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My Beautiful Black Women
Open your eyes and open your ears
This is the sum of all fears
Our community is shedding bload-stained tears
Be aware
Be safe
This disease is not written across ones face
Often in syptoms can be hard to place
Nevertheless, we must protect-
The mothers of our children
My aunt, your daughter, mother or sister are all at risk
The statistics are blatant and should not be dismissed
Don't think that it can't happen to you
I lost two family memebers and they didnt have a clue
To what exactly took their lives while they were still in their youth
We need to take better care of ourselves, I'm only speaking the truth
Or what will happen is the inevitable extinction of this beautiful ethnic group
My Beautiful Black Queens
These astonishing figures should make you scream
Make you fall to your knees
& take a vow to educate everyone in your family and eve your neighbors about this disease
How many more of our sisters must we lose?
Our race is being abused
By THREE, only 3 simple letters
Why aren't we writing letters?
To our black politicians, athletes and entertainers
Who seem to have the most influence
How long are we gonna sit back and watch this disease destroy us? Until our community is in ruins?
My Beautiful Black Sisters
Please practice safe sex and always use protection
Only WE can put an end to this epidemic of infection
My fellow women, I KNOW sometimes temptation is hard to resist
& Sometimes you may think, "well, its just sex"
But, before you go hittin those sheets, you need to ask about that test
Indeed, both partners should let the results be known
You may not think its worth it, but the life you might be saving could be your own.

Copyright © 2004. Used with author's permission.

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