Of Queens

We were born of Queens
Do you understand the ramifications
Born to lead nations
That is our birthright
Our station
For us the final destination
So why would you
I mean how could you
Assume you are able to lead us
Mold us to your wants and needs
Tell us who to love
We were born of Queens
Do you realize what this means
You can not rip from us
The very essence of our beings
Our state of knowing
Who the fuck we are
The Queendom of dykes myne....
The Isle of Lesbo's divine
We will not hide nor abide
This attempt to make us feel inferior
Because of our mental and sexual Interior
My heart and mynd cannot be cured
I am what I am I will not be lured
You are dealing with higher specimyns rest assured
We shall stand our ground
For she and I have been Joined and bound
This lyfetyme and beyond we shall walk these loving grounds
And blatantly continue to astound
With Dignity and Grace
And yes in your face
The love found between us
In this tyme in this place
We were born of Queens
We do understand that as of yet
You know not what that means....

Copyright © 2006. Used with author's permission. All Rights Reserved.

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