Who's To Blame

the life we choose
better days await i sometimes think
of a womans love
to devour me
instead i shrink
at their feet
uneasiness everytime we speak
everytime i wont bow down you clown
the judicial system around now
you still refuse
to own up to your responsibility
creating illusions through your unseen
who's to blame
for you mistreating me
the fingers point somewhere
but you're the cause of your hypocrosy
now you claim you're lonely
calls and e-mails of you missing me
after all your bullshit and mockery
did you really think i would believe you
you misunderstood
when i asked you to never reflect your hurt
that i didnt cause
and to always show me good..at least sometimes
that doesnt make sense to you
but you expect women to put up with the shyt you do
you never remember,you always forget
my nagging for you to remember it
my loving you wasnt enough for you to quit
when i leave we kiss
all in the same moment
you're thinking of some chica to hurt me with
because i'm gone even before i darken your doorstep
instead of "i love you see you soon"
you rather cause pain and inflict wounds

who's to blame
for the hell you create
the good you push away
the trash you bring in just to flaunt in my face
never realizing any time i want i could have a taste
late night ,early morning calls you ignore
because i'm at your side..i laugh
at the oh so familiar path
the chicas dont know of your wrath
they giggle and bat their eyes
like me...they'll get suprised
your psyche' goes into action
without thought of repercussions end
you play the victim at all cost
just to show who's the boss
the fight continues and you wont stop
failing to see that you have already loss

who's to blame

Copyright © 2004. Used with author's permission.

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