The Light
B.J. Ental

Wow, wow, I was thrust-ed into hope,
Reawakening dreams long deferred,
I thought that you were going to
Bring the light back, the light that
I no longer looked toward, the light
That my eyes have become too sensitive
To absorb, the light existing upon,
Pass desires and hopes,
Lost lust and desired passion,
You see, the light began to hurt
When reality caught up with
the visions of my fantasy, I was with he,
but, oh how I desired she, I dreamed it, felt
it, but most of all I tasted it, but to
ensure survival of the life I had made, I
moved away from the light—I let it be,
but then he and I said goodbye—and she
I decided to try, now I am like a moth to flame,
Only this time it doesn’t feel the same as my
Fantasy—as she has a he,
so therein lies the trouble of me, why the light
I no longer look toward, I no longer wish to see,
then came you—talking the talk and walking the
Walk until, until, you broke the bulb—you
mentioned that you had a he—a he that
you treasured more than me,
now the light I know I pray not to see.

Copyright © 2006. Used with author's permission.All Rights Reserved.

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