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Christianity vs. Sexuality?

_____Let's face it, many traditional institutions of society have used the bible as a lethal weapon. As a result, many same gender loving people of African descent have been cut off from our traditional avenues of spirituality. Some of us have managed to reclaim that part of our lives,. And still with others the battle rages on.

Spirituality & Sexuality
The Phenomenon of Spirituality and Sexuality
Coming Out on the Inside
To Boldly Go
Short Essays

Top 10 Biblical Truths About Homosexuality
Alicia Banks

Abide In
Church Closets
Crystal Clear
The Forbidden Fruit
Lez Be In Luv
Yesterday . . . Today . . . Tomorrow

At Kuma, we do not believe that Christianity is the ONE true path to spiritual enlightenment and would welcome submissions from black lesbians of other faiths. Please tell us about any spiritual/religious community that embraces and supports you?

Please send all submissions in the body of an email message or as an attached text file to and put Spirit Submission as the subject.

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