Baffled, confused, irritated and mad, are a few words that come to mind when I think of how narrowed minded people that we elected in office can be. Not only do I have to deal with living my life in a racially biased country and try to teach my kids that they are not different in a world that still says they are. I have to deal with keeping my own emotions under lock and key. I am an African American lesbian. Just those three little words (African American lesbian) sometimes make me feel like a time bomb waiting to explode. Not only do I feel the need to justify myself in everyday life now I have to deal with who I can, and can not marry.

I do not understand what the big issue about homosexual marriage is. This is supposed to be a country of gold where everyone is accepted for who they are. Is that not the right of a Christian to believe in God, Is it not the right of Muslims to believe in Allah. Why canít our political individuals see that we are not interested in their personally beliefs we are interested in being able to live our lives as productive citizens.

Who the fu** cares that Bush feels marriage is suppose to be between man and women. Who and the Hell made Bush God. Marriage is between two people who love each other and want to make a lifetime commitment to one another. Now the way the divorce rates are looking man and woman no longer deem marriage as a serious matter. Why not give every individual the right to marry, maybe our divorce rates might look a bit better. Gay, lesbians, transgender and bi-sexual have been, and continue to be the outcast of this society.

The problem is I have never been, a have, in our land of haves, and have-nots. It seems like no matter how hard the fight I can never win. When are our politicians going to wake up and let people live without them interfering in their personal life? My partner and I getting married in California is not going to make Bush have a heart attack in Washington. I have no problem with Bush telling us how he feels; the question is do we really care? Let individuals live their lives the way they want to. Bush may be fuc**** his wife in the a** do I care, no that is what happens between him and his wife in their home. When is Bush going to stay out of my house and take care of the budget, unemployment, homelessness and other important issues that plague our nation?

Copyright © 2003. Used with author's permission.

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