Stud Black

I take pride in who I am
For I am a creation by God just
as great and important as the stars

From the profound African blood that pumps
proudly through my veins
To the melanin that runs vast in my skin,
that births the darkest flesh
To the extrodinary kinks that inhabit my hair
that causes plenty of thick, nappy roots
I will forever take PRIDE

For I am a perfect creation
From my deep set eyes and
Cheekbones as high as the mountains
I will forever take PRIDE

He makes no mistakes
From my broad, flat nose, and thick lips
accompanied by dimples as deep as the ocean
I am Perfect....

Jah created me inside and out
No flaws, no faults
From my shy demenor to MY LOVE for women
To my opinionated ways, to a natural
Jealousy when it comes to my Queen
I take PRIDE

I take PRIDE in being a STRONG, BLACK, AFRICAN-american


Copyright © 2006. Used with author's permission.

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