She Carries Bricks

Girls appear
Behind tree limbs
And water filled sacs
Disguised in knotty head and cognac
Waiting to explode like obsidian ink
Wanting to leave traces and links
back to themselves
Girls spread them selves across wicked mattresses
That leave what they give
Girls do it in places for moments and spaces
In hearts filled with cocoa butter and worlds in crystal vases
Accompanied by sideways glances
That never really
Catch my drift
Legs caught high up on ya shoulder
The echoes of her soft poems and lullabies lost in ya rift
U nice incense and watermelon
Smellin guitar player
Girls be talking that small talk
Wanting to be like Jill in her long walks
But only afforded the click over and call back
Somebody please save her
or Buddhism
or Jesus
Waiting for the answer between
Each smile
Each Opened mouth breath
Each ooh baby ooh baby
That bitch aint shit
Between plastic dicks
And bumpin clits
Between ya thumb and forefinger left breast licks
Girls be psychologically emotionally turning tricks
Said she aint never gone beg
As she positions herself in between ya legs
And just
Love me and respect me
Her usually fee
Caught in the symphony of her adolescent pleas
Things that momma and daddy
Shoulda done
Couldn't of done
Cuz child unwanted was passed down
Souvenir T-shirts
Inherited hurt
And so now she lays claim
To a different name
Melancholy fašade
Dissolution marred with pain
Street game
No more ho shame
And convoluted hood fame
No more walking disaster
She knows what she's after
Cuz Women like her be changing their ways

Copyright © 2005. Used with author's permission.

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