My Everyday
Marsha Blue

He walked up to me smiling
Teeth white
Thinking he’s gods gift to women
Walking like he selling me something
“Hey boo how u doing”
“Good” I’m like what he thinking
Small chatted me
Trying to get all up inside of me
“So can I get that number”
“Sorry can’t do that”
He persisted
I resisted
Telling him that he just isn’t my type
With words like
“Nah not interested”
but yet still he persisted.
“you so sexy baby”
“Nah I’m not your kinda lady”
You see I like
What you like
With a sexy frame
Fine ass body to tame
I mean soft sensual lip
In both places for me to kiss
She got to have those killer legs
That wraps around me and makes me beg
You see you just aren’t my type
You see your not the kind I like
SHE has got to see me
I have got to see SHE

Copyright © 2006. Used with author's permission.

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