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Let's Talk

Angela R. Harvey

How do you know when itís time to end a relationship?

You know itís time when you find yourself writing to a stranger to get advice about when to terminate YOUR relationship.

Seriously, you know itís time to leave a relationship whenÖ
  • you are no longer in love with your partner
  • when you donít trust your partner as far as you could throw them
  • when you begin to purposely or intently cause emotional or physical harm to your partner
  • when you have to get physical instead of communicating
  • when you can no longer hear them or be heard
  • when you can no longer compromise
  • when you are no longer are open to being loved by your partner
  • when you find yourself cheating to get what you need
  • you wake up 3 days out of 7 wishing that you werenít in a relationship

Let's Talk - Personal Growth Retreat

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