I refused to be distracted today. I had let the deadline for my business proposal sneak up on me like the street lights Momma had warned me about as a child- "Don't let those streetlights catch your behind away from this house!" I had raced home many a night with one eye on the lamp posts lining our street.

Fleeting thoughts of my childhood made me smile as I tried to refocus. I was sitting in "Nita's Cafe" sipping cafe mocha while desperately trying to crunch numbers. No matter how hard I tried, I would be way over budget with my proposal if I couldn't squeeze the bottom line.

Nita's was one of those places that catered to whoever you wanted to be...bi, straight, or gay. I had often used the place as a crutch on my journey "out". I was just beginning to get focused on my proposal when I felt a pair of eyes upon me. Glancing around, I noticed a thick, golden brown sister with a gorgeous smirk intently watching me. Just to be sure, I turned to look behind me, and saw no one.

When I turned back, her smirk had turned into a very dimpled smile with the slight turning up of her lips. I smirked back and returned to my work. I didn't want to appear rude, but I had to get busy. Loosing myself in my proposal, i didn't look up again until almost an hour later. Maybe she would still be here. As I gathered my things, I looked towards the empty booth the woman had occupied and sighed my disappointment . . .

Until I felt three short taps on my shoulder. "I'm Amanda, but you can call me Mandy," the thick sister said. "I noticed you looking at me, but didn't say anything since you were busy. Would you like to go out with me tonight? We could do many, many things together." At first, I was flattered by Mandy's interest, but realized I wasn't going anywhere with the proposal. If I was still over budget by this afternoon's deadline, I would be in serious trouble. Then I looked up at Mandy and noticed her lavender T-shirt with the words, "I'm Every Woman" on them. As my eyes moved down, I saw she was wearing jeans cropped off above the knees, revealing her nice brown thighs and legs. Captivated by Amanda's spell,I reached over and touched those thighs and legs, wanting to get in between them. "That feels good," Mandy said in a sultry voice, before sitting in the chair next to me.

"Pardon my manners Mandy. My name is Stacy. Thanks for joining me. I might as well put up this business proposal im working on, because i'm not getting very far," Stacy said in a calm voice. "I like your T-shirt. Hmmm "Im Every Woman". That is a catchy slogan. Well I am free this evening. How does dinner and a movie sound?", replied Stacy in a smooth voice. "That seem like a perfect plan," replied Mandy in an angelic voice. I watched as Mandy scribbled her address on a napkin. "Here you go Stacy! How about picking me up at 8pm?", said Mandy.

For the next few hours,I tried to concentrate on finishing my proposal.But all I could think about was Mandy. At about 6 o'clock, I completely gave up on getting any work done. Then, those pre-date worries popped up in my head: would she like me? Would I like her? I thought Mandy was incredibly sexy, but I had long since given up on trying to build a relationship on sex alone. I had only had two other female lovers in the past. As I poured a glass of Merlot, I realized it was 7:15. I quickly downed my drink and rushed to get ready.

I arrived at Mandy's house at 8 on the dot. I looked good, dressed in my tightest black jersey knit pants and a black stretch blouse that barely covered my ample breasts.I had scented my body with Egyptian Musk oil and applied my favorite dark brown lip gloss. As soon as I rang the doorbell, Mandy appeared. She had on a navy silk chemise and robe. As I stared at her thick thighs and full breasts, I knew it would be hard keeping my hands to myself at the movies that night.

I was happy, yet suprised at Mandy's lack of clothing.I assumed she was trying to seduce me, but then she said " I am so sorry. I had meant to tell you 9. Would you mind waiting while I get ready?" I was ashamed by my thoughts and my assumption that we were about to have sex. "No problem." I said.

It only took Mandy about 20 minutes to get ready. As she dressed, I entertained myself by playing with her little tabby kitten, Mittens. When Mandy emerged from the bedroom in a lavender cardigan and grey boot-cut khakis, I saw a woman who could offer a lot more than sex.

I had been so distracted, bouncing back and forth between the stalled proposal and my date with Mandy, that I hadn't given much thought to what we would be doing tonight. I shrugged helplessly and said, "What do you want to do?"

Mandy smiled at me. "I'm not much of a cook so I figured we'd go eat some where, then maybe just hang out. I'm not much of a club person."

I grinned. Finally, someone who didn't want to spend the first date shouting over loud music at some club. Still, though, it might have been nice, dancing with Mandy, pulling her close and feeling her lush body against mine. But, no, I reminded myself, this was not going to turn into some one-night stand. Cliched and corny as it was, Mandy was the kind of woman I wanted to wine and dine, to stare at adoringly across a candle lit table while we shared a bottle of chilled strawberry wine.

We ended up at "Mallard's", a romantic restaurant overlooking a small, man-made lake. Like the perfect gentlewoman that I am, I pulled out Mandy's chair for her, catching a quick glimpse of her round backside. "This sistah definitely has her stuff together", I thought to myself as I took a seat across from Mandy, smiling and looking briefly into her eyes. Mandy blushed slightly. A reaction I quite used to whenever I flashed my famous smile. "So, would you like the marinated duck or grilled chicken?" I asked Mandy with practiced precision. "Actually, " Mandy replied with a sexy smile on her face, "I don't eat meat." I blushed delicately and knew that for the first time I was being turned out.

"Oh dear look at the time... 11:30" The waiters had started getting ready to close. I got out of my seat, offered Mandy my hand as we left the table we had been sitting at for hours. We walked outside hand in hand giving our attention to the stars. The car was parked a few blocks down.We got to the car and i politely opened the door for Mandy. As she began to get into the car, she stoped. Our eyes had caught stuck on eachothers. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and got in the car. After hours of talking to eachother and getting to know eachother that kiss topped it all off. She was definitely someone i could have a relationship with.

We reached her drive way. I stopped the car and went around to open her door.I would have walked her to her door but i didnt want to come across the wrong way. I didnt want her to think i was expecting to come in, nor did i want her to invite me in. Im not sure i would be able to control myself with one so beautiful, so i gave her a kiss, told her i'd call her tomorrow when i got home from work. "sleep tight angel." I stood there and watched her walk away. She reached her door and waved good bye. I blew her a kiss. I stood there for a minute to breath. I got in my car and drove home to finish my proposal.

When I got into the house, i wandered about her. With out thinking, I picked up the phone and called her. " I just called to say thank you for the beautiful evening we had." With a moment of silence, Mandy replied, "I really didn't want it to end." Stacey replied by saying, "I think you should know that the need to want you tonight is overbearing me.Before Stacey could say another word, Mandy quickly replied give me twenty minutes and i'll be there. When Mandy walked into the house, Stacey caught Mandy's hand and lead her the sofa. The two lips engaged in a breathless french kiss. Stacey began to gently caress Mandy's nipples in a slow motion rythm. She took her other hand and spread Mandy's legs apart just enough to place her finger on Mandy's clit. The circular motion caused Stacey's finger to get slippery. Mandy without hesitating, took Stacey's hand and guided it further into her vagina. You could almost feel the heat from Mandy's body.
"Oh my" replied Stacy i want you just as much as you want me; but I must finish this proposal." Mandy left the sofa and begin walking towards Staceys bedroom and said "I'm tired anyways and I'll sleep over tonight. You my dear must finish your proposal." Stacey thought this is a dream come true for a passionate woman like Mandy to wait for me and my work. I said to Mandy, thank you for being so understanding.

After providing Mandy with towels, a silk nightgown, a cup of chamomile tea and a long kiss, I settled down to my work. I had an even more lovely reason than profit to make these numbers match now, and she was sleeping peacefully in my bed. I had poured over these numbers for days and suddenly I had more clarity than ever. Of course! I had transposed a very important piece of information, and once it was fixed, my proposal was flawless. Once typed and proofread, my proposal was ready to command the respect of my peers at work the next day...I mean today. Oh God it's 5:00 am... I have got to get ready for work. I rush into my bedroom to find Mandy still sleeping. Her thighs peeking out from my silk bed linens. Then I noticed the nightgown I had given her carefully folded on the armoire. She had slept naked. The thought made my pussy moist,and I wanted to wake her, but instead I showered, dressed, and left her a lovely note...thanking her for being my inspiration, and inviting her to inspire me further later that evening.

As I coasted on the interstate in my 2000, Metalic-silver, Lincoln Navigator, my thoughts quickly moved to Mandy; Her beautiful smile. The smell of African Pride shampoo in her soft hair. The silky feel of her soft, cocoa skin; One-hundred-percent Italian silk-imported dipped in lace. I smiled to myself, blushing slightly. Then, without even a second thought, I took the nearest exit and headed back home. What was more inviting? Sitting at work, with papers piled up to my chin? Or, laying in bed, skin to skin with Mandy? I stopped at the farmers market, a block away from my house and picked up a carton of fresh strawberries. Mandy was going to love my mushroom and garden tomato omelette. I smiled to myself. Mandy was going to love me.

An hour later with the remains of a my makeshift breakfast picnic scattered across the floor, I leaned back against several pillows and gazed at the beauty who sat across from me. The bronze silken nightgown had slipped off one shoulder, teasing me with the glimpse of a gentle curve. Breathless, I watched as she savored the last of the strawberries, the crimson juice staining her full luscious lips. My heart, my soul reached forward, urging me to take the initiative and taste what was so innocently being offered.

I leaned forward ever so gently flicking my tongue across her overly luscious lips to taste the remains of the juice from the strawberries she had been eating. She began to open her mouth slightly inviting my tongue to dance with hers. Her mouth was so sweet and hot that I almost passed out with excitement. I sat back looking at this woman and thinking that she was far more than sexy, she was someone that transcended all sexes; she was the most sensual person I had ever met.

My mind wandered back to the first sight of this dream and the deep chills that swam over me. A thousand times, I remebered, this thick goddess had teased me in my dreams and now here she was before me, in all her deep and sensual flesh. I felt it deep in my spirit and knew that I must let go, let go of this world of frustration and work and lose myself in this deva. With that I succumed and a tear flowed down my cheek. Gently she reached across and whiped it away. She ran her hand slowly down my face and neck, then moved toward me, pressing her large fram against mine. I was now lost.

With my face buried in the soft hollow of her neck, I could smell ecstacy awaiting me. There was no way I could rush this. The smooth sensuality exuding from her soft, pretty hands, the taste of her skin, and the warmth of her body were all callling me to a place I have never been before. I wanted to savor every kiss, touch, and breath of her. "You're shaking," she said. I smiled softly.

Her eyes met mine and we sat there transfixed for a brief moment. I rose to draw the drapes, light some candles, put on my favorite Jazz cd (Bob James and David Sanborn) and open a bottle of bubbly (made just for pouring over a body as gorgeous as Mandys'). When I returned to the living room, she was there lying on the couch nude. I found myself being invited over by every inch of her being. I kept my eyes fixed on her as I slowly began to loosen the cuff links on my French Blouse. As I began to undo my buttons, she arouse from the couch moving with Japanese grace. This voice that soothes you like warm honey was saying "let me do that". "I've died and gone to heaven". She began licking and kissing my neck as she unbuttoned and removed my blouse. She was surprised to see that there wasn't a bra protecting my hard nipples. Mandy was moving slowly down my body sending waves of enjoyment, then she did it! She was removing my belt and undoing my pants with her mouth. As my pants dropped to my ankles, I lefted her up from her knees and stepped out of them. I picked up a candle and led her to the couch. I began to pour hot wax and champagne all over her luscious body as she shivered with excitement.

It was as if I had discovered one of the twelve gates, Mandys' legs opened wide to let me into the Garden of Eden. I felt her legs shaking as I touched her inner thighs and rubbed my hard nipples all over her aching body. She let out a moan that began in her toes and came bursting forth from her throat. I made feather like strokes in her pelvis area that made her body rise up from the couch. I softly pushed her body back unto the couch and began to lick the areas very close to the Garden, but not quite there. When my hot,hard and long tongue entered the gates she began to moan and move her hips in the most sensual dance that I had ever exprienced. My jucies were running down my leg like a waterfall. I licked her until the Goddess that resided inside stood tall in all her glory and splender. Not wanting her to cum just yet, I slid my leg between hers and started to flex my muscle while rubbing my hard, engorged clit on her leg. We were getting lost in the rhythm of our bodies and the energy that we were creating. She began to whisper into my ear how she wanted to give all of herself to me. I was already in a place untraveled before, but she felt so good I couldn't stop now. I was now on my back watching Mandy ride my leg and stroke my clit. I just about lost my mind and everything else, when I snapped myself back. I slid my fingers into Eden and she began to ride harder and faster. Just before she started to cum, I pulled out my fingers, slid them into her ass while rubbing her clit with my thumb. That was all that this lovely goddess could stand. As she began to cum in waves, the next larger than the one before, I raised to hug her arching body. When her body sprang forward her finger slipped into the perect spot and I was cumming and cumming hard. We began saying things like I love you, oh GOD and words I couldn't even make out. As Mandy came tears rolled down her beautiful face as our bodies jerked in sync. I just wanted to hold her and she wanted to be held. I caressed her hair and face while she kissed me as if there was no tomorrow.

Our bodies were stuck together from all of that friction and sleep was beginning to take over our bodies as we layed on my deep and soft couch. I was awakened by the birds singing outside to find that Mandy was gone. I must have been in a coma not to notice her leaving. I jumped up searching every room in the house for her. I could smell her in every room that I went into, which sent waves directly to my once again throbbing clit. I didn't find her and worse, I didn't find so much as a note. I sat down go over that event in my mind until my head began to hurt. I showered and got ready for work filled with energy and sadness. Although I was feeling low, I stopped for my daily cup of java,I would get it to go. I felt the juices stirring between my legs again and I swear I thought I could smell Mandy. I tried to shake the cobbed webs from my head and turned to leave. My face lit up when I say Mandy standing there. I moved closer as she began scolding me. She grabbed my hand and whispered a message into my ear. I looked at her in amazement! She said, "I called your job and told them that you had a family emergency and would let them know when you would be returning". They said, "tell Stacey to take her time and we will be with her in prayer". As we walked to my car Mandy looked at me and said "today is friday and you can have me for the entire weekend or the rest of our lives". Which one will it be? Your place or mine? As I closed my mouth and took in a breath, I said "your place today and my place forever." I love you too Mandy!


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