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Let's Talk

Angela R. Harvey

Can a relationship be too good to be true? My girl and me have been together (and happy) for a year and thatís starting to bother me. Iím waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sometimes I get her angry Ė just to see if anything slips out. It doesnít and then I feel bad for pissing her off. Iím okay for a while, and then I start wondering if itís too good again.

I know a thousand women who would love to have your problem. Iím not going to dig too deeply into this because Iím going to assume you are speaking the truth. It is very pleasantly odd that the shoe hasnít dropped but that could be because you both have them on.

This could simply mean that you all did things the right way. You were/are honest. You freely gave/give of your trust. You effectively communicated/communicate your true thoughts, feelings and beliefs even if they werenít/arenít pleasant. You were/are both open and ready to love and be loved. You were/are able to compromise. You were/are both able to accept one another for who they are and still be in love.


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