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Night Dreams
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Night Dreams

Cecelia Hart, a 34 y/o entrepreneur, lived life by a series of philosophies. Never one to rely on the status quo, Cecelia looked at nothing as being an absolute constant. Life is about change;therefore, things and situations change. It’s the law of the living. Granted that change often occur in prolonged cycles which gives the surface illusion that all remains the same. Until one day, bam! Folk are awestricken, claiming that “things changed overnight.” Not, Cecelia. Her enormous business success is attributed to the fact that she always expects change and is always proactive in its anticipation. Basically, she called it “simply keeping it real mentality.” Her skills in predicting market trends, knowledge of economic development and an understanding of social capital impacts, duly, won her the respect and admiration of both employees and business associates, alike. Just five years ago, when she established Hart & Associates, Cecelia was struggling to stay one step ahead of creditors,now not only does she live a debt-free, lavish lifestyle, but also contributes to the comfortable lifestyles of twenty-five, well-paid employees.

A valiant warrior in the turbulent battles of economic shifts and changes, Cecelia’s adaptability to change in her social life is,ironically, more challenging. Unlike her personal relationship, emotional attachment is a concept that never taints any of her business negotiations and interactions. Cecelia’s golden rule is to never, ever date any woman who work with or for her! – Detachment is generally the order of the day.

Her eight-year relationship was at the height of an evolutional phase. Even though, it was something that Cecelia anticipated, now that she and Geri were in the throes of this change, their relationship had become quite strained. This was especially notable at bedtime. Eight years ago,when the couple met, Geri, then 42, tall and athletic (former college basketball star) was a suave, smooth operator who stole Cecelia’s heart from their very first meeting with her strikingly good looks and soft butch persona. Cecelia was working for a lProfessional Management Training firm and was just beginning to develop her plans to go solo. Through the connections of a close friend, she snagged her first independent account, while maintaining her full time job as she tested the waters, so to speak. Her work with the Federation of Women Business Owners and its CEO, Geraldine (Geri) Ford, was instrumental in validating her ability and readiness to start her own firm. What started out as a wonderful business relationship evolved into an exclusive, whirlwind romance. When they decided to formalize their union, three years later, by taking the grand step into co-habitation, they resolved their business association in order to counter any possibilities of conflict of interests which could give Geri’s board of directors cause to question any discrepancies regarding abuse ofauthority. Nevertheless, one’s destiny is one’s own and Cecelia’s professional evolution was in full motion.

At a time when she felt comfortable enough to enjoy the fruits of her labor and fully indulge she and her lover with frequent weekend getaways and summers in London and Paris, Geri began thinking more in the way of yard work, occasional road trips in an RV and sipping lemonade in the shade of their back porch while contemplating an early retirement.

Sitting at the large partner’s desk in their combination study/library, Cecelia reviewed her power point presentation for any accidental omissions or eras. Satisfied that there were none she returned her laptop to its carrying case and placed it in the foyer next to her luggage. Glancing at the antique grandfather clock, she realized that it was nearly 10:30 pm. “Goodness, I’d better jump in the shower and get to bed”, she thought, silently admonishing herself for selecting a 6:30 a.m. flight.

By the time Cecelia slid into bed, Geri stirred, “It’sabout time you came to bed. You know how hard it is for me to get to sleep without you.”

Mmmm, well, you’re going to be miserable over the next week, Cecelia said, moving in closer to spoon Geri, are you sure you don’t want to come along with me to New York?

No, thanks. You can have that forever traveling, jet-setting lifestyle. It won’t be easy but I’ll get by until you return.

Snuggling even closer and gently caressing Geri’s hips,Cecelia whispers, “Well then, why don’t we commemorate my leaving with a little bump and grind?”

"Damn, Cecelia, why can’t you just hold me?! You have no idea how tired I am? I’m getting too old for all that humping and shit! Anybody who wants to fuck as much as you have issues and I ain’t about to let you worry me over them." Geri gave an exasperated sigh and abruptly shifted away from Cecelia to the farther side of their king sized bed. Pissed off and insulted, Cecelia flung her covers off, grabbed a pillow and headed back down to the study!

“Like hell I’ve got a problem, she fumed, it’s been nearly three weeks since we’ve had sex and I’m the one with a freaking problem!” Too hot and bothered to sleep, Cecelia turned to one of her favorite pacifiers, Xtasy Tales at Some of the stories really turn her on,making her pussy sopping wet. Sure enough, after reading one of the sexy, raw stories, Cecelia's pussy was throbbingfor relief. Moving over to the elegant,eggplant colored leather sofa, detailed with bronze upholstery tacks, Cecelia spread the coordinating over-sized afghan onto the sofa and untied her sheer robe, allowing it to slide quietly to the floor. Before lying on the sofa, she caught a glimpse of her sexy well-toned brown body which boasted beautiful full uplifted 36-C breasts,killer flat abs that sported a sexy silver navel ring and tapered hips with an ever so curved ass. Lying flat on her back, Cecelia used her delicate long fingers to gently tease her swollen clit. By now she was an expert in the art of self-pleasuring (thanks to Ms. Geri) and new how to make the good feeling last a very long time. That was the fun part – long drawn out sexual play before going in for the ultimate thrill – the orgasm! Geri hated Cecelia’s preference for mini sex marathons, as she called it. Cecelia reveled in the sensuous rapture; she imagined that a beautiful woman with smooth dark skin, deep dark eyes and a gorgeous smile was between her legs, inhaling the aromatic, intoxicating fragrance of her pussy. Going deeper into her fantasy, she could feel this lovely woman’s moist tongue expertly fucking her sweet pussy hole while Cecelia continued to tease her own clit. Although, Cecelia had no desire to sleep with men, her fantasy always included the woman being a very proper southern belle who is married. She hungrily laps up Cecelia’s cum as her husband silently watch the two sexy women. Cecelia always taunts him with her eyes and sometimes tortures him with ridicule, saying, “I’ve got your sweet, little proper bitch. Seems to me she just looves pussy”.

Knowing that in order to keep his wife, he must allow her to indulge her desire for eating other women’s pussy while he is ordered to watch, he says nothing. Cecelia, having mastered the art of female ejaculation on demand, uses this talent to really get her voyeurism freak on. The lovely beauty who has been so faithfullyand diligently tonguing Cecelia’s hot pussy and licking flowing cum from her asshole pauses to beg for Cecelia to ejaculate a jet stream of cum into her mouth. “Oh baby, give me your load. I want to carry as much of you in my belly as possible.”

“Do you really, Cecelia mocks, well the only way I can ejaculate is if you eat my pussy as if its going to be your last time. And, of course, you always do that best while you’re having your ass hole fucked out.” Hearing this, the lovely babe’s husband’s dick becomes rock hard. All the while he’s watched from his observation corner where he’s had a full view of hisl ovely wife’s ass up in the air while she serviced another woman’s delicious looking pussy and all the while her own swollen pussy is glistening with cum.

He snaps out of his trance when he hears Cecelia command him over to the couch and permits him to fuck his own wife. “Don’t even think about touching her pussy,”Cecelia ordered, “now, let the fun begin.” The beautiful woman assaulted Cecelia’s pussy as her husband entered her asshole. Her tongue’s movement around Cecelia’s hard clit, in and out of her pussy and asshole were in sync with the sensations emanating from her own asshole being ferociously pumped. Not allowed to mumble a word, the beauty’s husband put all of his pent-up resentment and emotions into each thrust. This only turned the beauty into a pussy-eating, asshole-sucking maniac, almost driving Cecelia to the point of ejaculating.

But before she would release her sweetness into the hungry mouth and belly of this beauty, she had to top this fuck-fest off with extra icing (a.k.a dirty talk). So she began to unmercifully tease the already humiliated husband, “Oooh, yeah baby, eat this hot pussy. Taste better than dick,doesn’t it?” “Mmm-hmm”, replied the beautiful woman, never taking her mouth off of Cecelia’s pussy. “Ya know, she said slyly to the husband, if this were my bitch, I’d be angry as hell. Just look at her lapping up my pussy juices and tongue fucking my asshole as if you don’t even exist. If I were you I’d feel like the smallest prick in the world. You’ve got to be the most pussy-whipped,spineless excuse of a man I’ve ever known. I wouldn’t let any woman of mine get away with this kind of shit!” Cecelia’s words tortured and inflamed the husband, but because he was under commandment by the women to not utter a word,he expressed his comments through his strokes. Each thrust became harder and deeper. This was exactly the result the beauty and Cecelia wanted. His wife loved getting her asshole fucked as much as she loved eating pussy. With eachdeep stroke she desperately sucked on Cecelia’s clit. Not able to withstand the intense sensations, Cecelia could feel an enormously delicious orgasm building at the base of her belly, flowing achingly through the channels of her pussyhole and engorging her clit to the point of unbearably sweet pain before she ejaculated an ocean of clear, sweet liquid into the beautiful benefactress’ mouth. Enjoying her precious reward, the beauty pulled away from her husband’s frantic humping, relegating him back to his observation corner, while she gulped Cecelia’s sweet nectar. Cecelia, head thrown back and panting,stroked the beauty’s head for the whole five minutes it took her to consume the tasty meal from between Cecelia's quivering legs. When she finished, she gave Cecelia a deep and passionate kiss before asking if she and her husband could anticipate seeing her again next week, same time, same place. “Affirmative”,replied Cecelia. The couple profusely thanked her for her kindness, before vanishing to the recesses of her conscious mind. As she drifted off to sleep,Cecelia fantasized over the possibilities of fulfilling her desire to take a mistress (minus the husband, of course) as a way of getting through the dry periods when Geri just wasn’t having any parts of sex. “It’s a thought, mused Cecelia, sure would beat the heck out of fingering myself all of the time.” With that final thought she decided to get some rest before having to get up and rush to the airport to catch her early morning flight.

Unbeknownst to Cecelia, the adventure that would takeplace during her business travel to New York was about to make her little sex fantasy seem like child’s play!

Back Up

Working Out
Taurus The Bull

More.....more...Babe! I need all you have to give!

Jealous?? (smile) This one is mine! My hairy, wet, soft, hot juices flowing onto my long, anxious tongue from my fine loving female friend. Bree is a beautiful lady as you can imagine from seeing her lushous pussy that's positioned over my mouth. I'm Toni, the lucky female who's been choosen to enjoy this overwheming pleasure for the past six months now.

Hey, I hate to tease.....but, what the hell....if you have it....flunt it, right? (smile) I'm proud of what we have together. We met at work in the gym six months ago as luck would go on my part, when I decided to began working out to get myself firmed up for the summer. She was already in the gym doing her thang, although, I couldn't see why she was even there. The outfit she had on gave her body all the sleekness that could be shown, and she definitely didn't need to work out.

So, maybe, just maybe, it was faith that bought us together at that particular time. I failed to get myself together after seeing her...I lost all my concentration and purpose of being in the area...LOL . I felt like a young teen again, who had just come to realize how much into females I had become....(especially in my deepest thoughts on an intimate basis). This was a very discreet secret that could NEVER be revealed to anyone...not even my best friend during that time of my life.

I had not been with a female at this time...still focusing on Bree....but I knew within my heart that she would be the first if I had my way. I must say that I was very bold in the sense that I wasn't even aware of wheather she would be into being with another female or not. This statement should bring out how determine I'd be about getting this woman at any cost. She was it for me!

I watched her do her moves so easily and smoothly, until I thought of a means to open a conversation. I slowly walked over toward her and asked her if the exercise that she was performing would help tone my tummy and butt? She sit up from the machine and looked up at me with a smile and said that it could if done correctly and atleast three times weekly. It worked!! She began telling me how to go about doing the strokes and mentioned that she works out atleast three times weekly herself and offered to assist me if I would come during the same times that she was there. That wasn't even a question!! That was my door being open to a challenge of having my first female. I was so enchanted with her personality and her BODY that I couldn't wait to start the work out.

We met after work for three times a week beginning that next Monday, for atleast two months before I made my move on her. All that time, which was Hell just having to reframe myself from rubbing her soft sweaty body was about to drive me crazy. But, I did, until now, when it happen to be just the two of us in the gym. I pretended to try helpping her with her exercise move and placed my hand on her waist, gliding it down her leg to see how she would react. She didn't pull away or say anything to discourage any farther moves, so, I took this to be a positive gaster for me. I mentioned that we needed to get going and take a hot shower to relax.

Things have been smooth sailing from that evening on. We went into the locker room to take a shower and the ultimate encounter of my life happened with this sexy, fine, black beautiful woman.....MY FIRST. Our still being alone in the room, I reached over to pull her close to me for a kiss. She didn't pull away or object, so, I took that to mean.....GO for IT.....and I did. I kissed her tenderly at first which turned into a hard pressed greedy, wet, mouth watering one. Then, slowly kissing her face and neck all over and toward her breasts, I was fumbleing with her top during the kiss to have access to her hard firm nipples. Opening her top now, I licked and sucked on her nipples while she stood moaning and groaning against the lockers. It was so good to hear her pleasures being expressed. Then I began helpping her totally undress since we were about to get in the shower anyway....only I wanted my way with her first. So, she leaned against the lockers and I slipped downward to get comfortablely positioned between her legs. Seeing as this would be my "First TIME to SUCK or LICK a sort of took me a few minutes to get my state of mind in check. (smile) I stared at her bushy, full, pussy wondering if I would do the right thing by her for total satisfaction in order to keep her for mine. After all, I didn't want to get all freaky with her and then have to let go or run her off from not knowing what the hell I was doing. I didn't want to start over with anyone else either.

So, I made up my mind to do whatever it would take to drive her crazy with desire for me and the moves that I'd perform. I placed my hands on either side of her legs, and lifted my head to her mound with my long, point, hot tongue sticking it in her waiting tunnel. I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy until it starting swealing with juices and dripping into my mouth and over my face. It felt funny at first, but, the softness of her cum was entising and soothing once I began to get really into what I was doing. I was the one going crazy with pleasure trying to get every drop of her faint smelling cum that was all over my mouth and down my neck as I rubbed her firm legs and ass. I cressed her pussy and masturbated it to make it cum more and more as she made sounds of joy over & over as I pressed my face into her mound.

Then, she weakly stooped down to kiss me and suck my nipples. She easily licked my body downward as if she'd done this before, but I didn't care. When she stuck her tongue in my canal....I gasped for breath. Nothing could have prepared me for that sensation with another female. I was wet from my having given her pleasure...but I was dripping with cum after her licking my clit and tongue whipping me. We exhaulted ourselves with the joy of each others body and then took that well needed shower.

As you can see......from our pic.....things have been great for us from that point on.

Back Up


I had just jumped onto the bed full of money when the phone rang. I tried to ignore the annoying sound as I rolled around on the bed, loving the feel of crisp dollar bills against my skin. Seeing the green against my chocolate brown skin was turning me on. I plucked a $1000 dollar bill out of the pile, and slowly caressed my body with it. I moaned softly as I played with my hard nipples; first the left then the right. I felt beautiful. Powerful. Sexy. All of this money was mine, and I wanted to enjoy it. The phone was still ringing, but I didn’t care. The bills crinkled underneath me as I spread my legs. I was about to come from rubbing the bill against my pussy, when the phone started ringing again. Damn!

Then I woke up.

I grabbed the phone, ready to curse out whoever was on the other end.

“Hey girl, did I wake you?” It was my boss, Jewel.

“What’s up, girl?” I mumbled as I put my hands between my legs. I was soaking wet!

“I need you to do me a huge favor,” she said. “Tanya Cole has a VIP appointment tomorrow morning, and I need you to take her for me.”

Tanya Cole was a close friend of Jewel’s, and my favorite R&B singer. I’ve had many fantasies about the gorgeous, voluptuous Tanya Cole. Unlike those waif-like, wannabe divas, Tanya was sensual and curvaceous. I could get off just thinking about her.

“Cherise!” Jewel barked. “Are you going to sleep on me?”

“I’m sorry, J. What were you saying?”

“Tanya has a VIP appointment tomorrow at 7,” Jewel said. “She’s going to be in town for some benefit concert, and she needs her hair done. I think I’m coming down with the flu, and I won’t be able to take her.”

Jewel normally handled all of the VIP clients herself. Celebrities and socialites alike would come in to get their hair done on Mondays when the shop was closed to the public. I had never had a VIP client before, and couldn’t believe that Tanya Cole was going to be my first.

“Alright, J. I got you,” I told her. “But you owe me big time.”v
“Don’t worry. You’re guaranteed at least a $200 tip,” she replied.

I closed my eyes and imagined rolling around on the bed with 200 $1 bills…and Tanya.

“Well, let me get back to bed. I wouldn’t want to oversleep, you know.”

In between sneezes Jewel thanked me before hanging up. I thought about stroking Tanya’s full, lovely breasts, and kissing, licking, sucking her nipples. I wondered what it would feel like to rub my firm tits against hers, how her pussy would taste, how she would moan and scream when I would make her come. But I’m sure her new husband was enjoying and satisfying her.


It was 6:45, and raining outside. I had gotten to the shop extra early, because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. After putting on a fresh pot of coffee, I went to my station to check my hair and makeup. I didn’t know why I was going through all of that trouble, blotting my face and pulling my curls into place. Tanya Cole was married to Hollywood’s hottest movie star, Eric Campbell. I heard rumors about him being gay, and was inclined to believe them until I saw a tabloid photo of him tonguing Tanya at some awards show. Anyway, I wanted her to see what she was missing.

I had smoothed my hand over my black low-cut top, and admired my cleavage. It was a good thing that I had put on one of my padded bras, otherwise, Tanya would’ve seen my perky nipples and thought I was some kind of pervert.

The doorbell rang, and I rushed to the front of the shop to answer it. Before I could unlock the door, I could her Tanya yelling. I gulped and then slowly opened the door.

“Shit, Melanie! Can’t you ever get anything right?” She angrily breezed passed me. “Why in the hell did you bring the wrong dress?”

A homely-looking, light-skinned Melanie smiled at me briefly as she entered the shop. “I’m sorry, Ms. Cole, but I just thought that the..”

“Who the hell cares what you think!” Tanya fumed. “You get paid to do as I fucking say. I don’t pay you to think.”

Tanya shrugged off her black trench coat and tossed it on a chair in the waiting room. She had one a black cashmere cardigan, a black cotton tank top and blue jeans that hugged her curvy frame. I figured that she didn’t have on a bra because I could see her erect nipples peaking through her top.

“Can you at least hang my coat up, Melanie? Can you get that right?” Tanya asked as she turned to me.

I had been standing behind the receptionist’s desk waiting for a chance to speak.

“Good morning, Ms. Cole,” I said nervously. “I’m Cherise. Jewel asked me to take you this morning since she’s sick.”

She let out a heavy sigh as she started to smile. “I’m sorry that you had to meet me this way,” she said graciously.

Tanya Cole was absolutely stunning in person. And she was incredibly sexy when she was angry, and even sexier when she smiled.. My mind started to race with images of Tanya and me together – kissing, touching, and undressing each other.

“Cherise?” Tanya waved her hand in front of my face. “Can we get started?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. Cole,” I said. “What do you want done to your hair?”

Melanie came from the back, cup of coffee in hand. She was about to give the cup to Tanya when Tanya moved closer to me, obviously ignoring Melanie.

“I need it washed, of course. And a deep conditioning.” She ran her hand through her thick jet-black shoulder-length mane. “I just want a straight, simple look, you know.”

I could handle that. Thank goodness she didn’t ask for anything complicated.

“And yes, honey, all of this is mine,” she smirked.

I laughed. “I wasn’t even going to ask you that!”

“But I know you were thinking it, weren’t you?” she asked as she raised an eyebrow.

The soft scent of her perfume filled the air. I wanted her so badly, but I knew that was out of the question. All I could do was fantasize about being with her.

“Melanie, you can go back to the hotel,” she said coolly, turning away from me. “I will call you when I am ready.”

“I’d rather wait here, in case you need anything,” Melanie insisted.

“I’ll be fine. Just go,” Tanya snapped.

As Melanie shuffled out of the door, Tanya looked at me and rolled her eyes. “I’m going to have to fire her as soon as we get back to LA,” she muttered.

After the door closed, we both laughed. I hoped I didn’t do anything to tick her off. She sauntered toward the shampoo area, the click of her heels against the floor, for some reason, turned me on. I grabbed an apron to drape over her while she sat down at one of the stations. She groaned as she laid back toward the wash bowl.

“Can I get you anything, Ms. Cole?” I asked. “Some water or juice before we get started. I got a fruit salad from the deli Jewel told me you liked.”

She sat up in the chair, and looked over at me. “Please call me, Tanya. I get tired of that ‘Ms. Cole’ shit all the time. Besides, if J trusted you to work on me, then you’ve gotta be cool.”

From my view, I could see the Tanya’s perfectly round breasts. They looked like they were going to burst out of her tank top. I imagined my lips around her nipples, and her hands all over my body. I draped the apron around her shoulders, slowly snapping it closed behind her soft, supple neck. .

“Hold up, let me take of this sweater.” She said. “I hate to get hot.”

I already was.

She removed her sweater to reveal her back and bare arms. I slightly spread my legs apart to let some air to my panties, which were soaking wet at that point. As she slid back in the chair, I smoothed her hair out so that I could start to rinse it. If I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy Tanya’s delicious, naked body, I was at least going to enjoy shampooing her hair. I turned on the water, making sure it was warm before I began spraying it on her hair and scalp. Once I did, Tanya let out a soft moan. The water must’ve felt good to her. She continued to moan as I started shampooing her hair and massaging her scalp. I started rubbing her scalp slowly, like I imagined doing her breasts. Then I started rubbing it harder and faster, like I would do to her wet pussy. Her body totally relaxed in the chair, and she stretched her neck to let the water flow to the nape of her neck. I was enjoying it as much as she was.

Tanya shifted in the chair, and opened her eyes. “You’re getting me wet,” she told me.

Snapping out of sensual mode, I apologized and grabbed a towel. I asked her where did I wet her, and she snickered.

“No, Cherise, you’re getting me wet,” she purred.

At first I wasn’t sure what I had heard, but when I saw her hands moving underneath the apron, I knew for sure.

“Mmmm, I’m feeling really good right about now,” Tanya said. Her hands were rubbing up and down, back and forth across her breasts. I wanted to see them. Nervous and excited, I finished rinsing her hair, then turned off the water. She slowly rose in the chair, her hands still moving under the apron. I towel-dried her hair, wondering what she was going to do next. I couldn’t believe that I had turned her on!

Tanya reached behind her neck and quickly unsnapped the apron. She slowly turned her head back and forth allowing her damp her to stroke her back. Her hands drifted down her chest, her stomach, and then she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a hand in her panties. I licked my lips as I watched her pleasuring herself. Before I realized it, my finger was tracing her lips and then probing the inside of her mouth. I was stroking my other hand up and down my own body. Suddenly Tanya stopped and opened her eyes. She looked up at me seductively, and then over at the sofa along the opposite wall. Without saying a word, she stood up and led me over there. We stood there, kissing each other softly. Tanya teased my lips with a light, quick kiss, and then we kissed passionately. Our arms were wrapped around each other. I could feel her erect nipples pressing hard against mine.

“You want me, don’t you?” she whispered in my ear before licking it with her soft tongue. She slipped her hand down my black skirt, and her fingers found their way to my paradise. Tanya smiled when she discovered how wet I was.

“Damn, girl,” she murmured.

I didn’t want to break the flow by doing anything too fast or too soon, so I waited for her to tell me what Tanya wanted. She sat down on the sofa, holding her hand against my stomach. I wanted to sit down with her, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Take your clothes off for me,” she demanded.

I smiled at her, and pulled off my top. When I reached behind me to unhook my bra, she shook her head and tugged at my skirt.

“Take this off next.” Tanya spread her legs apart while she watched me. She was enjoying giving me orders, and I certainly enjoyed obeying them.

I slid the skirt down my hips, slowly revealing the burgundy lace panties I put on just for her. She obviously liked them.

“Burgundy looks real good against your skin,” she said. Her hand was stroking my pussy again; she had her other hand was rubbing her own. I wanted her to make us both come at the same time.

“I want to come for you, Tanya,” I moaned. I want to come for you right now.”

“You will come when I get ready for you to come,” she said sternly. “Now I want you to take off you bra.”

I did as I was told. My nipples felt so free. She slowly stroked them with her slender fingers. Then she cupped them in her hands, and smiled. Then she slid forward and pulled me toward her. She started gently licking and sucking my left nipple while her hand stroked, pinched and stroked the other.

I wanted her to suck on my other nipple, so I told her. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me. “Don’t tell me what to do, Cherise,” she growled. “I am in control. Do you understand me?”

I was so turned on by her dominating me that I would do anything to please her. I pouted and apologized to her.

“Do you understand me?” she yelled.

I started stroking my pussy, and responded to her. “Yes.”

“’Yes, Tanya. I understand you,’ is a more appropriate response,” she said as she snatched my hand away from my pussy. “Apparently you have problems following instructions. I am in control here! I am paying you to do what I want, not what you want. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Tanya. I understand you.” Just repeating the words she instructed me to say turned me on more than I ever thought I could be. I always had fantasies of being submissive, and for the longest time I had fantasies about being with Tanya, but I never would’ve believed that both dreams would come true at the same time.

Tanya returned her attention to my nipples, sucking on the left and stroking the right with her hand. With her other hand, she pulled down my panties. I was totally naked in front of her, and she was still fully clothed. Tanya sighed heavily and sunk back onto the sofa. She seemed as though she was tired, or worse yet, finished with me. I was disappointed, and wanted to know what was wrong, but I was too afraid to say anything. I stood there for what felt like forever.

“I’m hungry. Please go get me that fruit salad,” she said.

I started to gather my bra, panties and clothes that had been strewn across the floor. I felt embarrassed, humiliated. I didn’t know if I could even finish her hair, which was by then, starting to dry in its naturally wavy state. Just when I started to put my panties back on, Tanya shot me a look that could have killed.

“Did I tell you to get dressed?” She asked. “Go get the fruit salad out of the refrigerator!”

The game wasn’t over yet, I thought to myself. I scurried to the back to get the salad. There was something about walking through the salon naked that was overwhelmingly erotic. Not that anyone could’ve caught us, since Jewel was the only other person who had the key, and she was home sick with the flu.

I brought the salad to Tanya, but I forgot to grab a fork. I started to go back to the refrigerator again, but Tanya had other things in mind.

“I want you to sit here and feed me,” she said, patting on the sofa.

I relished sitting next to Tanya feeding her pieces of fresh pineapples, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes. There I was, naked, next to Tanya, submitting to her every whim. She smiled contently as she savored each piece of fresh fruit, her hands tucked under her legs. When I placed the last piece in her mouth, Tanya closed her eyes and started stroking me. I was getting wet all over again. Then she started undressing, pulling of her jeans, then her panties. I was breathless as she slowly and deliberately pulled off her tank top, her breasts swayed joyously once they were exposed. Tanya had dark brown huge, dollar-sized nipples that were wonderful and erect. I laid back on the sofa, waiting for her to make her next move. She slowly moved her body against mine before kissing me again. The kiss was juicy and sweet. I could have kissed her forever, our beautiful, aroused bodies pressed together in a moment of passion. Tanya raised herself up and moved her pendulous breasts toward my mouth, and before I knew it, I was sucking and licking her nipples ferociously. I tried to squeeze her breasts together so that I could enjoy them both at once, but they were way too big for my hands.

“Do you like my titties, Cherise?” she whispered.

I moaned with delight.

“Tell me you like them,” she ordered.

“Ooh, yeah, I like your titties,” I said. “I like them a lot. And I love your nipples.”

All the while, she rubbing and stroking me all over. Then suddenly, she raised up on her knees, and pulled me forward. She thrust herself in my face. “Taste me,” she purred. I did, first slowly and gently, then faster and rougher. My lips and tongue explored every area, as her fingers quickly slid in and out of my pussy over and over again.

“Do you like my pussy, Cherise?” Tanya asked me.

I came up for air. “Yes, Tanya I like it, love it,” I moaned.

“I want you to come with me,” she said as she got up from the sofa. She pulled me up, held me tightly and we kissed again, this time more intimately than before. I tasted the sweet flavor of the fruit mixed with her juices in our mouths. It was deliciously. We both smiled and stroked each other for a moment. Then Tanya laid on the sofa and spread her legs. I laid on top of her, my titties resting on her stomach, my mouth ready to taste her once again. Moaning and groaning, we moved in sync together. Our lips, tongues and bodies were in perfect rhythm. By then, I had totally forgotten that I was supposed to be doing Tanya’s hair. I had forgotten that she was a superstar recording artist. And I had definitely forgotten that she was married to a Hollywood movie star. I was giving her pleasure in a way that I knew her husband, or any man for that matter, couldn’t. I appreciated and enjoyed her womanhood, her curves, her essence.

When we finally came within seconds of each other, the air filled with a symphony of passion. We moaned simultaneously, Tanya was obviously satisfied and breathless. As I caught my breath, Tanya softly kissed me between my thighs, making me quiver and come all over again. That time I screamed so loud that people walking by the shop could’ve heard me; but I didn’t care. I had done something that none of the ever had, or probably ever will. I fucked Tanya Cole.

I turned around on the sofa and laid next to Tanya. We kissed each other once again, our tongues expressing what words could not. Tanya sweetly smile at me as I ran my fingers through her tangled hair before I dozed off. I awoke much later to the phone ringing, and rushed over to the reception area to answer it. The smell of sex still lingered in the air.

“Jewel’s Salon, This is Cherise. May I help you?”

“Hey, Cherise, it’s Jewel,” she sounded horrible. “How’s everything?”

“Wonderful,” I cooed, looking at a voluptuous, naked Tanya resting on the sofa.

“Is everything okay? How’s Tanya?” Jewel asked.

“She’s fine,” I said, meaning it in more way than one. “We’ve become great friends.”

Tanya rose from the sofa, and walked over to me caressing her nipples, making me wet all over again. She smiled in agreement. She then pressed herself against my back, and snatched the phone from my hand.

“Hey, Jewel, how are you doing, girl?” Tanya asked. Her hand was stroking my pussy then. I put my hands over my mouth to stifle my moans of pleasure.

I smiled to myself as I caught a glimpse of the two of us the mirror, buck naked at the receptionist’s desk.

Tanya made small talk with Jewel for a few moments, but she was really concentrating on getting me off again. I tried to resist, as fantasies of the two of us screwing on the receptionist’s desk danced in my head.

Then Tanya said, “I don’t know why you haven’t introduced me to Cherise before now. She is definitely talented.” A devilish grin swept across her face. She was now pinching and stroking my nipples with her free hand.

I managed to let out a giggle, in between my groans of pleasure. Tanya hung up the phone and turned me toward her. We stared at each other for a moment, then Tanya’s cell phone rang. I watched her as she quickly went to get it out of her purse to answer it. She stood in the middle of the salon, spread her legs apart and stretched, while I looked on admiringly. I was thinking of a half-dozen other places in the shop where we could have each other, but I remembered that I had to shampoo Tanya’s hair all over again.

Melanie had called to check on Tanya who was extremely annoyed. Tanya rolled her eyes as she listed to Melanie drone on. I wanted the girl to get off the phone so that Tanya and I could indulge in some other fantasies.

“Look Melanie,” Tanya said. “Cherise isn’t done with me yet, so I will call you, like I said before, when I am ready.”

Tanya seductively beckoned me over to her, and I happily obeyed. She looked me up and down approvingly, as I did her.

“I don’t go on until 9:30, Melanie. And I’m only doing two songs.” Tanya stomped her bare foot on the floor. “They don’t need me for a damn dress rehearsal. You tell them I will get there before 9:30, and if they don’t like it then I’ll just go the fuck home. How’s that?” She pushed a button on her phone and tossed it on the sofa.

“Tanya, let me wash your hair again,” I said walking over to the wash bowl.

She smiled and sauntered over to where I was. “This is gonna be fun. Get me wet all over again, baby.”

This time when I washed her hair, she watched my breasts intently as they jiggled back and forth, up and down with my every move. I was so turned on by Tanya, my whole body throbbed with desire just by watching her. She spread her legs and fingered herself while I rinsed her hair. After I put the conditioner on her hair, I sat in the chair with her and we began our dominating/submissive sexcapade all over again.

We had each other later at the receptionist’s desk just as I imagined. I eventually managed to rinse out her conditioner before we had sex again, this time in the stylist’s chair. I dried her hair, curled it and styled it, feeling beautiful and free the whole time. I had never allowed my body and my mind to feel delectable freedom like I had with Tanya that day. Unless I was taking a shower or, having sex in bed, I was always fully clothed. Who would’ve thought that I would spend an entire day completely naked at the hair salon styling singer Tanya Cole’s hair between our hot, passionate interludes?

Tanya and I didn’t finish until sometime after noon. By then we both were raw, tired and hungry. In our last moment of passion, we washed each other up, enjoying a brief, yet intense orgasm before getting dressed and heading out for lunch. Tanya and I became close friends after that day. She later shared with me that her marriage was a front for her and Eric’s “alternative sexual lifestyles” as she put it. I revealed to her that I had fantasized about her, and she was genuinely flattered.

Tanya comes to town more often these days, without Melanie, of course. She has a sexy new assistant, Isa, who is almost as voluptuous and kinky as Tanya. Sometimes, Tanya submits to me, and the wild, twisted fantasies I subject her to; other times we just indulge in mutual pleasure. But each time we are together, it’s intense, passionate and rewarding. My life has never been the same since Jewel called me all those months ago.

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Best Friends
The A-Bomb

“What’s on this tape?” My best friend Val asked as she bent straight over in front of me.

My eyes traced her legs up to the see through Victoria’s Secret Angel panties she was wearing. Val’s ass was perfect and it took all of my strength to keep from grabbing those big round cheeks. “I really don’t know,” I answered. “There isn’t anything else on T.V.” After the fuzz cleared we realized that it was a homemade video tape, I’d forgotten about. There was one woman straddled over another woman’s face who was lustfully licking her dripping pussy. I was somewhere between being turned on and embarrassed because I was the woman licking the cunt of my room mate from college on the video tape.

“Is that you?”She asked in amazement. “I didn’t know you.”

“Liked pleasing women.” I interrupted. To my surprise she wasn’t freaking out, but she was full ofquestions. So I asked her how did she like it went her steady boyfriend ate her pussy. (Of course I knew the answer) I told her who better would know what she desired than another woman.

I moved closer to her on the couch and watched her eyes glued on the television screen. Val’s nipples were hardening. "We’ve shared everything, clothes, men, now I want you toshare your pussy with me, just for today. If you don’t like it I won’t every say anything else about it again."

I leaned in and kissed her lips and she accepted me by opening her mouth andwelcoming my tongue. I told her to stand and bend over while I slid the blacksee through panties down to her ankles. I could rest kissing her on her ass cheeks (I knew she loved that bestof all) I knew she was putty when I butterflied her cheeks and started licking her ass hole Val moaned in ecstasy. I lay back on the floor and motioned her to straddle my face just as she’d watch on the videotape. She bucked and came like a river of creamy sweetness all over my face.

Yes, Best Friends Really Share Everything!

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