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Let's Talk

Angela R. Harvey


Angela R. Harvey, BA, MSSA, CCDC I, LSW is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, who currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She graduated from Cleveland State University with her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and earned her Masters of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

Ms. Harvey has experience in the field of Drug and Alcohol, Children Services, Child and Adult Mental Health, Elder Care and Case Management. However, her passion is in the area of personal growth. Angela's vision is to Empower, Educate, Enhance, Enlighten, Encourage, Expose and Entertain any and everyone open to personal growth. With this vision in mind Angela has begun to conduct workshops around the country with the sole intention of facilitating knowledge. She founded LET'S T.A.L.K., Together Acquiring Lasting Knowledge ( with the hopes of exchanging information in a variety of forums: comedy, lectures, workshops, and presentations.

Her latest workshop "That's Not Love, That's Stupid" has been a huge success from Las Vegas to New York City. Some of her other workshops include What's Love Got To Do With It?, "Are you Understanding the Words that are Coming out of my Mouth", Will the Real Lesbian Please Stand Up, Excuse Me, Have you Seen my Happiness and Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are! Let's TALK also host a Personal Growth Retreat for Lesbians ( in Ohio every fall.

Ms. Harvey is also a mother of a 15-year-old daughter and is currently very much in love. She continues to work a full time job in addition to speaking at least twice a month in different cites around the country. She is known for her catchy workshop titles and her sense of humor. Those that have had the pleasure of hearing her speak walk away in awe of how knowledgeable she is and how well she gets the message across. As one participant put it "she is an excellent speaker, has the gift of engagement and keeps it real about what we think, feel and believe but don't say."

Angela continues to be passionate about her mission and has written numerous articles for magazines and is now setting up camp on the KUMA website. It has always been her hope that the knowledge will be contagious and the growth immeasurable.

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