down your leg, til I can't help myself from wanting to catch as much as I can and make the best of it. I'm going to position my mouth at the opening of your cannal and drink from your well. I'm going to lick your clit to make sure you are drained before I finish eatting from your pussy. Pressing my face into your hairy pussy is like heaven for me with your cumm all around my mouth. Your squealling gave me just as much pleasure as my eatting you has. So, open your eyes now Babe, because, I want you to look at me in all my pleasure with you all over me. (Your cumm) :-)

She opened her eyes with a wide smile from shear happiness and began feeling over my body. She started kissing over me and making her moves to give me the same excitement and pleasure as I had her. Every nerve in my body was on fire. My pussy cumm like a pouring glass of water. The heat was outstanding from her fingers exploring my inners and sucking my clit. I couldn't hold myself, I screamed out with pleasure and released all that I could into her wide open mouth. After drinking down my fluid and giving me a wet moist kiss of appreciation, we lay back on the be and rested. This was a day to remember.

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