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Angela R. Harvey

Iíve been seeing a girl for a few weeks and everyone has been treating us like we are a couple. Now, weíre starting to act like one. I want to slow things down and just date for a while, but is it too late?

Itís never too late. This is your life and you have all power. The first thing you should have done and need to do is to define what dating is for you and for the person you are dating. Because we are women we tend to get caught up a little bit faster. You want to effectively communicate from the very beginning.

How often will you see one another? How frequent should the calls be? Are there any ďrulesĒ that the two of you have that need to be communicated with one another? What are your expectations: companionship, relationship and/or sex? You need to be crystal clear so that others can be clear.

Customarily, when we take a woman around our friends and family it usually is a sign that she is a keeper. Given that, it isnít abnormal for our friends and family to suggest, promote and encourage a full fledge relationship. If this bothers you, it would be best if you didnít immediately take your dates around your friends or simply tell them up front that you are not to be treated as a couple.

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