Challenge 1


Sauda was running late for her weekly facial and full body massage. I was just finishing up all the prep when she walked in already in her white robe. (I know I'm late Dominique and I'm sorry.) With a sly smile she headed towards me while untying the robe, as she turned to lay flat on the table I notice she had only her lingerie separating the robe from the flawless chocolate skin I have come to love manipulating.

Lie on your back first Sauda, I want to try a new oil and cream and want to start with your shoulders. Her almond eyes closed slightly as she slid off the hat that shield the sun from her beautiful face. Sauda sat on the edge of the massage table leaning slightly towards me so that I could unfasten her bra. After sliding the straps off her vanilla scented shoulders I turned to place the occupied sign outside the door and locked it securely. Luckily everyone knew how Sauda hated to be interrupted during a session.

As I approached her I noticed a slight bruise on her left breast, the reddish brown circle caused my palms to sweat. What happened her Sauda (I asked while preparing the oil) I turned just in time to see the sadness in her eyes. Slowly I massaged my palms then gently started a circular motion near her temples with my fingertips. I could feel the tension start to leave her body and her breath became more shallow. Slowly my palms opened to caress her shoulders then outside of her breast. Occasionally I would graze her left breast and hear a slight gasp from her perfectly heart shaped lips.

Sauda...does it hurt when I touch you here I asked while gently palming her breast and touching the bruised spot. No she replied, but I noticed her arch her back slightly and that was all I needed for the wetness that was starting in my panties to alert me to go farther. If any of this is uncomforable let me know because you feel so tense today.

I took a deep breath and slowly turned to light the aroma therapy candles and set the water fall tape for 1 hour. When I returned Sauda was looking directly at me. She smiled when she noticed my nipples had hardened. I felt alive, aroused and teased. She knew what she was doing to me. For over a year now she has laid on this same table taunting me with long legs, size 36 breast and lips that beg to be kissed. Today I was not letting her leave out of here with my pussy wet and looking for someone else to ease the ache.

Sauda lay back so that I can ease the tension away. I walked towards her with a purpose and placed more oil in my palms. I started with her stomach this time and slowly worked my up to her breast massaging each nipple until it rippened in my hand. Moving down her navel to her clit I brushed my thumb lightly over her protruding clit as I head to her thighs. Her legs parted inviting me in but today was mine and she was going to pay. From her thighs to her feet I rubbed, pulled and caressed until her moans had my pussy throbbing so much I felt like I would burst.

Pushing her thighs apart I started massaging the inner thigh then ran my thumb against her clit again and watched it rise in front of me. This was too much for me. I'm losing at my own game slowly I spread her lips apart as my head started towards the sweetest smelling puzzy in my life. I looked up to stare into the eyes that had me hypnotized. As I stuck out my tongue her legs openend wider. Her clit was soft and wet, the juices were sucking me in. I heard her moan but it sounded so far away, licking her clit while sliding my middle finger into her puzzy made her go wild.

She started grinding that juicy cunt all against my face. Pulling my finger out I replaced it with my tongue while gently tugging her tipples. Her puzzy was so sweet and wet, it felt like velvet on my lips and tongue. Slowly I pulled away and kissed up her thighs to her breast. Suckling each one like they were the last morsels of food on Earth. Now she's grinding her hips and moaning so loud I glad I put the water tape on.

I felt her hands on the front of my robe rubbing my breast. She pulled my head up from her right nipple with her legs straddling my waist. While she unbuttoned my white jacket I continued to pinch her nipples and run my fingers in and out of her puzzy. Once she had my jacket off and my bra undone Her hot mouth latched down on my nipple. I felt her hand slide down into my panties and grab my clit, she rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger. Then I felt four fingers slide into my hot box and that sent me over the edge, I came so hard I stood in front of her shaking.

The bell started ringing and we both jumped. It was only the timer but the room smelled of puzzy and I realized what I had done. Panic must have shown across my face because Sauda placed her palms on my cheeks and pulled my lips to hers. The kiss was gentle at first then filled with a longing, a passion that told me this was only the beginning.

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