Message To A Straight Girl
(part two)
D. Alexandria aka Glitter

You silly bitches

Always lookin' at our women

Like they're Mandingo to a white Master's wife

With forbidden loins

Mystifying you to the point that you fantasize about a fuck

Yet chillin' with all your straight friends

Still adding to stereotypical talk

About our studs always pining after you

Wanting a taste of what you think is gold

Not knowing that you're just a pawn

A pathetic game piece

With no more value than a hole

Thinking just cuz you got some swing to your walk

And a pretty-ass smile

That your simple feminine charms

Are gonna get the prize

Just cuz you decide now is your time

To ride on the Bisexual Line

Not realizing that it's more than your tits

Or that pussy you think is so rare

Trying to dangle them like treats

Not realizing it's the whole package

That make our studs weak

It's the confidence in a Femme's Talk

Our Walk

The Way we know who we are

Not some silly little hetro bitch

Confused over her own identity

One mouth denying your egotistical curiosity

While the other cries vulnerable roles

Begging sympathy

And superficial erotic healing don't got it like that

So stop calling on our women

Stop flashing them soggy panties

And hopes of whirlwind teachings

Your charms don't work

Your game has ended

Go back home to your man

And pick up your self-respect

Copyright © 2004. Used with author's permission.

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