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Ask Rev. Kev

Your Questions Answered by Reverend Kevin E. Taylor, author of Unclutter

Question 5: Whenever something bad or upsetting happens to me, my mom says it's God trying to tell me that this "lifestyle" is wrong. I usually ignore it, but sometimes I wonder if she's right.

God allows things to happen to us to allow us to see the way of our choices. God allows that because, although we can't stand it most days, God gave us FREEWILL and we have to see the ramifications of the choices that we make outside of God's will, which always and only wants good for us all.

You're being Lesbian isn't a choice.

You may have had something happen because of a woman you chose or a club you chose to go to. I don't know because you didn't elaborate on those things. But I do know this, you being a Lesbian was in God's design before you were ever alive. In the book of Jeremiah, the word of God says "BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB, I KNEW YOU!" And we want to act like God didn't know that God was making us the way we are, but the Bible shows us clearly that we are WHO we are on purpose, and not by some cosmic, sociological or sexual accident.

Yet, as a community of people, as communities of people and communities of color, I would dare call some of us on the carpet about the choices we make in our orientation, as much as I do my straight members and counterparts. You have to be willing to examine the choices you make and whether they are always rooted in what is best for you. Not easiest. Not safest. BEST for you.

Sometimes, we continue to pick the same people, the same type, and then act surprised when we get the same results, no matter how good things started out. Iyanla VanZant says that we have to all examine our choices and if you find that you have been dating a series of Pisces, CHANGE and start dating a Virgo! I have said to many people, some whose mouths open in horror, that the only thing that the 8 crazy people that you have dated in the last year all have in common is that YOU CHOSE THEM!

Understand this, as God's children, GOD WANTS TO BLESS US! You have to believe that and receive that. As Jesus was away when Lazarus died, he spoke to Martha, who said "If you had been here, he would not have died." Jesus' simple reply was "TRUST AND BELIEVE!" You have got to get your mother's voice out of your head and stop believing that the Lord of Love and God of Goodness is sitting up in Heaven, pulling strings and yanking dreams, so that you have a crappy day! That's what MAN would do and we put that on God!

God wants you to change your mind and think only on God and keep your mind in perfect peace. With that kind of understanding of God, when craziness comes, you will deal with IT head on, and not look for someone else's hand in the mess. God wouldn't bring you to damn you. That's not God!

When your Mom tells you that God lets bad things happen to you because you are a Lesbian, ask her when was the last time things didn't completely go her way--and then ask her what woman she slept with to make God mad.

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