____We finally arrived after a long seven-hour drive; the three of us tired, famished and incredibly horny. "I hope they have something else other than that damn tofu shit," Chesia yelled. "Ya'll know I'm not going for it."
____"Chesia, my dear Chesia," I replied, "I'm sure there will be enough ripe, unshaved pussy for your palette."
____Kenyetta added, "Pussy du jour for breakfast, pussy du jour for lunch……….pussy, pussy, pussy . . . such a divine menu." Kenyetta was the bold one amongst us and sometimes she took things a little too far, like her pussy analogies to the juicy peaches we'd been eating on the road. And then my peripheral vision suddenly caught her tongue slowly stroking its way across the red and yellow surface of hairy peach skin.
____It must have been all that sex talk on the drive down I-95 that got our fantasies churning. Yes, we were three bored Black dykes who found ourselves somewhere between the State of Horniness and the mysteries of the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia.
____How did we get there you ask? It was simple really but we're still trying to figure out the why and what's next now that we have finally arrived at Camp Karma Sutra. This is how it started. You see, we were all in a lesbian chat room one night: Chesia, Kenyetta and I. While Chesia and I had become casually acquainted over the years off line, we both met Kenyetta in Lesbian LoveChat.com. The three of us would meet at our usually scheduled time after 9pm in the chat room. We would talk about the usual stuff: our empty love lives, our jobs, gossip, Toni Braxton and ex-lovers from hell.
____One day, Chesia and I finally got the guts to say, "oh, fuck it" let's set up a date with Kenyetta at Sappho's Bar and Grill. Every since that miraculous encounter less than 12 months ago now, we became our own little posse. Secretly though, both Chesia and I wanted to fuck Kenyetta guiltlessly and yet I've always sensed that Chesia had a hidden crush on me as well. Perhaps a clue lies in the fact that once in the past she greet me with six unblossomed red roses when we went to the movies. They reminded me of untapped pussy, just waiting for the perfect ray of sunlight. Nah, it couldn't be or could it? Anyway, that was a long time ago and she hasn't made anything of it since.
____It was Friday night in the chat and Kenyetta was telling us about this invitation she had received in the mail for a very private womyn's retreat called Camp Karma Sutra. The brochure and flyer said that it was seeking four "out" African American lesbians to complete it's spiritual circle with promises of a fun filled weekend in mother earth's natural surroundings. We all check it out the information, which seemed very legit. Given that she made the arrangements for all our events, Kenyetta was known only to us as our resident Cruise Director and she was usually on target every time. She verified all the information and made a live contact on the phone. I was so glad because I've been meaning to find a way to help alleviate the accrued stress that's been harvesting in my life. Don't get me wrong because I often give thanks and call up my higher power without hesitation. I prayed that this weekend would somehow be special; that it would somehow be like none other.
____Nightfall had arrived and we pulled up to the gate. I kept thinking damn, I wanted to get there before nightfall but I kept listening to those bumbling fools who don't know crock about directions. I stopped my black Bronco, pulled out my utility flashlight (ya know every real dyke has one). There was a white wooden fence, somewhat tarnished but it was the only thing visible in the darkness. There was a note affixed to it that said "welcome to a weekend of perfect peace" and "from this point onward you will never view love in the same way." Okay cool I thought but where the hell is everybody. Beneath that was a white envelope with details and further directions for escalating up the mountain to the final camp grounds.
____As I was reading the contents of the envelope, I heard the roar of what seemed to be a motorcycle. One strong head light and the noise got louder as it got nearer. A voice from the bike yelled out "Come with me." I flashed the light in her direction and I saw this bald Black amazon with bare and succulent breasts. She adorned her body with tribal paint and she wore it well. I wasn't sure if I should turn back home at that point but it was my budding curiousity or was it my engorged clit that charged me to carry on up the hill. And so we followed her up the hill, driving through the dark trees and curvaceous roads. All the while, my eyes kept staring at the white paint on her brown body as we made our way up the hill.
____"I think I'm about ready to get into the mood of things", said Kenyetta. She then unbuttoned her shirt and stretched from the long drive as her breasts hidden in her black laced bra called out to me. She was so damn sexy, and she wasn't even trying to be. We continued to follow the woman on the bike up the hill, and my anticipation, excitement, and slight fear of what would happen next only left me hornier than I had already been.
____"Are you in the mood, yet?" asked Chesia from the back seat.
____"Yeah, girl. I'm feelin this adventure kinda thing that we've got going on here", replied Kenyetta. "Can't you just feel the energy oozing out of me? Its like I'm cumming...spiritually."
____"That easily, hunh?"
____"No, this has been a long time coming. No pun intended."
____"Oooh girl pass some of that energy on to me. I wanna be where you are." And with that Chesia reached from behind the seat and placed both of her hands Kenyetta's stomach, palms grazing her skin. Kenyetta wiggled into the seat as if she were trying to back into Chesia's arms.
____"The energy isn't localized, sweetie", said Kenyetta. She moved Chesia's hands slowly up and down her body. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. I was half jealous and half extremely excited by watching. In a big way, I had no desire to join in or have one of them turn their attentions to me. Watching turned out to stir achings between my thighs that called out for me to touch myself. Kenyetta was grinning devilishly and turned her head towards me because she knew that I couldn't take my eyes away. Chesia had laid her head between the sholder and head of Kenyetta's seat, burying her face. I know she too was feeling things that she hadn't expected, caught up in Kenyetta. And, I also knew that Kenyetta was the only one in my car that was still sober; Chesia and I were highly intoxicated by Kenyetta's way.
____Then, the bike ahead of me stopped. Geez...I had forgotten all about that little amazon woman.
____The Amazon girl was pointing towards a house marked healing center.
____As I got out of the bronco, and looked excitedly to the healing house, I couldn't get the scene of kenyetta and chesia out of my mind, I thought of ways that kenyetta could heal me, could stroke my body to relieve my tentions, I could stroke her. I was extremely horny now, and could not wait to see what this next door would open up for me, the amazon stayed on her bike as we walked to the stairs that led to the healing house I wanted to turn back to see if it was really her eyes I felt on my butt or was it my imagination my incredible pent-up sexual frustrations.. but I didnt I just kept walking towards the stairs feeling pulled there by something greater than my sexual desire
____After I knocked lightly on the door, a very sexy young lady about the age of 24, came to the door. She was wearing a silk robe which exposed the print of her big nipples. The moment that I saw her I wanted to lick her all over.
____My two friends had returned to the car, because they were tired. I was a little nervous at that moment. The lady at the door said" Hello my I help you?" I replied, "Do you have a telephone that I could use?"
____The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a mysterious looking room. I kept looking at this woman,who was so perfect in every way. Her hair was a light shade of brown that matched the hazel in her eyes. The robe hung over her shapely body, that made me more curious as to what was under it. I was determined to find out before I left.
____She gave me the cordless phone so I could use it. I did not have to really make a call so I pretended to call someone. I then asked her about the services that she offered. She told me that she read palms and such. I couldn't really concentrate because my mind kept having daydreams about me fucking her. The place looked Like a house, so I asked her if she lived here. She said that she did and began telling me of her boyfriend that had left her. She said that he had found someone who could satisfy his needs better than she could. I couldn't understand that at all. She begin to cry. I felt a little wierd but I put my arm around her to offer some comfort and to make my move.
____"I'm so sorry" she said. " I didn't mean to get so emotional, but it's only been a month since we broke up. He used my desires to be with a woman to bring another woman into the relationship. He told me she was for "us" to play with. Well it wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I went along with it for a while until it dawned on me, I was getting left out of the fun. Come to find out the bitch he got "us" didn't want me at all. Any fool could tell all she wanted was for me to lick her pussy and keep it wet so she could get it on with my boyfriend. And to make matters even worse, he prefered having sex with her instead of with me."
____I couldn't believe my ears. No way would I have done anything to hurt her. She was beautiful. The more I looked into those big brown eyes, and heard her sweet soft voice, I knew she was going to be mine. This Nubian goddess needed someone like me at her side. Someone who knows how to appreciate a beautiful woman. Then I heard her say," My name is Maya. Let's talk about something more uplifting than my x. Let me read you palm." Maya lead me to a blue over stuffed couch and had me sit down. My heart was pounding when I saw that her robe wasn't closed. As she took my hand, I could see her long legs . Her skin was soft and she smelled so good. I couldn't stop staring at her. I really wanted to kiss her.
____"You know something Maya, I think I can tell the future too. At least your future. I see a very giving young lady who deserves to have a real relationship with a woman who will take care of you and treat you the way you should be treated." My hand automaticaly begain to caress her knees. Which made her part her legs just enough for me to make my way up to her pussy. I could feel her pulsating mound against my hand. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. I put my thumb on her clit and rotated it to make her wet. She took my face in her hand and pulled me closer so she could kiss me. I thought to myself this was exactly how I wanted it to be. I want her to cum right now. So I started to suck her and lick her neck. It was long like a dancers neck. Then I opened her robe to reveal the most succulent black nipples I'd ever seen. I tease them with my tongue, while she moaned with pleasure. And just as soon as I was moving in for the kill,
____Kenyetta walks in yelling "Hey, nice tit's sister girl. Ofcourse Maya immediately closed her robe. And I told Kenyetta "Where are your manners? Don't you know how to knock? Damn!"
____Kenyta becomes a little mad. She snaps," I didn't know that my homegirl would be fucking some ho."
____At that moment, Maya lunges at Kenni( A nick name). Maya was really serious.
____ Kenni was just playing,just trying to feel on her really. Maya kept swinging but to no avail. Kenni had her pinned to the floor in a matter of seconds.
____I was so shocked and aroused, I couldn't even move to break up the fight.
____Maya was furious,while Kenni was laughing. Maya spite in her face which made Maya a little angry. So she begin kissing her. There was nothing she could do with Kenni's tounge down her throat. Kenni begin humpping her furiously. And to my surprise Maya didn't protest. I was soaking wet so I decieded to just watch.
____Kenni didn't look like the type who was "butch". As a matter of fact she was the opposite. Slim, danty, and had a sexy body that she love to show of in tight clothes and short dresses.
____They were going at it like animals,Kenni being the aggressive one. I sat back and watched. One hand in my pussy and the other caressing my erect nipples...
____Although I was a little pissed with Kenyetta, just gonna try and take my stuff right in front of me,I couldn't stop feeling the urge to just join in. As a matter of fact the more I thought about it the more turned on I became. "Fuck it! There's enough pussy in here for all of us." I yelled. So I started playing with Kenni's clit and sticking my tongue in her ear while she continued to kiss Maya. I always want to fuck Kenni anyway. But Maya intrigued me. She was the one I could really spend all of my time with. At that moment Miss Kenyetta did a total about face, and said " You take her, since she was your's first. I wont cramp your style. Even though, you got me hot as hell! Playing with my pussy like you wanted it. But thats alright, I'll fuck you latter baby." Then, she switched that pretty ass of hers right out of the door.
____All I could say was, "Maya where is the bedroom. It's time for me to show you how I really feel about you."
____"I was hoping you felt that way." Maya said. " You know, I don't even know your name." said Maya, as she turned to me as we entered her bedroom.
____"It's Chris, babygirl." I said. There where candles and insense all around the room. It smelled like one of those candle shops you pass in the mall. Heavy, but kinda nice. Her bed was low to the floor, with lot's of animal print pillows all over it. I looked over by the dresser and instead of having a mirror there, I saw a beautiful oil painting of a very naked Maya posed with her arms reaching for the sky, as if she were going to do an African dance. Her face looked hopeful as if she were the mother of all nations. I thought to myself, this must be how our ancestors looked . Very regal, yet very commanding, like she was ready to take on the world.

____"Maya, I love that painting. Your really full of surprizes aren't you" Chris said, beginning to see there was more to homegirl than meets the eye. " Maya couldn't wait to make love. All she ever really wanted was to belong and feel loved. Too many failed relationships made Maya a bit to promiscuious, so it was nothing for her to jump into bed with any pussy that came by.
____"Take off your clothes baby, I want to see what you look like underneath all that. Cause I know you have a nice body." Maya said unbuttoning Chris' shirt. Chris had a muscular build, washboard stomach,and a tight ass. She had small firm breasts that sported two pierced nipples. On her left shoulder there was a large tatoo of a beautiful multi-colored dragon that went from her shoulder to the middle of her back. She was dark chocolate with short dreds. Her chisled features made her look like a model. Even better than some of those guys in GQ. Maya couldn't keep her hands of her. Now helping Chris take off her pants, Maya begain to kiss Chris's stomach. She held on to Chris's ass while her lips moved down her body. Chris put her hands on Maya's head and held her close to her,while Maya licked and sucked at her clit.
____Chris couldn't believe how good this felt. She had been wanting to cum all day long. And now Maya was truely making love to her. Waves of pleasure went rippling thru her body. Oh how she wanted to let go. But not yet it was too soon. She needed to show Maya what she was made of. "Yes baby,you sure are full of surprizes...MMMmmm this feels so good." as Chris nelt down to kiss Maya's face. First starting with her forhead, then her eyes,checks and finally her lusious lips.
____Chris was thinking about how good Maya tasted, and how was she going to be able to walk away from this when this weekend was over? I definately want to be with her, Chris thought. Make her all mine. I really didn't want any of those other bitches fucking "my" baby! I've got to make this as special to her as it is to me.
____Chris speaks: I stuck my tongue in her ear and sucked her little ear lobe that had a nice diamond stud in it. I blew my hot breath on the side of neck and watched her moan. Her big nipples were hard and sensative as I pulled on them with my fingers. Not too hard but just enough to make them stand at attention. I started to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders while playing with her tits. When I moved to the center of her back I thought my girl was going to melt from shear antisipation. She is so soft and sweet. I eased her to the floor, It was as if she knew instinctively what I was about to do. Maya got down on her knees arching her back and lifting her pretty brown ass high in the air while I kissed and licked her all the way to her ass. Then I rolled my tongue around her asshole, I could feel her her pussy throbing. She was so wet, I knew she wanted to cum by her rotating hips, but I wanted her to saver this moment. So I fucked her with my tongue. Sticking it in and out of her hole while my baby moaned in ecstasy. Then very slowly I moved to her pussy, fucking it also with my tongue.I moved my head in a continuous circle which made my tongue rotate around and around in her wet hole while sticking it in and out all in one endless motion.
____Maya let out a scream, telling me "baby dont't stop, please don't stop how you make love to me. I need you. This is so good to me." I couldn't help but smile I had her now just where I wanted her. So I moved up to that part just before the top of her clit and licked it. Faster and faster till she was about to cum. Then I slowed my pace I wasn't ready for her to cum yet not till I sucked that big engorged clit of hers. So I licked her thighs moving down to the back of her knees. She almost fell over her body was trembling so bad. I laid her on her back so I could see that sweet pussy of her's. Her Ex-boyfriend was a fool. Ha! too bad, she's mine now. And I buried my face deep into her mound, sucking on her clit with a furry that comes from wanting it so badly. Maya couldn't stand it. She was raising her body up and down, and shaking her head from side to side. yelling my name. She grabed my head and pulled it close to her while ginding in my face. I tried to lick and suck all the juice from her hot twat. Then she exploded with wave after wave,having one of the most intensive orgasm I'd ever seen a women have. I was so proud of her and myself. Her body was shaking so from the excitement that I pulled her into my arms and held her tightly. Kissing her hungerly. I was so hot I could almost cum by just being near her. Maya played with my clit, as we kissed, until I came.
____I thought that I would leave now but she was not through. She said that she was hot and she wanted to take a bath. She asked me if I would like to join. Of couse I did. She went to her drawer and pulled out some thing and quickly went into the bathroom and turned on the water. When she called me into the bathroom I got into the slighly hot water that was full of bubles. She then slid in with me. Her Big,round breast were shinning in the water which called my mouth. I tried to resist but failed. I launched forward bit down on her right tit while I squeezed the left. She then begged me to use the long dildo that she has brought into the tub...

____While Chris and Maya get their freak on, Chesia had been checking out a few things for herself. She had wandered around the camp till she found a cabin where you register for the weekend. Looking around she saw a number of women lounging by the fireplace, and a couple sitting in front of the bay window kissing and hugging. She walked up to the clerk and got the rooms for her and her friends. The clerk inroduced her to the camp tourguide." This is Freddie May, who will take you to your rooms I hope that you find everything satisfactory." the clerk said. "Oh thanks." said Chesia laughingly. " I just know I will. Hi Freddie I'm Chesia. I'm hungry, what's to eat around here, and where can I get a good massage. "Hey there Chesia. Well first let's go to the rooms and you can drop off your things. Then I'll take you to the Cantina, thats where we eat. I know you like ribs, cause thats whats on the menu today with potatoe salad, baked beans, and corn on the cob." said Freddie. " Oh yeah, now we talking. Let's go.
____This camp wasn't like any other. It was more like a resort. The rooms were fabulous. Chesia had booked them a suite. Livingroom with a bar and stereo, a small kichenette,and 3 bedrooms. You could tell by her nodding her head she was pleased with the rooms. Freddie and Chesia put the suitcases down and Chesia looked in each bedroom till she decided on the one that faced the lake. "I take this one. My friends can fight over the other two. Do you mind waiting while I freshen up a bit?" said Chesia. "Oh go a head we have time. Besides I want to tell you about this place." said Freddie. " "Well come on in here and tell me while I take a quick shower." Chesia said, as if she'd known Freddie for years. Freddie watched her take off her clothes and told her what a nice body she had. " Well I'd better. I work out 3 times a week. There will be no fat on this here body for the next 20 years, at least I hope not. Hahahahaha, What the hell if I get fat so what, I'm cute I can still get a girl.
____"Your not so bad yourself Freddie. Your from the south aren't you?" said Chesia looking directly at Freddie's tits. "Yes child, Ala-fucking-bama, and I'm glad that I'm gone. Child those damn people down there gave me grief about being a lesbian. It was my family you know. Always trying to put me down because I am not married and don't have an asshole full of kids. I never had any and don't plan on having any, thank you. said Freddie while she and Chesia gave each other the high 5. Freddie had a big ass and big tit's. She could stand to loose 20 pounds but she was pretty. Those 20 pounds where all in the right places. she was whereing kaki shorts and a tee shirt, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, some hicking boots and socks. Chesia still wanted some pussy but decided to wait and see if Freddie would make the first move. After all she was standing there completely naked,talking to a complete stranger. Just thinking about the possiblities turned her on. As she smiled to herself, she asked Freddie to wash her back.
____Chesia asked Freddie if she had someone special, not wanting intrude on someone elses space. "Well who doesn't, but me and my lover have a very open relationship. If we see something we like we go for it. We are just discreet about it, you know not throwing it in each others face. We have that much respect for each other. So it's cool. Why did you ask do you see something you like?" Freddie said while moving her hand to Chesia's breast slowly washing it in a very sensuous circular motion right on her right nipple.
____"Shit girl, I been horny all damn day and yes you look mighty good to me right now. Why don't you join me for a shower. We can skip the tour until latter. Because I sure want my pussy fucked by you, and I don't even want to wait any longer than I have too." Chesia said. "I have a really nice strap on for you to fuck me with before you eat my pussy. Ok? Wait hear while I go and get it." Chesia leaped from the shower and ran into the bedroom, looked in her overnight bag and pulled out a very flesh like dong. It was big and black and had a vibrating motor for definite fucking pleasure. It could stimulate both of them at the same time. Chesia bounced back to the bathroom and found Freddie completely nude. "I think I want to fuck you first," said Chesia while she straped it on.
____ Freddie's pussy was soaking wet so it was easy to stick it in. Freddie was bent over the sink, Chesia was tall enough to so that it was a comfortable to fuck her from behind. She started pumping her ass and Freddie's pussy was popping from the action. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder!" screamed Freddie. Now she was wiggling her ass, hoping for more. Chesia was fucking her and fingering Freddie's clit. Freddie started playing with her own breasts to highten the pleasure. Chesia saw how turned on Freddie was and pulled out the dong and told her, " Suck it baby, suck my dick real good. Freddie got on her knees and Chesia pushed the it in her mouth Freddie licked and suck the dick and pushed the strap on to the side while she played with Chesia's clit.
____ The two girls took turns eating each other. When they grew tired of that, they went into the bedroom and laid on the bed. Chesia was so into Freddie. She loved the way her body tasted in her mouth. She slowly sucked the right and left breast that sent Freddie wild. Freddie then spread Chesia's legs and straddled her own legs between her and humped her pussy furiously.
____Chesia opened her pussy lips to expose her engorged clit even more, Freddie's was so large and hard that it stuck out beyond her shaven pussy. They moved slower to enjoy the wetness and absolute pleasure of humping. Freddie moved closer to Chesia to stick her tongue in Chesia's mouth and Chesia held Freddie's big tits in her hands, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs until she could rub their hard nipples together. They were moving in such rhythm that anyone could cum just watching.
____As a matter of fact, there was someone watching. Kenni found the room and, since she had left Chris and Maya with out reaching her orgasm she had planned to find her room and finish herself off before eating. Well, Kenni entered the room, heard the noises in the room by the lake. This was a perfect thing. She took off her clothes and walked to the room rubbing her nipples to start the juices flowing again.
____Chesia sees Kenni come into the room with her beautiful body, nipples standing on end and motions for her to come over. Freddie is deep into what she's enjoying and doesn't realize Kenni's entrance. She's humping in rhythms of hard and soft and her ass is shaking so beautifully. Then she does the circular motions. Kenni is wet by now, watching and coming closer as she touches her clit with one finger lightly as she and Chesia's eyes meet. Kenni moves around so Freddie can see her and rubs her hand lightly and sensuously down her back as a reassuring gesture. She then moves her hand down to Freddie's wet pussy and is able to slip a finger in. She moves it in and out and then further down to get to Chesia's.
____Freddie lifts her shaking, full ass slightly up so Kenni can get to it easier, but she never stops rubbing her clit. Well, this fingering starts another level of desire. Kenni sees the dildo on the side of the sink and rushes in to put it on. Hey, what's this? Kenni realizes that Chesia finally broke down and bought that double ended dildo she had been talking about. Kenni moves it slowly inside of her pussy while watching Chesia Freddie dismount Chesia and move her clit up to Chesia's mouth. Chesia in the meantime can't wait to put her fingers in Freddie's pussy and fingers her furiously. Kenni, walks back into the room with the dildo inside of her wide wet pussy and while pushing it in and out of herself she climbs onto the bed. Chesia's legs are wide open by now. Freddie, feeling the motion on the bed turns around to face Kenni and plays with her own nipples while grinding over Chesia's tongue in an exhibitionist sort of way. Kenni moves in and slowly penetrates Chesia with the dildo. She starts moving in and out slowly while watching Freddie perform her body writhing dance. Kenni plays with her nipples also and finally reaches out for Freddie. Freddie leans forward hungering for Kenni to pull and bite and suck her nipples.
____Kenni grabs Freddies nipple as she pushes the dildo in and out of Chesia. Freddie is so turned on by having two women she cant help but grind faster on Chesia's tongue, all the while gentally pulling on Chesia's clit. Kenni is furiously riding that dildo and looks so hot Freddie cant help herself and takes her other hand and plays with Kenni's nipples. The girls go at it for another half hour. Then finally, one by one they explode in an almost simultanious orgasm.
____Freddie turned and kissed Chesia eagerly. " I have been wanting a three way for months. Me and my other lover use to do this all the time. Chesia, Kenni, you ladies really know how to please me. Come on lets get in the hot tub and relax for a while. It's just outside on the patio," said Freddie who was looking a little glassy eyed after all that excitement.
____ "Hey! What about my food Freddie, I'm really starving like Marvin now." hollered Chesia, who didn't even seem tired. "I still want my ribs ya know."
____"Alright now Chesia. Stop acting like a bitch on her period. You guys get in the hot tub and I'll go get all of us some food. Since I am kinda hungry myself." said Kenni. "I'll be right back. Now don't do any thing, just get your asses in the tub and be nice." yelled Kenni as she walked out the door.
____Chesia turned to Freddie and and kissed her, and playfully hit her on her ass and said," Now you can relax baby." as they both sank onto the hot soothing water. "Ahhh yes, now this is what I call the good life." said Chesia as she pulled Freddie closer to her. Freddie was sitting between her legs with her head laying back on Chesia's chest. "I want to spend the night with you baby,"said Chesia, I want to make love to you all night long." Freddie whispered to Chesia " I know, I want you to stay in my room. It's just on the other side of the building. That way we can have our privacy. Just you and me and the dildo! hehehehe " laughed Freddie while she turned and feverishly kissed Chesia.

____On her way to the "Kumarese Restaurant and Bar", Kenni ran into Chris, who was on her way to the room to freshen up and stretch out. She was beat from all the driving and sex. And really just wanted to eat and go to sleep until the festivities that were going to take place that night. It was going to be a nice show with live entertainment and dancing, and Chris wanted to be fresh since she was taking Maya to the party. She had left Maya sleeping peacfully. She told her she would be back at 9:30 that night to get her.
____ "Girl you missed it!" Hollered Kennie. "I walked in on Chesia fucking this big tittie, big ass ...and I do mean nice big ass chick name Freddie, and you know I just had to join in. Girl I wouldn't mind having that ass for myself," said Kenni to a very disapproving Chris.
____ "You know what Kenni, why you always got to be up in everybody elses shit, why dont you go get your own shit. I found Maya and here you come. Not that I was worried. I like the three way some time's, but Maya is special to me. I am falling for her big time. And your not gonna fuck this up for me. Now I see Chesia got somebody and what do you do, join right in. You're a horny bitch. I sure hope you find someone this weekend. Cause you aint fucking mine no more. That little taste you had was all your gonna get. Do you hear me!!!" said Chris who wasn't bullshittin at all.
____Chris really had started to fall for Maya, and she had known Kenni since they were kids. Kenni was a good friend but she was also everybodies convenient piece of ass. She knew Kenni never could get into a serious relationship because she was to busy licking and sucking this one and that one. She stays horny all the time. She never wants to commit to just one female. Chesia never minded how Kenni acted since she would fuck Kenni when ever she wanted to. And Kenni was more than willing every time when it came down to sex. But Chris didnt want to share Maya with anyone.
____"Ok ok ok, I'll find my own pussy since you want to be stingy with yours. And you know Chris all that shit your talking dont mean shit to me, cause you know you like the way I taste and the way I make you feel so there, have your little fling with Maya. What do you think she is going to come back with you and live happy ever after. Yeah right! Just wait and see what I tell ya, just you wait." scoffed Kenni.
____ "No, you wait, you'll see." said Chris as they both entered the restaurant. "Ok Kenyetta, nows your chance. This restaurant is full of beautiful black women. Take your pick, cause I know your pussy is hot just looking at them."
____ "Let me order the food first and then let's go to the bar and see who's in there." Kenni said with anticipation. Her heart was pounding as she scoped a very delicious looking girl sitting alone at the bar. Kenni knew thats who she was going to try and get as she looked at the the girl from across the room. "Um can I have 4 orders of your bar-b-que special to go. And also I'd like 4 cokes. " said Kenni to the older woman who was taking the order,while continually looking at the girl in the bar.
____" Sexy isn't she " said the woman. Kenni finally turned and saw it was the bald headed dyke that had led them to the camp. "Damn, she is fine " said Kenni, who's pussy was getting hotter by the minute. Even Chris had to turn and look at this fox who was now looking their way.
____ "If you'd like I can introduce you. By the way I'm Reno, the manager of this place. And that sexy young thing is my niece Michelle. She's 22 years old from Los Angeles and has been a lesbian since she was 12. Thats when she lost her virginity to one of her friends from school. That child has never been with a man, and I doubt if she ever will. Michelle goes to UCLA majoring in medicine. Straight A's all the way. I'm very proud of her."
____"I'm Kenyetta and this is my friend Chris ." said Kenni who was still staring at Michelle.
____Michelle had on a very short black mini skirt with a black leather studded halter, that barely covered her breast's. She wore 3 in stiletto sandals on her feet. Michelles hair was very long half way down her back and was sandy brown and very curly. Her legs were crossed and her skirt didn't leave much for the imagination as short as it was. "Hi auntie." said Michelle in a very deep but sexy voice.
____"Baby girl, I'd like to introduce you to Kenyetta and Chris. Kenyetta thinks your fine," said Reno who was smiling.
____"Thank you, Kenyetta," said Michelle.
____"Call me Kenni, everyone else does" said Kenni whose pussy was dripping wet now.
____Chris said hi and excused herself saying she would get the food and take it back to the room, and give them a chance to get to know each other. " Be good Kenni." said Chris.
____"I'm always good." said Kenni. "See you in a few. Hey leave my food here. I'll eat while I talk to Michelle."
____" Come on over here," said Michelle, "let's sit at the table by the window so we can see the sunset. It is so beautiful up here. I try to come up as often as I can to see Auntie and have some fun." Michelle's ass switched when she walked, and she made sure Kenyetta could see it all. She dropped her sunglasses on purpose so Kenyetta could get a good view of what was under her skirt.
____Kenni was mesmerized when she saw Michelle didn't have on any panties. "Girl you better be careful bending over like that. I just might take and fuck you right here in the bar."
____"Would you really? I'd love that." Michelle said seductively, as she turned to Kenni. "I never wear panties. I like to be ready for any given situation. I love suduction. I really can get off on that you know. I like feminine women like yourself, with tight low cut clothes. Nice breasts to suck on. And I love the way pussy smells and tastes. I wouldn't have a man if you paid me!" Michelle looked as if she would ravish Kenni on the spot. "I am a total freak in bed. Are you?"
____"Girl, you sound like my type of woman. You know when I saw you I got so wet that I had to meet you. " said Kenni as she put her hand between Michelle's legs.
____"Play with my pussy until your food comes Kenni. It wont't take me long to cum. No one will see. This table cloth will cover us." Since they were sitting next to each other in a booth, Kenni started finger fucking Michelle while her thumb played with Michelle's clit. Michelle was rocking back and forth on Kenni's hand, loving every minute of this. Michelle didn't lie, she came just that fast, and it was a good thing too since the waitress had showed up with Kenni's food.
____"Hurry up and eat your food Kenni, I want to be your desert. I tell you what, while you eat I'll play with your pussy and get you ready for me. Open your legs wide." Michelle slid her fingers into Kenni's dripping wet pussy. Kenni had on a thong which made for easy access. She was also waring a skin tight lycra mini dress, that was in a wild tiger print. Then she pulled her hand away and tasted her fingers. "Your very very wet and mmmm your juice sure taste good. I cant wait to eat you up." moaned Michelle in Kenni's ear.
____"Don't stop now baby, it feels too good. I can't believe I found some one like you. I'm just as freaky as you are. Keep on playing with my pussy." Kenni spread her legs wider. "Where do you stay Michelle, lets go to your room."
____"Come on I'll show you," Michelle said. She lead Kenni to the second floor of the inn. Michelle's room had a big brass bed in it. On the night stand were 2 sets of handcuffs. "I want to tie you up and lick your whole body until you cum, Kenni. Dont worry I wont hurt you," said Michelle reasuringly to Kenni.
____"Thats freaky for real, I guess you can as long as thats all your going to do." said Kenni now wondering if she had gotten herself in to something she couldn't handle. But turned on by the thought, Kenni undressed and laid on the bed.
____Michelle made sure Kenni was comfortable, putting a pillow behind her head. Then she cuffed each one of her wrists to the bed posts, and took her own clothes off. She started with Kenni's feet. Sucking her toes slowly. Kenni moaned, saying how nice it felt. Michelle proceeded to give Kenni a thorough tongue bath. Licking her every where. Kenni couldn't do anything but enjoy it--her body was on fire. Michelle moved up to her pussy and lapped at it like a kitten drinking milk. She stuck her tongue in and out of Kenni's pussy and sucked on her vagnial orafice drinking the sweet juices seeping out of her delicious hole. She used just the right suction with her mouth pulling on Kenni's clit. Michelle could flick her tongue with lightening speed, which sent Kenni's body into a shaking fit.
____"Uncuff me so I can make love to you, I can't hardly stand it." yelled Kenni.
____"No not yet, I'm not finished with you," said Michelle. She continued eating Kenni's pussy, making her come over and over in multiple orgasms. Kenni could hardly talk, yet she begged Michelle to stop. But Michelle was in her own world. She did slow down to give Kenni a chance to regroup, but, just as Kenni thought she could rest, Michelle began to suck on her clit again. It was so swollen, Kenni was suprized she wasn't sore, but Michelle knew what she was doing. Licking and sucking her into yet another orgasm. Then Michelle just held her tongue on the engorged clit. Every now and then tapping it lightly. Kenni had never experienced anything so wonderful. She felt exhausted and well satisfied.
____After she had relaxed a while, Kenni decided it was her turn to have a little fun with Michelle. "Hey baby, why don't you take these things off me, and I'll show you just how I can pay you back," she said with a smile. Michelle leaned over to uncuff her, then leaned down for a deep full kiss.
____Kenni kneeled on the bed so she could reach everything, and then went to work. She grabbed Michelle's wrists and gently pushed her down on the bed, then began to squeeze her gorgeous tits and suck on her hard, black nipples. Michelle started moaning, and tried to push kenni down farther. Kenni said no, and pushed her hands away. She turned Michelle over onto her stomach, then stuffed a few pillows under her hips so she was raised off the mattress. Kenni squeezed Michelle's firm ass cheeks, and said, "Girl, I can wait to get me a taste of this." She quickly pushed Michelle's legs apart, then tied her feet to the bed posts. She then settled down between them to get to work.
____Kenni began by blowing softly on Michelle's swollen, dripping cunt, making her moan softly. She traced a finger oh-so-slowly down the slit, then leaned up and allowed Michelle to taste herself. She continued to delicately run her finger up and down, then traced it up between her ass cheeks. Michelle was moaning earnestly now, and said, "Please, baby, I can't take it any more." Kenni laughed and continued her work, completely avoiding her clit. Michelle's hips were moving back and forth on the pillows, and kenni figured she had probably had nearly enough. She spread the ass cheeks far apart, wet her finger with michelle's juices, then plunged it in Michelle's ass. Michelle let out a faint scream, and then cried, "Please, Kenni, I'm going to cum. I want you to eat me. Please..." Kenni leaned her head down, took deep smell, then clamped her mouth over michelle's swollen clit. Michelle bucked her hips up "oh, God! Oh, that's so good! Please don't stop!" Kenni sucked and sucked, until Michelle's quivers subsided, and they were both drenched in sweat and cum.
____" I'm so glad you enjoyed that. I was getting a little nervous when you put the handcuffs on me, but I sure am glad you did. This has been an incredable experience for me. " said Kenni as she lit a cigarette and passed it to Michelle.
____"Yes, we have to do this again," said Michelle. "You know alot of women wouldn't have let me near them with a pair of cuffs but I saw something in you that was really freaky and I just went with my instincts on that one." Michelle smiled at Kenni as she passed the cigarette back to her. "You tease me rather well."
____Kenni took a long drag then told Michelle no one woman had ever made her cum so many times in one evenning, and asked for her phone number to stay in touch. Michelle eagerly looked for a pen and paper so they could exchange numbers. They were very sure that they would be keeping in touch long after this weekend ended. "Hey sweet pussy, you have got to go to the dance with me. I want to show your ass off to my friends. Oh yeah and wear something sexy for me, ok?" Kenni said to Michelle.
____ "Are you kidding? Of course I'll go with you. Your not hardly getting out of my sight this weekend," laughed Michelle. "I want to suck your pussy as much as I can before we leave. As a matter of fact how would you like to cum one more time before we leave for the dance. It's 9 o'clock now lot's 69 and see who cums first before 9:30. The one who does has to wear the dog collar and chain to the dance. That will show everyone who owns who," said Michelle with a gleam in her eyes.
____Kenni wasn't about to be the one in the collar. So the girls proceeded to in a serious suck fest and although Michelle tried her best she was no match for Kenni. Michelle came first and seconds latter so did Kenyetta, who went into a laughing fit screaming, "You're going to make me the happiest girl at the party. Lets take a bath real quick and get dressed."
____Michelle went first and was out in 10 mins looking in the closet for an outfit to make herself Kenni's slave for the evenning. She pulled out a black leather bra that fit around the breasts. Showing off her voluptuous tits since the bra had nothing but straps around and underneath her breasts. Then she put on a black leather thong and black spike heels, the dog collar and hooked the chain to the collar while 2 other chains from the collar clamped onto each of her nipples making them very red. The chains were attached to a leach so Kenni could hold on to it the whole time. She put her makeup on and she was ready to go. Kenni emergered from the bathroom and was overcome when she saw how beautiful Michelle was in the slave outfit.
____ "Here Kenni I want you to wear this." said Michelle who had taken it upon herself to give Kenni the best looking black leather outfit she owned. And since the girls were about the same size it wasn't a problem for Kenni to put it on. Kenni looked stunning in this patent leather jumpsuit. It barely covered Kenni's nipples. It was nothing but straps all the way to the ankles and had silver snaps on both sides to hold it all together.The sleeves were also straps held together with snaps. The crotch had a larger piece of leather attached to it, making it look like thong. the back was completely bare.
____ Kenni put on her black heels and said "Come here my pussy." while yanking on the leash proving that she was the mistress. She pulled Michelle closer and kissed her. Michelle handed her a small cat-o-nine tails and whispered to Kenni to spank her across her ass. Kenni immediately obliged. Kissing her and spanking her at the same time, letting Michelle know that she didn't even have a problem with this role. " Come on let's go to the party." said Kenni laughingly as they went thru the door.

____Meanwhile, everyone else was at the dance. There were over 200 lesbian women in attendence to this annual function. These women were from all walks of life. Rich and not so rich. They were all there to support their pride of lesbian womanhood, which is what brought them together every year at Camp Kuma. The restaurant was transformed into a Black and silver techno ballroom extraviganza. The music was thumping one of Foxy Browns songs and everyone was partying. This years theme was called Dyke-night, and first prize would go to the person in the wildest outfit. It was a $1500.00 prize that alot of people were trying to win. The clothing was outragiously bare revealing more tits and ass than a strip club, and everyone was having fun.
____Chris and Maya, Chesia and Freddie were saving seats at their table for Kenyetta and Michelle. The conversation immediately stopped and all eyes were on the new couple. Kenyetta was pulling the leash of a much willing and very proud Michelle. "Hi guys. Chesia,Freddie,Maya, I'd like to introduce you to the sweetest pussy in here. This is Michelle, she is my slave for the evenning. Chris you have already met Michelle." Kenni said looking for Chris' approval.
____Everyone said hello to Michelle, wondering how'd Kenni got so lucky to be with such a fox. And a submisive fox at that. " Kenni you look good girl and so do you Michelle," said Chris.
____ Chesia said, "Kenni! you guys will definately win the contest tonight!"
____"I know we will, with me looking this good and my girl looking that good, how could we lose," said a confident Kenyetta.
____Chesia turned to Freddie and said jokingly,"Hey baby you want to be my slave tonight after the dance."
____ Freddie laughed. "I don't fuckin play that shit. Me and you will get to thumpin up in here if you even try some shit like that with me."
____Maya was very shocked by the whole thing. " I know that this type of thing exists but I just never seen it up close and personal." She was a bit disturbed by Kenni and Michelle's appearance.
____"Dont worry baby. Kenni has always been extreme in her behavior. She lives just to shock the world or maybe to shock me I think." said Chris.
____"Come on Michelle our audience awaits." said Kenni as she pulled Michelle to the dance floor. The two girls were an instant hit. They danced thru the crowd making their way to the middle of the dance floor. Kenni was grinding on Michelle's ass and pulling on the clamps on Michelles tit's from behind as Michelle grind her ass into Kenni's pelvus. Michelle turned around and squated down pumping her hips to the music and started pretending she was eating Kenni's pussy while Kenni was humping at Michelle's face. The two put on a special show just for all to see, to make sure they won the prize.
____When the music stopped the MC grabbed the mic and said, "Well,Well,Well it lookes like we have an undesputed winner. Would the two young ladies in the back leather slave and mistress outfits come up here please. You girls almost made me cum just watching that erotic dance you did!" The MC told them to take a bow to the audience.
____The girls bowed gracefully then both of them jumped up and down and hugged each other while the crowd cheered. The MC told them to step over to the judges table for a picture that would be displayed in the inn's lobby for all to see. Kenni and Michelle went over to the table. They couldn't stop talking about how they couldn't believe they had really won $1500.00. Kenni posed holding the cat-o-nine tails over Michelle's ass and pulled the leash,as Michelle bent over and stuck out her ass. Both smiled a big smile for the camara. The judges sent unlimited champange to the girl's table, and all 6 women celebrated and danced the night away.

____Each girl had their own special someone to be with for one more day. They all enjoyed a wonderful stimulating experience that no one would ever forget. It was day break there was no one left in the ballroom. Everyone had left with the person they wanted to be with. Chesia and Freddie went back to Freddie's room, while Kenyetta and Michelle stayed in Michelle's room. Which left Chris and and Maya. These two had truly fallen in love. They had spent the rest of the night walking around the camp grounds and talking about their plans for the future.
____Chris was ready to take Maya away with her, back to her home in Washington,DC. Chris was successful and had a large condo in Georgetown that she was willing to share with Maya and make it their own private palace. She told Maya of how she would never have to worry about anything again in life,and how she would spoil her with the best things money could by. To seal their love Chris gave her a beautiful diamond ring that her latge grandmother had given her on her 18th birthday.
____Maya told Chris that she would always treasure the ring and never take it off. Maya told Chris she was the person the cards had told her about. The one who would come and take her away to a wonderful life. The one who would stand by her side and be her partner in life, through out her life.
____"Maya I"ll love you and cherish you as long as you live. Will you be my wife?" said Chris with tears in her eyes.
____Maya kissed Chris very tenderly and said " Yes my love, I'll be your wife as long as you'll have me. I'll do anything too please you. I'll make you so very proud of me. I promise this to you." Maya was also crying now.
____Their fate was now sealed. Life had thrown them a homerun. Finally they both had what they truly wanted. Someone to love, not just to have sex with, but someone to make a life with. The two kissed and went to Chris's room and made love once again. Maya sat on the bed in front of Chris and started kissing her breast's playing with the nipple rings on Chris's tits. Then slowly started to lick and suck on Chris's nipples. Chris pushed Maya's head down to where she could suck on Chris's clit. She rotated her hips and humped on Maya's tongue until she came. Then Chris flipped Maya backwards onto the bed with May's leg's dangling over Chris's shoulders. And proceeded to fuck Maya with her tongue. She made her pussy contract by sucking all the juice from Maya's pussy hole. And then licked and sucked Maya's inflamed clit until she came. "You're so good to me Chris. Now I'm ravenous. Let's go get some food." said Maya. And they got dressed and went to eat.

____ Freddie woke up to Chesia licking her pussy. "Now this is the way to wake up in the morning. Good morning Chesia. I sure wish I didn't have to go back to work. What time is it anyway?"
____Chesia lifted her hand and looked at her watch. "It's almost 10 o'clock."
"Oh no! I've got to get ready. I should have been to work at 9." Freddie started to get up.
____Chesia pulled her back down and said, "Not until I finish with your pussy baby." Freddie couldn't resist and suggested they 69 so they could both cum. And the girls went at it again. Licking and sucking each other until they both came.
____Freddie got up and took her bath and got ready for work while Chesia went back to her room and got ready for the day.

____ Kenyetta and Michelle had gotten up early and were eatting breakfast in the restaurant. They decided to go exploring for the day on bikes and ended up making love in the grass under the sky. Kenyetta told Michelle how nice it would be to have an orgy. "Girl, I love to suck and fuck alot of women all at once. It just turns me on!" said Kenni.
____"Oh baby up here at Camp Kuma the last night we have a big erotic experience where we all sit naked around the campfire and have our bodies painted, rubbing and touching anyone you like," said Michelle who was already hot at the thought of all that pussy to come. "Just picture it, the drums beating in the background women chanting and kissing and making love to who ever they want to right there in front of everyone. It's so moving that everybody just sort of joins in and has one big orgy. Imagine all the pussy you can eat. You're going to love it Kenni. Do you think your friends will join in?"
____"Well you'll probably only have Chesia and Freddies pussy to taste, since Chris is hung up on Maya and doest want anyone to touch her but herself. The bitch thinks she's in love, but she don't know love from lust." Kenni really wouldn't mind tasting Maya just one more time, but she decided there was enough pussy at the camp to satisfy her palate with out stepping on Chris's toes.
____ Kenni watched as Michelle stood by the tree. A little wind was blowing and she could smell Michelle's perfume. "I want you to pull down your shorts Michelle and stand there while I suck you off." Kenni moved towards Michelle. With out hesitation Michelle pulled down her shorts and Kenni ate her pussy under the noonday sun. Kenni pulled out her vibrator and rubed it around Michelle's pussy and got it nice and wet. Then stuck it inside Michelle's asshole while she sucked Michelle's clit. The little motor made a big impact and in no time at all Michelle begain to cum.
____Kenni couldnt wait and pulled Michelle down on the ground and told her to lick her. Michelle started sucking on Kenni's nipples until they were hard. "Stick your tongue in my ass Michelle, I want you to fuck my ass with your tongue," commanded Kenni. Michelle played with Kenni's clit with her finger and had a finger from the other hand in Kenni's pussy while she stuck her tongue in and out of Kenni's asshole. This drove Kenyetta wild and she screamed at Michelle to do it faster. Michelle's head moved fast yet she never broke her beat. Kenni loved this and come all over Michelle's fingers.
____"Come baby lay down next to me and let's take a nap," said Kenni to Michelle. They kissed each other until they both fell asleep.

____This was a great day. Nothing could have been more perfect for the girls. Especially for Chesia, who seemed quite content to walk along the trails outside of the camp grounds. She always did love walking in the park in Silver Springs just outside of DC. But this was much more special to her. She was on her way to meet Freddie and a few other ladies from camp to hear a lecture by Nancey VanArsdall on The Rhythms In Personal Relationships, which is in conjuction with her book, "Coming Full Circle". Chesia wanted to hear what corelation there was between body rhythms and people. It seemed very mytical to her, but since Freddie suggested it she had to attend. There were probably 50 or 60 other women there all sitting in folding chairs waiting for the guest speaker to arrive. It was a little bit early to be there but Chesia wanted a good seat. Plus she figuired she would have more time to chat with Freddie before the lecture started.
____"Freddie, I'm over here girl." said Chesia as she waved at Freddie to come and join her.
____"Hey there, did you get any rest this morning. I am so worn out. I asked to have the rest of the day off to relax and be with you" said Freddie. "Oh Freddie, your so sweet for doing that for me. But I could have wandered around and found something to do. You know there are an awful lot of things going on today." Chesia felt bad about the inconvenience she had imposed on Freddie by taking her away form her work.
____"No no baby, I want to be here with you, after all this is the last day and night we'll have with each other before you go home tomorrow." Freddie said realizing that all good things must come to an end. They just end too soon for her liking.
____ Freddie told Chesia that she would love to come see her sometime. So the two of them agreed that it would be a date, for sometime around Thanksgiving. Freddie would drive up to see her and spend 4 days seeing the sites of Washington with Chesia. And of course they made immediate plans for the evening. Freddie told her about the gathering at the campfire tonight and asked Chesia if she thought she'd like to participate in the fun. Well when Chesia found out it was going to be a real live orgy she said "Hell yes that's what I call major fun, mon cheri." as she kissed Freddie. "Yes we'll paint our bodies and I'll make mad pasionate love to you. This night, there should be enough pussy for you to hold you over until I can see you again." Laughed Freddie as she put her on Chesia's knee.
____"Cool, I just loves me some pussy". said Chesia in an exagerated southern accent. "Hey the lecture is starting". said Freddie. So the girls turned and clapped to welcome the guest speaker.

____"Chris, can you help me with this trunk. I can't seem to shut it. Come here and sit on it for me." yelled Maya to Chris who was helping her pack up her things for the move to Washington. All of the furniture, dishes, and linen belonged to Camp Kuma, but the rest was Maya's.
____ "Here let me close it for you baby," said Chris, who plopped down on the truck and locked it, all in one gesture.
____"Did you fit everything in the U haul, because this is the only thing left except my overnight bag." said Maya.
"It was a tight squeeze but it's all in there. And yes I left room for this trunk, so don't worry baby, we're taking everything that belongs to you." Chris had rented a small trailer and hitched it to the back of the Bronco. Both girls spent most of the day packing and loading the trailer with Maya's things. There was no turning back now, not that either of them had any apprehensions about the move. Maya was thrilled at finally finding her soulmate and moving in with her. Chris couldn't wait for Maya to see the condo and she had already told her that the nude painting of Maya was to go over the mantel in the livingroom for everyone to admire. Chris decided that they would just spend a quiet evenning making love in the hot tub, sipping champagne and resting up for the tomorrow's drive.

____After waking up from making love all afternoon in the sun, Kenyetta and Michelle went back to Kenyetta's room. Kenni asked Michelle to give her a massage. Her back was aching from laying on the hard ground for so long. Michelle told Kenni to strip and began to rub some oil into her skin. "Oh yes that's where it hurts, just a little to the left." Kenni rolled her shoulders trying to get the kinks out of her neck.
____"After this you should get in the hot tub and soak for a while," said Michelle. "You're going to need all the energy you can get tonight sweetie. After all, how can you enjoy yourself if your in pain." She kneeded Kenni's muscles.
____"Ok let's get in the tub, maybe it will loosen me up." replied Kenni. The water was very soothing to Kenni. Those heated jets worked wonders on her back.
____"Do you hear something," asked Michelle.
____"It's just Chris and Maya." said Kenni. She was facing the door of the patio and could see front door clearly. "We're out here Chris. I'm soaking my aching back."
____"I guess you're just getting old, huh Kenni. You can't take it any more, huh old girl," laughed Chris as she and Maya brought out champagne and glasses for them all.
____"Cute,very cute. Now you know I'm not even old ..so don't try to go there Chris." said Kenni.
____ Chris just couldn't wait any longer. She had to tell Kenni about Maya moving in. She thought Kenni would be against it, but was determined to make her friend listen. To Chris' surprize, Kenni was very understanding of the situation, and hugged both of them. The 4 women drank champagne and talked for hours in the hot tub. Kenni even appologized to Maya for trying to force her to have sex with her on the first day they'd met.

____In the distance you could hear the tribal drums beating away, calling those women near and far to the Gathering in the middle of the camp. The sound was so intoxicating it made you want to undress and dance towards it's beat. There were painted women all around. Dancing and chanting to the drums as if they were in a trance, pulling the the women closer to the circle. Swaying back and forth, kissing them, caressing them, making them apart of the mounting fire that was felt between their legs. It was so primative, yet sensuously provacative, no one could resist making love to any woman who approached her with a hot tongue.
____It was easy because of the drums and chanting to get caught up in the ritualized orgy that was now taking place. Almost 200 women participated, making this a festival of love and sharing of an emotional experience which would bring them back year after year to this place in the mountains. Almost 200 women, hot and wet and urning to give their juices to quench the thirsty mouths of any woman who dared to lay with them on this steaming night of perverse passion layed upon them by their meer presence at Camp Kuma.
____Chesia and Freddie, Kenni and Michelle were also caught up by the spell of unbridled passion and lust. They sucked and ate pussy as if it were a gourmet's delite. Not just with each other but with any woman within their reach. Some of the women brought their strap ons to probe any orafice willing to please. Yes, this night of erotic sex dug deep into a hole that was filled with the desires that is centuries old of women tasting the forbidden fruits of another womans flesh and savoring it flavor and smell. To cherish it and relish in the knowledge that we are here to stay. One with the universe, one with ourselves, and one with each other.

____ I'm sad to say it's check out time. This has been a wonderful experience for all of us. We all have found that no matter who you are or where you're from, there is someone for every last one of us to share our bodies with. That will provide us with what ever it is that we need to help us to grow into the type of individual who can take on anything the world dishes out. Be it good, bad, or extreme, it will give us fortitude and the stamina to succeed, whether it be learning to kiss a willing pussy for the first time, satisfying a present lover, just having fun making love to as many women we can just for the fuck of it, experimenting with our freaky side, or committing to one love for the rest of our lives. I know I'm just glad I've got Maya who loves me unconditionally. And that my friends support me and I them no matter what.

____ "Come on you guys let's hit it. I want to make it back by nightfall." Chris loaded the Bronco with everyones stuff. "Sit up here baby and make youself comfortable, it's gonna be a long ride home," Chris said lovingly to Maya.
____"Chesia, now you call me as soon as you get home so I know you got there, ok," Freddie said trying to hold back tears.
____"I'm sure going to miss you girl." said Chesia as she gave Freddie May a long lingering kiss goodbye. She jumped into the Bronco and kissed and held Freddie's hand while Kenni was saying her goodbyes to Michelle.
____"You'll always be my sweet pussy Michelle, you are really incredible in bed," said Kenni.
____Michelle responded, "No baby you've got the pussy I want and need. You don't question, you just take charge and I need that in a woman." They kissed and held each other so hard, Chris had to remind them they were on a time schedual and to get a move on. Michelle told Kenni she would send for her soon, so they could resume this relationship. Kenni hadn't told anyone that she was considering moving to Los Angeles to be near her "sweet pussy". But when she did it really didn't shock anyone.
____"Bye, bye see yall next year at the camp," yelled Freddie.
____"Bye guys be careful out there on the road," screamed Michelle as the Bronco pulled out.
____Yes this was a good trip, no it was a great trip. But next time I come here it will be with my baby by my side, thought Chris as she pulled that big Bronco onto the highway back to good old DC.
____"Did you have a blast or what?" said Kenni to Chesia.
____"Hell yeah, and girl let me tell you how good a time I did have!" said Chesia. The girls exchanged stories about their adventures at Camp Kuma, and talked most of the way home about it.
____Chris and Maya just kind of nodded and said oh really, that's cool while they held each other's hands all the way home.


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