Best Friends

Beginning Submitted by Blush

I've know Erica since maybe high school. We were never really good friends but we were always around each other and we spoke. As time went on we got closer and closer. Began to hang out more often and actually do things together. Now Erica wasn't gay... i knew this and she definately knew it. I watched her go through more boyfriends than a lil bit. I don't know what made her relationships not work because if i was her man...or even her woman... I would never let her out of my sight. This 5'7" mound of butter complexted perfection...mmmmmm I can almost taste her. Thick lips, even toned skin, thick to the point where her ass kinda jiggled when she walked. firm thighs, smooth calves, nice breasts with nipples that looked like she sprinkled brown sugar on them. Honey was hot....but she ain't wanna hear that shit from me.. no way.

she was my best friend right....hmmmmmm well baby girl shocked the hell out of me one night.

it's cold and rainy outside, i'm in my house chillin listen to Janet gettin my music on ya know. i hear a knock on my apartment door. I'm like who tha hell is this interruptin mz.Jackson and things. I opened the door and it was her...the woman i had been fantasizing about all day... but instantly i knew something was wrong. Her hair was dishelveld her face was tear streaked. i instantly invited her in, sat her down and asked what was the matter.

We got to talking and i found out that her current boyfriend had decided to jump bad and put his hands on her. i was enraged. i had never had any respect for a man who put his hands on a female and particularly this one. i got her some tissue for her tears made her some tea and invited her to spend the night. she agreed to stay, i was overjoyed untill i realized she wasn't staying for pleasure but for safety. daym daym daym.... i only had one night. maybe even a few hours..... i have to make this evening special, i have to make her forget him......

The atmosphere I had going on was perfect it couldn't have been better if I had planned it myself. I had candles lit up all over the place and the rain coming down in the background only enhanced my mood. I went to the kitchen to make Erica another cup of tea...You hungry? Want me to fix you something to eat?...No, I'm fine but thanks for asking, I'm just a little tired. When I returned with her tea Erica was leaning back on the couch massaging her temples. I stood there for a minute just watching her, the glow of the candlelight hit her profile just right. I could feel myself getting warm and tingly inside. Be cool I told myself...

I stood there for a few more seconds watching her, then I walked over and sat down next to her placing the cup of tea on the table. She turned her head looking at me...she looked so worn out and tired. Headcahe? I asked, need some motrin or tylenol? No it's just tension that's all. Here turn around, what? just turn around trust me...Erica adjusted herself on the couch so her back was to me. I gently began to massage her shoulders...she was pretty tense...after a few minutes I could feel her start to relax. I ran my hands up the nape of her neck and gently began to rub and caress up and down the back of her neck. Ummm that feels good she whispered, touching her like this was starting to get to me and I knew I had better chill before I got carried away.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to run her a hot bath...I offered her my bedroom to sleep in for the night. No I don't want to take your bed, where will you sleep? Don't worry I'll be okay I said, you just take that hot bath and get some rest. If you need anything just holla, ok? Are you sure, I don't want to put you out? I'm sure I said as reached up and stroked the side of her face...she gave me a hug...I turned and left the room leaving her alone

...so,I'm just chillin in the living room still listening to Janet, making my bed on the couch, laughing at my fantasies and resigning myself to being just a "good friend" when I hear her softly call my name. I look up to see her standing in the doorway wrapped in a towel that barely covers her body, moisture from her bath still clinging to her body. Her lips are moving... my brain finaly allows me to hear the pain in her voice and her words "I'm sorry to disturb you, I mean I don't want to put you out anymore than I already have but... could you please just hold me...just till I fall asleep?" Oh my God, everything in my body stood at attention and wanted to scream YES as I heard a grown slowly escape from my lips. She must have heard it to because she asked "are you ok?" I knew right then that I didn't want to add to the pain in her life, I also knew that I didn't want to be just another failed relationship. I wanted to be different, something special, I wanted whatever we shared together to last. What came out of my mouth surprised us both, "no baby I can't just hold you, not now, not ever. But what I am willing to do is love you like no one has ever loved you before. Can you handle that?"

There was an awkward silence that lasted maybe two minutes. I began to apologize, E, i'm sorry i never should have... shhhhh she said. Don't ruin it... She slowly walked over to me, glowing in the candlelight, this glowing mound of butter, amazing, amazon woman was walkin towards me and for once in my life i was frozen with fear.

I just stood there frozen watching her as she seem to glide across the room to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck looked me dead in the eye and started singing along with Janet. Janet was crooning "Hold me Kiss me Show me You wanna be with me Feel me Taste me And maybe I'll let you have me"...My fear melted away as the sound of voice caressed my ears...Erica was wrecking every nerve in my body, and she knew it...

She brushed her lips against mine and slowly unwrapped her towel.my eyes hungrily surveyed her lucious body and my mouth watered at the thought of tasting her, touching her, pleasing her...

I held her for a moment, then gazed deep into her eyes. She tried to look away but i needed that reassurance from her i didn't want to force anything on her, i had to know if she wanted me as much as i wanted her. Erica, baby are you sure. She turned her head and looked at me.It was a searching look, a look of wonderment. Tears welled up in those beautiful brown eyes and i knew i couldn't take this womans innocence. she said to me... This is all i've been fantasizing about lately I don't know how to feel or how to act, it's like you have a spell over me and i feel dazed. this is one of the reasons my boyfriend and i began arguing tonight. I told him.... I told him I loved you. daymmmmm....

I gently took her by the waist and pulled her closer to me letting my arms enfold her. I wanted to take it slow...but when she pressed her body up against mine I lost all the control I had managed to hold on to. I drew her mouth to mine and kissed her slowly at first then deeper...my hands roamed and searched her body, my mind had so many times invisioned this moment but it was nothing compared to the actual feel of her...

I moaned deep in my throat, never had i ever felt like this with another woman. This was delicious, i felt like this was the moment i had been waiting for all of my life. she was soft and warm like muffins fresh out of the oven, and she tasted so sweet. mhmmmm this will definately be a night to remember!

Carefully I laid her on the already made couch I had planned to sleep on. My legs were too weak to make it to the bedroom. She was breathtaking...I planned on tasting every inch of her 5'7" frame...I started from the bottom up, I wanted to see how she would react to my touch.

I took her foot in my hand and began gently sucking each of her toes, at first she tried to pull her foot from my mouth, but I sucked harder and she rewarded me with subtle moans, I quickly moved to the other foot giving it the same treatment I had given the other...slowly I made my way up her calves, I nibbled at her knees and slowly began to work my way up her thighs, the closer I got to her womanhood the wetter she became. I could see her cream starting to flow. She was ready but I wasn't ready to go there...not just yet...I wanted her to really want me, so when I reached her pussy I gingerly kissed her wetness she reached down to hold my head there but I moved her hand and continued my assault on her body...

I ran my tongue in and out of her belly button, I sucked and nibbled on stomach working both her sides...her body squirmed under my touch...I was getting so turned on by her I was dripping wet - I didn't know how much more of this teasing "I" could take. I let my hands slide up and cup each of her breasts, I flicked her nipples between my fingers and slowly licked each one, Ooooh baby pleeease stop teasing me, she gasped...

My mind totally became engulfed in her very essence, and I knew right away that I woud not let this opportunity go. I eagerly kissed her lips and I knew right then and there that I kissed the face of an angel. Our kiss was passionate, and I suddenly stoped and gazed into her eyes. I just wanted to make sure that I was not about to get played by someone who didn't know if this is what they wanted. Erica must have sensed my fear, because she held me tightly and slipped her tongue deeper into my mouth. I moved back slowly down her body and opened her thighs. Her juices were anxiously awaiting me. I made sure that this would be an experience that she would not soon forget.

I enhaled her scent deeply, mhmmmmm i remarked you smell wonderful I couldn't wait to see if the taste was as pleasurable. I slowly folded the lips of her labia back gently licking and sucking on each one. She began to moan softly, then louder. I gave long lingering strokes to her plump clitoris gently biting and sucking at the same time I moved down lower inserting my tongue in and out of her sweet hole letting my tongue ring gently tap her clit. By this time she was bucking almost wildly gasping and panting, begging me to stop but finish i felt her began to orgasam that's when...

She suddenly stopped and jumped up off of the couch! I couldn't believe it, just when she was about to cumm she just let me go and ran into the corner. She crouched down and began to sob. I asked her what was wrong. At first she couldn't answer but then she began to explain. She said that she just didn't understand what she was feeling. It was like another person deep down inside had taken over her body and mind and she was watching from the outside.

I looked at her in disbelief then sighed heavily.I walked over to her slowly shaking my head and smiling slightly. Erica... she wouldn't answer...Erica...still no response...babygirl listen to me, at that she turned her head...

I crouched down and gently held her face between my hands. she sobbed quietly while i looked into her gorgeous eyes, listen to me okay, i will not, i repeat will not do anything you don't want me to. I think it would be best if you went and got into bed okay girlie?

I went to get up and she grabbed my hand, i looked at her questioningly she said to me...I don't know what i'm doing here with you like this but i do know that i was truthful when i said i love you. I'm scared of what might happen if i let myself become too involved, because if i can't have you i won't be complete. Please, can we finish what has already been started?

I stroked the side of her face gently with my hands to wipe the tears away. She looked up at me and as I gently kissed her lips she began to stroke the inside of my thigh. I felt a shiver go up my spine that made my nipples hard as ice. She kissed my neck as she caressed my clit gently with her hand. I was in a heavenly bliss. Lets go to the bedroom I said. She led the way as if she had dreamed of this nite before. In the bedroom I layed her down on the bed and began to stare into her eyes. She looked at me so wantingly and before I knew it... she had grabbed my ass and flipped me over! As I lay there stunned she attacked my nipples that were hard as hell. I felt an explosion inside my bosom. Damn, I thought I was going to take it slow for her!

she looked up and smiled at me wickedly. Understand that this is my fantasy and i would like to be in control okay baby. I nodded stupidly right about now i was ready to give this woman anything she desired.

She hungrily sucked on my nipples as if they were and exquisite cuisine that she couldn't get enough of. She rotated her hips invitingly over mine and all i could do was moan from the extasy. I let her have her fun for a while then i reached forward and pulled her to me so that we were eye to eye, nose to nose and mouth to mouth. I kissed her sloppily, trailing my tongue along the corners of her succulent lips. i moved to her neck gently licking and biting she began moaning i knew this was the moment i've been waiting for. I laid her on the bed beside me and began to stroke her body.

As my fingers and lips moved over her slowy engulfing her entire being, I knew that this would be more than just a one night affair. I knew that we both were feeling something that was far more than just physical, something on a much deeper level. The realization of two people living out a fantasy that they have secretly shared. I once again postioned myself face to face with her, so that i could look into her eyes. I needed to tell her what i was feeling. I wanted to say so many things to her, but all I could do was kiss her as tears welled up in my eyes.

"What's wrong baby?" she asked. "Not a thing I'm just so happy. I've wanted and loved you for so long and I can't believe that this is happening." I replied. Erica kissed me and position herself so that I had full acess to her womanhood and I felt her tongue hungrily lapping my inner lips. Right then I knew that I was going to make her forget about all her pain and misery.


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