Never Goin' Back
Miss Mia

Knew I loved females from the very start
But I tried to be normal let males taint my heart
Should have gave first dibs to a broad
Instead of being a fraud

Should have let a chick give me head
Not let dick in my bed
Let brothers touch places
Yearning for pretty hands and pretty faces

Craved softness, curves, and gentle tuscles
Not roughness, rough touches, and rough skin on muscles
When I saw a brother that was fine
Wush he had what I had not tryin to get mine

Tried convincing myself that this shit was wrong
But I kept thinking and dreaming so it wasn't gone
Family and friends thought they knew me
But only I could see through me

Finally realized the plpace for me
Was in a females true destiny
Tested the waters a couple of times
Searching for a love the EXACTLY fit mine

Finally I found the lady for me
We are one...I am she....she is me

Now brothers giving me grief cause I want a woman in my sheets
Screwfacing cause its pussy I'm tasting
Harrassing me cause I get ass just like he

People think I just came out but I always saw it coming

Soft enough for a man....But made for a woman

Copyright © 2004. Used with author's permission.

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