Challenge 11



Don't be bashful my beautiful friend!! You have nothing to hide from what I can see. You said you wanted to try a female lover....then, I'm asking for the chance to be your first.

Your body is what I consider a gift to be opened and shown like a trophy. Your pose is showing the loveliness of your full breast, shaped body, smooth skin, with that look of "take Me", and I'm offering to do the opening. I want to rub those nice full breast, and suck your nipples til you moan for more creasing and sucking. Your lips look so soft and inviteing for the taking of my desires and needs to be fullfilled. Kissing would be my introduction of your becoming intimate for your first time with a female.

Let me get undressed and hold you close to me with our breast touching while kissing and our bodies getting hot with wettness from desire. I know how my pussy will began throubbing while rubbing your body with it heating more and more as I kiss your neck, face, ears, and play with your tits. Moans and groans getting louder and louder from you as you experience your first encounter of this strong urge that's new to your sexual wants are making my clit itch for your wettness from your pussy. These things being new to you can only heighten your needs to have more of whats to come. I'm licking downward to fill my mouth with nipples to suck and get you really aroused...placing my fingers in your pussy to get you juicy....and feeling its silkyness. aaahhhhh, shit!! I have you where I want you now! You'll holding my head to direct it....this is good....which is going down where that tunnel's running. It's wet as hell in my hand, so, I'm moving down to drink from the well. My tongue will catch all the liquid that you can give. It taste so sweet, and soft.

Knowing that you'll new to this, I'm getting my high giving you one. But I guess I must be really doing my job...because, you'll kissing, rubbing, and feeling your way downward on me now. You want to experience all there is now that you've gotten this far with a woman, huh? Well, I'm not going to stop you....YOU GO GIRL!! SHIT....that's IT...right THERE!! Yea, you've found that majic spot...and it sure is good. Being a good teacher, has it's advantages! You really have gotten into the satisfaction mode now, and I'm totally enjoying your consideration.

We've both sucked and licked til there's no more drainage, and trust me, your hot liquid was like a faucet. That's saying a lot for a newbee to the lifestyle. You won't have any problem getting a female when you get that urge again. Your asking me how I liked to be satisfied showed me how much you really had gotten into our encounter. So, you evidently were pleased, as was I. Believe Me, I hope I come to mind when that urge comes again. Your tongue lashing in my pussy was a dream come true since it was your first time, and you took your time to make sure my cum was plentiful. I needed you as much as you wanted to try me. It was an experience on both our part that paid off well.

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It was that time of year again.. all the seniors would get together and walk down that aisle, all promising to see one another again. Some of us would follow our dreams and some of us would not. It was inevitable just like it was inevitable that i would probably fail this Art class if I didn't get my ass on the ball and start really practicing for my final peice. I should have started researching for this work months ago and here it was two weeks from graduation and i haven't even picked out what colors i wanted to use.

Everyone else was too engrossed to help me so i knew my last resort was to ask from help from one of the art department majors. I made some calls and the only one I could get in contact with was Ms. L. Jenson. She was new, but from what i've heard from other students she knew her shit. And of course everyone knew she was gay. We've seen her butch type girlfriend picking her up from school sometimes.

I called her up and she agreed to meet me after school three days a week which was fine with me. Now never meeting her before hadn't prepared me for the stunning beauty i was about to see. Of course i've seen pretty girls especially during gym. And i've also seen pretty women, but Ms. L. Jenson... she was a magnificent work or art. She was tall about 5'8" or 9", long silky brown hair, carmel complexted skin, and a voluptuous body... curves, curves, curves. I don't know why i was trippin like this I had only had one experience with a female and she was so clueless herself that she pissed me off and i've been like fuck it ever since then. But Ms. J. oh yeah i could imagine getting lost in a woman like that.

It's our first scheduled meeting and i'm nervous as hell, Ms. J. is 20 minutes late and just when i'm about to bounce she rushes into the room leaving a trail or dolce gabbana in her wake. Mhmmm my favorite. This woman didn't know what she was doing to me. I'm glad you didn't leave, i had a little bit of car trouble. I told her it was fine and that i wasn't waiting long. As she began to explain to me what we would be covering and how much hard work i would have to put in I was anxious to spend all that extra time with her. I told her so and she began to blush. This turned me on immensly, i didn't want to take it the wrong way though so i played my part ya know, dropping subtle hints, brushing arms, legs, feet, whatever just to be near her.

When the lesson is finished we resort to small talk. I don't know how we got there but we started talking about why i didn't have a boyfriend. I was truthfull with her. I told her about my curiousity with women and how i never felt comfortable around men. She agreed with me and said they could be creepy sometimes and began telling me about how her own relationship was beginning to become strained. she began her story and i could not help but feel sorry for this beautiful creature. Her girl cheated on her with someone from her past and had the audacity to call her unloving. All i knew was that if i had this female in my life it would be on and poppin nah'mean. Ms. J. begins to cry and i reach out to hug her but somehow i end up kissing her on the mouth. Her eyes widen and she looks at me strangely. I blush furiously and begin packing up my things. Wait she says and that was all i needed.

What we did that afternoon in the Studio Room was risky but oh so worth it. She pleased me and i her. We touched each other in ways i thought impossible. She made me feel special and wanted, and i apprecated that about her. When we finally did part i asked her what the L stood for. She simply repilied luscious......

Oh hell yeah.... Well to make a long story short; I got an A in the class and that picture you see, well i decided to do an inspiration piece on someone who had influenced me... Ms. Lucious Jensen

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This is my first year in this university and I feel so isolated. There are so many beautiful women but none compare my Adie from a time past. I miss her so much and some days I can feel her presence around me. I can still taste her, still see her smile and even smell her scent. She introduced me to a world where love exists eternally but now she is gone forever. She is resting in a peaceful grave where the sun forever shines. My love for her will always be, I see no one replacing her.

I take to my studies and keep my distance from every one. Well almost every one there are three girls that I study with on a normal basis. One of the girls name is Kera, she is a business major and very much engaged to this polive officer. The other two girls Sky and Leda are single. Leda is a fast little thang with short curly hair and a very out going personality. She is never with out a date. an Out of the three Sky is the most beautiful. She is tall and slender. Her dreds are long dark brown with light brown tips. Her eyes are hazel and she walks with this natural sway.She is an artist, graceful and seems to always be concerned about the way I shy away from people. They are always trying to set me up with some guy and I have yet to tell them that I am only interested in women. I am afraid that if I tell them that they will shun away from me, and i really enjoy there comraderie.

Sky and I were hanging out in my room going through boxes trying to see what to keep and what to throw away. I ran across Adie's book of poetry and begin to cry as I read through those life experinces. Sky touched my shoulder and asked what was wrong. I was afraid to tell her but I needed to talk so I told her everything. I talked about Adie and her death. I talked about how she taught me what love really meant and how I missed her very much. Sky was so wonderful to me that day she stayed with me and held me for hours. It felt so good to have a woman hold me again. I wanted to, needed to kiss her but I did not know if she was a lesbian or not. So we just held on to each other untill we slept, and in the morning I was alone again. Sky had left to go to her 7:30 class.

I have not seen sky in a week she does not even come to study with us anymore and I am worried that she did not want to be around me anymore because of my love for a woman. That weekend I decided that I would go over to her apartment and ask her why she has been avoiding me.

Sky why have to been avoiding me have I done something wrong.
No Cassie you have not done anything wrong, it is just I have been attracted to you for so long But I was worried that you wre not interested in women. The whole time I could have been there for you more and been there to comfort you during your time of bereavement. I know that no one can replace Adie, but I want to be with you. I dont want to try to replace her, I just want you to give me a chance.
But, Sky why have you been avoiding me?
The night that I stayed with you I wanted to make love to you to try and take all of that pain away. I knew that was not a good idea so I left after you went to sleep. I can't stop the way I feel about you but I dont want to push you into something that I know you are not ready for. I know that you have to get over this strong lov that you have Adie. So I have been avoiding you so that I could control the urge that I have.
What Urge are you talking about?
The urge to make love to you, the urge to touch and carress you everytime I am around you, and the urge to tell you how I truly feel. I love you and I cant stop that.
I am glad that you told me this, And I am glad that you did not do anything that night because I wanted you to. YOu ar write I did not need that at that time. But Iwant to try to be with you. I am afraide but I can trust and I know that you won't hurt me.
No baby I wont.

Sky came over to me and carressed my face with her hand nad tilted just to to kiss me. I know now that I will alwys love and miss Adie, but I also nkow know that I am able to love someone else.

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